04/13/11 Bassnectar in Covington, KY at the Madison Theater

December 14th, 2010


Fall Tour

Bassnectar hits the Madison Theater in Covington, KY on Wednesday April 13, 2011.

This is an All Ages event.

We are excited to welcome Eliot Lipp and DJ Booty Sweat to the lineup for this event!


  • waiting for the tickets to go on sale. c'mon man 😀

  • Jeff

    Lorin, I think you will find you have a substantial following here in Kentucky. Thanks for touching down in the Bluegrass!!!

  • carma 614

    when the go onsale?

  • i know right. wonder how many people are waiting to grab some. hopefully actual bassheads and not scalpers.

  • Youknowelaine

    just got on the ticket master website. looks like they go on sale this friday at 10am guys 🙂

    • pretty sure those are the not early bird ones? i could be wrong. but it says today the 15th….

      • Hey guys, we all sorted here? You click “click here for tickets” and are directed to our advance ticketing.

  • Bolenderi

    Tickets are available now: http://bassnectar.inticketing….

  • SubAtomicBassHead

    oh man kentucky!!! you are quite the badass sir, most wouldnt even think of coming to kentucky, but yea, i kno alot of bassheads here, and im pretty stoked for this show, i cant wait to see whats in store!!

  • .cBrAaSzSy.

    Lorin my man, I posted on a past show my opinion on +18 shows and I'm here to answer to your reply, you should be glad to know me and my brother have purchased tickets for the covington womp and we are determined to be front row still gettin nasty , can't wait to get our bass on.
    By the way your topping off my upcoming months with slightly stoopid , Gaga, then you an whatever else the warmth trying to break the cold here in good ol kentucky brings.
    Have a bomb ass day
    See ya in April, unless I dream about it before then

  • Kyndkarma Krishna

    Looking forward to this hometown show, Lorin! I've traveled all over the USA to see you perform…. it's gonna be wonderful being 15 minutes from home!:)

  • Jenny!!!

    If KY doesn't enjoy the show.. I am sure a lot of us from the surrounding states coming in will!

    • Jeff

      Trust me, we love Bassnectar here in Kentucky. See you there!

  • A show NEAR Ohio???!!! Thank you, Lorin.

  • Daft Bass

    let me just say that u wont be dissapointed with the crowd in Ky. its been long overdue for a dubstep show of this magnitude to pop off in the bluegrass. the crowd for pretty lights in covington was insane, i can only imagen how it will be with a room full of bassheads. Cant wait til April!

  • Mike Angelo

    very good news. You killed it at all 3 shows attended last year bonnaroo, forecastle n bluebird nightclub. I am stuck in a futuristic thought of you melting us into a bassgroove only to rip it up to a rave scene. Am lookin at summer camp as well.

    • KP

      Kentucky fucking loves Bassnectar. I'm suprised at these comments about our great state. I go to UK and it seems like every trip I take out of state people know of our rep for partying and wild times, but I guess thats not so universal. Anyways cant wait for the show, I was in Nashville in the fall and you rocked my face off. Im now forever a BASSHEAD.

  • Jamientomlin

    Louisville throws it downs. Everyones stoked about the show here, sick set at Forecastle probably my 2nd favorite. Be ready for mass energy from the bluegrass kids. Can I get a whomp whomp!

    • Tcg5023

      If you thought the set at forecastle was good, you ain't seen nothing yet. That was Bassnectar with speaker issues and a short set (thanks to the assholes of Devo). But judging from the fact that this show is SOLD OUT I think that the good people of the bluegrass state are ready to Throw Down this time. Who's ready to make Covington the loudest city in KentuckY?

  • Nataleigh_K

    Does anyone have a ticket for the Covington show for sale? My friend needs one. HELP!

  • i have 2 tickets available!

    • Pretoriussheree

      How much?? If $35 each I'm interested!

    • Rob-B

      AMBER I am also interested very much so! name the price

      • Shasta Lee

        Name of price = ORIGINAL SELLING PRICE 🙂

  • i have 2 tickets available!

    • Jocelynxc

      hey do you still have those tickets? how much for one?

    • Lance

      How much, im interested in two tickets.

  • i have 2 tickets available!

    • lexgirl

      how much do you want for one??

      • $35

        • Jocelynxc

          hey do you still have another ticket for sale my friend needs one asap?? im in lexington.

        • jessica

          i will buy both for 100…

          • Guys, please try not to encourage scalping. Someone sell these guys some face value tickets!

          • Guys, please try not to encourage scalping. Someone sell these guys some face value tickets!

          • Guys, please try not to encourage scalping. Someone sell these guys some face value tickets!

    • William_land6

      I needz thoze

  • yiy

  • yiy

  • lexgirl

    how much do you want for one??

  • lexgirl

    how much do you want for one??

  • 5029309634

    i need a ticket.

  • Rob-B

    Anyone have any extra tickets? looking for 2 if possible

  • Stephen

    Have 1 for sale. Look for a guy with a fuzzy Kermit the Frog hat that is wearing goggles…

    • Dsjfhdsfj

      How much are you tying to sell yours for?

  • jessica

    Looking for 2 tickets will pay 50 each!

  • Charles

    I also have 2 tickets if anyone is interested. if you want them send a message to me at senselessstudios@gmail.com, we can meet either in clifton or at the venue

    • Charles

      actually sorry that email is defunct, message me at shytehead01@yahoo.com

      • lesliebooher

        those tickets are defunct…that show is in the past…so unless you're selling a time machine with them…..

        • Charles

          its for columbus, my bad