Bassectar Official NYE After Party at Masquerade

November 18th, 2010


Fall TourOn Friday December 31, join us in the Hell room (downstairs) at Masquerade for the official NYEE Bassnectar after party!

Special guests:
Ana Sia

*Note – Bassnectar is not performing at this event*

Doors open at 1am, event starts at 1:30am. This is an 18+ event.

Tickets are on sale now:

  • Jeremy

    lorin are you thowing a set on this after? really looking foward to the tabby this NYE, i know you will bring that shit hard through 2011.

    • Heya
      to be REALLY CLEAR: I am not booked to play the afterparties. I dont want anyone felling misled. 9 times out of ten when a flier says “Offical XXX Afterparty” (and XXX is the name of the band) the band isnt actually playing.

      i just wanted to make sure to have a great spot for people to migrate to, with good music, so we booked some buddies to play for ya!!! 🙂

      i keep tellin em to make sure it is very clear when its just an afterparty, they need to note that i am not booked to play there. still fun though!

      • im going to both but pleeeeease play late at the real show, i want to hear as much whomp as the tabby will allow and you can provide!

        • cool. there is an earlier curfew on the 30th, so i will start earlier as well, i promise to give my all both nights 🙂

  • Damien

    Hey Lorin, question about dates.

    this says it's an afterparty to your NYE event on Friday the 31st

    yet here, it says Thursday the 30th.

    So….which is it?


    • Damien

      Nevermind, figured it out. Just woke up so I'm a little groggy 😛

      Just confused me with the whole NYE thing, figured it was after your 31st show.

  • xxx

    is their a age limit..

  • ron

    lorin, u and Ana Sia have to be gettin it on. u take here everywhere with u and she's not very good. not even remotely close to your stratosphere. maybe u can teach her

  • Joe

    Dear Bassnectar,
    Upon reading about this show, I was ecstatic. I leaped into the air and yelled “BASSNECT…” when I hit my head on my ceiling and began bleeding profusely. After coming back from the emergency room with seven staples in my head, I reread the event and saw that you were not actually playing. If you find room in your heart please try to come come to Athens, GA after New Years. I will smoke an eighth blunt (of tobacco, of course, haha) with you, of fire. You're the best,

  • Kingfriday

    Ana sia is a bad bitch. Seriously rocked the fn place when I saw her a year or so ago in ATL. Anyways, make your shows 21+, seriously, that crowd has got to go.