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November 2nd, 2010


If you’ve tuned out the incessant crap advertising/mudslinging that is what our political process…I don’t blame you.

HOWEVER I still think you should go and VOTE TODAY.

There are likely some people campaigning who are working towards things you want and those who are not.

There are likely some issues up for vote (like the legalization of weed in California!) that need your vote (for or against).

Now is the time to give a fuck. Vote, or loose your right to complain later!

I encourage you to think for yourself, challenge your own opinions as well as those of others, and make use of the fact that we have enormous privilege. The right to vote, the right to freedom of speech, these are not things to take for granted.

Even at times like this when it feels like you are choosing between two weak options (a two-faced Good Cop and a slimey Bad Cop) i think it is important to learn the issues, and vote as best you can.

Here is a simple link to find your polling place:

And this is an interesting voter’s guide that assimilates reccomendations from several good sources that i tend to agree with most of the time, i found it useful for myself:

Remember a lot of times the names of Propositions are very manipulative. It is important to find out who is behind the ideas and the legislation, and to decide if their interests serve you and the things you care about in life.

I encourage you to think for yourself, express yourself, and vote.