04/12/11 Bassnectar in Kalamazoo, MI at State Theater

December 14th, 2010


Fall Tour

Bassnectar hits the State Theater Kalamazoo, MI on Tuesday April 12, 2011.

This is a 16+ age limit event.

We are excited to welcome Eliot Lipp and Garganta to the lineup for this event!


  • Jennifer_in_japan

    Anyone else have tickets they won't be using? I'd love to buy a pair.

  • Raeshad

    anybody got 3 tickets?..id pay a good amount of money for them. . .

  • 2 weeks til the creatures of the zoo womp out wild style! And for the Eliot Lipp after party, any word on if tickets can be grabbed before the show at the State Theatre? I don't wanna get shafted on the after party for staying the whole show. Anyone got any deets on that?

  • CStaff

    Lovin ur new intro's too by the way man, not sayin here we go was gettin old, cuz live it kills, but ur willy wonka intro into gemini made me cry tears of joy. keepit emotional, keep it real

  • Sigur Ros- Saeglopur & Mr. Projectile- Iam Back~You Need. Had a dream the other night you floated the state theatre into nectar land with this juicy mellow combo of Projectile Ros:)

    • That does sound like an Awesome combo!!! would love to hear that!

  • Taniaqt2002

    No THANK YOU FOR COMING BACK, cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pitch

    Hi, I got 2 tickets for the show. We won't be able to go. Someone interested in ?

    • Brian15knapp


    • yeah hit me up man

    • pitch
    • R1ckyhamilton

      how much for both

    • how much

    • taylor

      hell yes. email me at blondie411000@yahoo.com asap… know of a couple ppl selling tickets but they are selling them for prices that i just can not afford at all. let me know how much ur selling them for

  • MeganKaylaBasshead

    KALAMAZOO TUESDAY!!!! Ready for da dubz.

  • Taniaqt2002

    Cant wait I've seen you close to 10 times, throughout the country, but never on my home turf!! I also have never heard my favorite song Art of a Revolution, it would be life altering to hear that on Tue, Please????

    • Hit the Tour page and add your request to the Request Line in the right hand column!

  • R1ckyhamilton

    how much for both

  • R1ckyhamilton

    how much for both

  • Anna

    Does anyone have tickets that they are willing to sell for non-scalped prices?

  • Chris
  • morgan

    anyone with an extra ticket for sale?

    • taylor

      how much you selling them for?

  • danksta

    i heard the last few shows rocked pretty hard……

  • pitch

    Still got 2 tickets for the buying-price. 60 both. BIBLAK@hotmail.com from Grand Haven

  • Amazingparty

    Afterparty event page….


  • taylor

    hey everyone.. the person I was buying my ticket from fell through last minute! Im dying to go but cant pay much more then what they were originally sold for… if you have extra tickets you are trying to get rid of email me at blondie411000@yahoo.com.

    • Shasta Lee

      you shouldn't have to buy them for ANY more than what they were originally.
      i understand the severity of getting tickets when they're sold out but scalping
      ain't cool. Hope you find some! 🙂

      • Markyd Md

        i couldnt agree more. when people buy extras just to sell them it makes it harder for actual fans to get tix to their show. i get wanting it to be worth it if you are seling the tix but asking double n so forth.. come on.

  • CStaff

    IT's FINALLY HERE!!! hope ur as excited for theZoo, as it is feryou! (yea i b rhymin, aint no thang)

  • Markyd Md

    cant wait till 8 tonight… or whenever you take stage. i saw you last on halloween and have had images of bass bombs being droped ever since…Blow us away

  • yuors tulry

    hoping the time is thick with love thankyou to all much live MI

  • Camelbsck

    thnk you guys we had lots of funn tonight see you soon

  • Crustation women Christy

    Oh My gos I am looking so fine. . .
    Can't wait ta boogie wid ma gurlz tonigt ! ! !
    Ya Hurd ?