04/09/11 Bassnectar in St Louis, MO at the Pageant

December 14th, 2010


Fall Tour

Bassnectar hits the Pageant in St Louis, MO HARD on Saturday April 09, 2011.

This is an All Ages event.

We are excited to welcome ESKMO and Clandestine to the lineup for this event!


  • Snake EyeZ


  • SWEEEET!!! first a KC date, then a STL date!!! Thank god I love in Columbia!!!! right in the middle of KC and STL!!!!!! cant wait 🙂

  • Iwonatakuska


  • Faygobug

    got my ticket and im soo ready to rage

  • luvifee

    soooo pumped, just wish it was at Pops or something instead of the pageant!!!

    • 🙂
      dis show is exciting

      and yes yes yes yes yes ya yay ya ya hell yaaaaaaaaaaaa on the POPS thing
      that would be fucking rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Ok, I bought my tickets. I can't explain how stoked I am about this! I might have an extra ticket at night of the show, so if anyone who might need that last minute can hit me up!

  • I am SOOOOOOO Stoked for this show! I haven't seen bassnectar since last august in chicago. Talk about THE BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE EVER! I mean, between the massive sound, amazing visuals, and sick ass flow of it all….Lorin, I pray that you play your remix of DC Break's “Halo”! That shit is crazy!

  • dirty d

    im going to thiss showww already got them tickets. im bringing like 8 wrestlers and myself, and were gonna be bassinnnn our facess offf to our herooo on eartth

  • Robertlsappington

    wondering if this show is close to selling out. i know the blue note was one of the first shows to sell out
    on the winter tour and i see kzoo just sold out. wondering if i need to worry

    • the blue note = very small
      which could be why it sold so quick
      im not sure, just making that side note

    • Dunwody

      Always best to get your tickets sooner rather than later. Yes it will sell out, Tickets are selling very well for this show.

  • Jbalesi

    I waited to get tickets to the show in Wisconsin. They went from being 26 dollars to now selling for either 76 or 285 dollars, depending on section. FML.

  • Deaf Geoff

    Just bought tickets for this show. I am really excited about my first Bassnectar concert!

  • Deaf Geoff

    How long will this show last?

  • I'm about to cry, lol. Never been to a concert ever, yes, ever. Just got into dubstep, and now I see your come to MO…happiest man alive.

    • lesliebooher

      yay for st louisssssss

    • TheGnome

      Wow!! First concert!!! I wish I could be there to see your reaction!! A lot of people (myself included) judge every concert thereafter to their first one. You are in for a great treat!! Prepare to have your hearing muffled and experience ringing in them for the next day if you do not wear earplugs. Oh, and also be prepared TO BE BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In a concert experience like Bassnectar, you can literally feel the sound all around you. Think of being in a swimming pool and all of the water is sound. BASSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I am not joking!!!!! I am so jealous of you. My first concert was Van Halen in 1980.

  • I'm about to cry, lol. Never been to a concert ever, yes, ever. Just got into dubstep, and now I see your come to MO…happiest man alive.

  • Faygobug

    time needs to pass i need my bass fix
    and all these other shows in stl arnt cutting it

  • Gypsyrosetnd

    Now Lorin I absolutely love you however I'm sad to see you chose the pageant again…last time there you were fabulous of course but the venue is just no good.

    • lesliebooher

      the pageant is a little lame
      but there isn't much else to choose from in st louis, is there?

    • 2 things

      1. i do not choose the venues. the team grows bigger by the day, and there are easily 25 people more directly responsible for venue selection than me. they all know my preferences and demands (which favor “The Fans” everytime of course) but there are a lot of factors at play… usually size, needing to accomodate enough people, but there are many more of course…it is a full time job for several people.

      2. i loved the pageant. i loved the last show in STL
      where would you rather we go? always open to suggestions


      • Juiceosu

        I agree with Brittania905, the Roberts Orpheum would be an awesome location and I have heard they have some very successful gigs there.

      • Faygobug

        doesnt matter as long as ur going to be here
        its just the rules just suck

  • Brittania905

    I think the Roberts Orpheum theatre would be a nice place for you to play in STL, it's more spacious and the owner seems really cool ,as well as the security. 🙂

  • Nectar crew, is this show projected to sell out? It was be sooper stinky to plan a road trip down and get shafted! oh and any bassheads traveling from the Chi to the dirty? Get it while it HOT in the midwest y'all.

    • Ed Basscrew

      Yes, sorry Nicki, it just sold out today!

      • haha danggg. Madison Wisco it is! im gettin em' ASAP, for how many shows nectar does a year its pretty awesome how fast they sell out. Sketchy scalpers are the only NON awesome part of a sold out nectar show!

  • lesliebooher

    got 6 tix, come to find out i needed 7
    and the sell out beat me
    i snoozed, i lost
    whoever's friends back out or plans change, hit me up pwease

    • Teryl

      I need one. How much?

      • lesliebooher

        im looking to buy, too, buddy
        not selling

  • isutree

    seen you in bloomington a couple months ago, had to have more! cant wait to woooooooooommmmmp! in the STL!

  • Ashly

    I can't believe how quickly this show sold out. I just relocated to St. Louis for a job and I was so excited to rage. Hopefully I can find a ticket that's not outrageously overpriced. I haven't been to a 'Nectar show since last summer in Chicago at HOB!

  • Erski11

    lets hope the rent a cops arent head hunting again like they were last time at this venue

  • stbassheads9

    Go to the FOX THEATER that would be fucking insane…be ready to rage hard in the STL


  • Jayarebamburg

    Please move this to a bigger venue so I can go!!!!!

    • lesliebooher

      🙂 i know at least 10 people who still wanted tickets in my small ass town

  • Sweet!! I just scored some tickets from a guy my mom works with 🙂 looks like I'll be seein ya in StL in April for show number 5!!!

  • Sweet!! I just scored some tickets from a guy my mom works with 🙂 looks like I'll be seein ya in StL in April for show number 5!!!

  • Jeepnaaked

    Crap…. waited too long and now no tickets available… I know a lot of people that are going to be bummed that dont know they're sold out already.

    • JustGaby

      OMG I was going to get my ticket right now!!! HOW THE HELL did I not know this was sold out! WTF! MORE TICKETS….please 🙁

      • lesliebooher

        🙁 i feel your pain….tis so sad

  • nicolecrim

    cant…fucking… wait… see ya soon 🙂

    • nicolecrim

      i also got my tickets the FIRST day they were available. i've been soo ready..

  • nicolecrim

    i also got my tickets the FIRST day they were available. i've been soo ready..



    • Brittany_verse

      I have one ticket for the st. Louis show where you located? I'm in Chillicothe IL

    • Brittany_verse

      I have a ticket available paid $75 I would like to sell it of course for list price but not too sure what list price is the event is sold out dies that change anything in the value?…. Does anyone know? I don't wanna rip anyone off or feel like I am either. Event is april 9



  • Ashly

    Any chance more tickets will become available?

  • Brittany_verse

    I have ONE TICKET available I unfortunately cannot make the show. If anyone would like to buy it my email is Brittany_verse@yahoo.com I am located in Chillicothe IL. Show is at 8pm in ST. LOUIS. Hit me up.

    • Hi Brittany. It has come to our attention that you are attempting to scalp this ticket.
      Scalping is ABSOLUTELY NOT TOLERATED on bassnectar.net.
      If we catch you trying to scalp a ticket again, we will block your account on the site. Please sell at face value, fans deserve to see the show at a fair price.

  • Jayarebamburg

    every time I”ve seen lorin there were 2 opening acts, does 1 mean we get a longer set from the man?!

    • lesliebooher

      if i had to guess the set will be about the same, perhaps a little longer, but i will try to find out

      • Hey all- answer here is that there are almost always 2 openers, sometimes we don't have the information for the first opener in time to post it. Note that we announced Clandestine as the first opener for this night.

      • lovenit

        are you part of the bass crew? it says your a moderator on this website…jw

        • lesliebooher

          no…im not
          just your friendly, neighborhood show-goer

  • Brittany_verse

    Ticket for sale for list price

    • lesliebooher

      me wants

      • Thanks Brittany! You tha girl!

        • Brittany_verse

          I still have the ticket

    • vero

      i need 5 if u have them

  • DJ Gee-off

    Hi Lorin, I will see you for the first time in STL. I am a proud basshead. I am so anxious about the set you are going to play. I know how you like to have something a little different at each show. I have even mixed up some of my own cd sets with your music. I want to hear some of the new stuff that you played on NYE, is this the new stuff for your latest album? Anyway, cant wait to hear those 20 double bins up front thats gonna cozza frenzy!

  • Jordan

    Saw you last year and didn't think i could ever see a better show, but you changed my mind this time around. Absolutely killed that shit at the Pageant, I've never danced so much in 2 hours than I did tonight. That stage setup was fuckin crazy too, from the video screens to the towers of speakers. You and your crew really outdid yourself this year, I plan on going to plenty more shows this year but none can compare to your's tonight.

  • Marvin

    Lorin, tonight at the pageant you took my live bass virginity …you changed my life completely! MAD FUCKING LOVE from me! also the girl passing out water with the dreads is absolutely gorgeous!! RAGEEEE

  • Chelsea

    i just want to say thanks to the amBASSadors at this show. i saw a few of you at the chicago show in october and you guys really do keep up the energy…plus the water is always appreciated too. 🙂

    • Dunwody

      Killer! Love the AmBassador love!!


    THAT SHIT WAS NUTS! Best show ive ever been to