November 2nd, 2010


If you’ve tuned out the incessant crap advertising/mudslinging that is what our political process…I don’t blame you.

HOWEVER I still think you should go and VOTE TODAY.

There are likely some people campaigning who are working towards things you want and those who are not.

There are likely some issues up for vote (like the legalization of weed in California!) that need your vote (for or against).

Now is the time to give a fuck. Vote, or loose your right to complain later!

I encourage you to think for yourself, challenge your own opinions as well as those of others, and make use of the fact that we have enormous privilege. The right to vote, the right to freedom of speech, these are not things to take for granted.

Even at times like this when it feels like you are choosing between two weak options (a two-faced Good Cop and a slimey Bad Cop) i think it is important to learn the issues, and vote as best you can.

Here is a simple link to find your polling place:

And this is an interesting voter’s guide that assimilates reccomendations from several good sources that i tend to agree with most of the time, i found it useful for myself:

Remember a lot of times the names of Propositions are very manipulative. It is important to find out who is behind the ideas and the legislation, and to decide if their interests serve you and the things you care about in life.

I encourage you to think for yourself, express yourself, and vote.


  • yo lorin whuz hattenen', I just wanted to let you know that I've been breaking and pop lockin for about 7 years now, and the Grand Rapids Show was off the hook and your music has innovated my dancing to a whole new level keep them nasty beatz comin
    B-boy Styles

  • Mikebarkski

    I admire your unbiased political encouragement, but i do feel that we need more publicity around net neutrality and the war being waged by google………WHERES THE LEGISLATIVE ATTENTION!?!?!?
    ……….pls do more political bootlegs

    • cool.
      why don't you weigh in, what are you specifically wanting to address?
      im all ears.

  • Btinman87

    hey lorin i was just at the chicago show last weekend… and man YOU TORE THE ARAGON APART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally awesome and thanks for making it an awesome halloween… We love you in the midwest man… Really enjoyed to Jimi Hendrix Fire you threw in there, that was awesome… do u think we will be able to buy that show sometime?

  • MVH

    Hi Lorin!

    I just wanted to let you know I think it's great you sent this out =)
    I strongly worked to spread the word about voting, and I am happy to know that artists like you are out there helping out and sending positive messages.

    You are awesome.


  • johnQ-P

    also you should maybe include a link to

    it tracks lobbying/interest group moneys by category. sad but true: money talks and bullshit walks.

    i think its the best counterpart to 'voting with your dollar' – knowing how everyone else is voting with theirs.

    thanks for the positive vibes

  • Yazmin

    This so super awesome that you sent this out to everyone. Not only do you make really fresh music but you're helping mobilize a community. THANK YOU!

    Ps- below is a poem I wrote called Election Day. I write a lot of my poetry listening to your musica. Thought I'd share 🙂

    Dear Someday Politician,

    I woke up two hours and thirty two minutes
    Earlier than I normally do to vote for you.
    Caught two busses, walked an extra mile and was even late to work to make sure I cast my ballot in favor of you.

    With a vague sense of hope rising groggily like mustard seed in a field of morning sunrises,
    The sun rose heavy on election day.
    Bowing it's head to the pressure of popular demand it almost slept still under gray cloud cover caught between the unknown and pregnant with uncertainty.
    Even Icarus knew our lives would somehow change by the end of his golden circuit.

    Preparing studiously for this day,
    I reviewed political platforms like SAT
    Never wanting to belong to the ignorant masses choosing candidates like scantrons. Uneducated guesses circling our future like A,B, C, or D
    I read not just your packaged press release, but for what you've voted, how you live life, and even if you've got a face to be trusted?

    This is my first time voting in the state of my birth, Los Angeles, California is home.
    In a city of over 9,848,000 people
    I often wonder if you ever really hear me, ever see me, or care.
    Despite selections limited in twos
    I embraced civic duty like indepence.
    And though I may be just one lone voice, one person one vote, KNOW my life, my struggles, my fears and my tears are valid.
    And I am not alone.

    And don't get me wrong,
    by no means do I mean disrespect so please pardon my hesitance as
    I wear skepticism like the deception and conquer this nation was founded.
    Hooded in stolen labor and noose there is no way to deny this country has wronged generations of people only decades away from my own family line.
    My mother's mother fought for the right to cast ballot like nightmare into this sea of political turmoil.

    So I stand in this poll box casting dreams.
    Hopeful and dreaming
    I want to believe in you, in this day.
    I am tired of store bought elections manufactured by the highest bidder.

    They say this piece of paper I hold in my hand has the ability to change lives?
    As I check off yes to your name know I will hold you accountable to the things you say you'll do.
    And so I brandish this blue capped pen and this voice and this spirit born from so many centuries of struggle and give you MY consent for representation.
    When the flurry of campaign ads and political slander dies
    will you remain amidst the rubble of the storm?
    At the end of this day's stark winter solstice will you stand strong like moon and light our way through the dark?
    Or cower safely under the comfort of your people powered privilege?
    Though thousands of suns have come and passed away today's blinked brightly with the same potential that you have to actually do it right this time.
    And pretty political poetic rhetoric aside, it's as simple as-
    Do what you say you will do.
    Represent me, represent us, represent.

    Yazmin Monet Watkins

  • Matt H.

    way to make me feel like crap for not registering on time 😛

    CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU LIVE ON DEC 11TH!! Totally Stoked!

  • Brandon Touchon

    dude you are such a dag on G man.

    i want you to know we're feeling you on the east coast.

    you NEVER disappoint at the shows; your passion for getting it krunk is surpassed only by your genuine concern for our well being in my mind.

    i don't miss any opportunities to put people on to you if i believe there's any chance they'll listen.

    keep doing how you do man, we appreciate. respect son. maaaad respect.

    people helping's powerful stuff.

    BT in NC

  • Dgoshawn

    Thank, fucking, you!!!!
    Too many people don't vote then bitch about how things are. People in other countries risk their lives to vote.

    Thanks again and I hope to see you in Durango, CO soon!!!


  • Jocelyn

    Hell yeah. I appreciate you using your position in the public to help get the message out.

    the Orange Peel misses you

  • Syndrone

    In response to last night at Terminal 5…


    You blew the fucking doors off of that place man. I lost control of my body for your entire 2 hour and 45 minute set. I'm in awe. I can honestly say that was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I now completely understand why you say your albums do not capture the true essence of what Bassnectar is. inFUCKINGcredible.

    …my only complaint is that I can't have my face melted to the floor with you every night of the week. Love you bro.


    Thanks for being you!!!! You're awesome!

    <3 Much Love Candace Tampa// Orlando!