04/15/11 Bassnectar in Pittsburgh, PA at AE Stage Indoors

December 14th, 2010


Fall Tour

Bassnectar hits AE Stage Indoors in Pittsburgh, PA on Friday April 15, 2011.

This is an All Ages event.

We are excited to welcome Eliot Lipp and Mux Mool to the lineup for this event!

DOORS: 7:00 PM


  • Hannah

    Stage AE is a terrible venue, I really hope they let you play past 11.

    • Analogs2k

      PFunk played till 12:30… def an awesome venue for only seeing one show there so far

  • yogaforpresident

    the facebook invite says 8pm-1am…any specifics for the line-up yet?

  • Gnine7169

    Im confused. This website says saturday april 15th. But April 15th is a friday. Can any one clear this up for me. Last April, Bassnectar came to cleveland. I had tickets in January but my huisband and I got into a motorcycle accident. So we never got to go. We want to plan to take a trip to PA. I just need to know when?

    • Typo!
      It's Friday. Sorry about that and thanks for letting us know 🙂

  • dude, come on… it's PITTSBURGH <– note the H!!!

    • I try to catch all the spelling errors, guess this one slipped past me! Fixed now. I promise I know how to spell it 🙂

  • heytherexallie

    is the only possible delivery option Will Call? any way they can be mailed or printed out?

    • If you purchase from ticketmaster I believe that you can choose to have hard tickets shipped to you. If you are getting them from our advance ticketing (lower fees) they are all will call.

  • Joeypruski

    I saw somewhere that said Bassnectar was coming to Mr Smalls theater in millvale, PA april 10th.

    • NectarHead

      that was in 2010

  • I cannont wait to see you guys here in Pitt, then AC the next night, and topped off by Albany two weeks down the road. If only I could make all the stops in between!!!

  • NectarHead

    Can't wait!! Columbus, Pitt then Starscape a couple weeks later!!!!!!!!

    • Columbus and pitts are more than a month and a half before Starscape!!! None the less I'll be at ALL 3!!! see you there 🙂

  • NectarHead

    Can't wait!! Columbus, Pitt then Starscape a couple weeks later!!!!!!!!

  • Denise Flitcraft

    anybody need SOBER transportation to the show from the N.E. Ohio area??? we have offically set up our first trip via charterbus to see Bassnectar on April 15 in Pittsburgh. the cost is $60 per person and includes your ticket to the show at face value ($26 + $3.50 bullshit fee) AND THE TICKETS TO BASSNECTAR HAVE ALREADY BEEN PURCHASED!!! so no fear if it sells out, which it will…You can call 1-800-US-COACH or 1-877-202-4169 and order them over the phone with a CC, using promo code, charter #L5011!!! if you don't have a CC or bank card, you can contact us via this page, or email us at Pandemonium Express1@gmail.com… if you need to, you can make arrangements to pay with CASH!! Cash payments can be mailed to US Coach @170 E. Prospect, Alliance, OH 44601…All tickets are being handled by US COACH and are handled on a first come first served basis…go to Pandemonium Express' page on facebook for more info…WE ARE READY TO RAGE!!!!!!

    • HarbingerofBass

      This sounds amazing, sounds like a ride to remember!

  • nicole

    i'm going to this show, sooo excited <3 but i wanted to know the show their putting on, if it's a specific album or what.. anyone have an idea?!

    • lesliebooher

      no specific album
      new music, old music and everything in between
      it all goes!

      • Yup yup miss Leslie is correct that's what makes BASSNECTAR so Fresh!!! Lorin always throws in new songs that you've never heard and plays current hits right along with his classic BANGERS!!! Enjoy the show I'll be there 🙂

  • paper diamond is having the after party event!!! eliot lipp,bassnectar and paper diamond…going to be an awesome night

  • Mikeley

    Official After Party at the same venue!!! Going to be an epic night!

  • Tess

    i cant fucking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait

  • Millera129

    Darn, sold out.

  • BenTheBaron

    what time should i show up around

    • on a typical show i go on around 10 or 11, rarely as late as 11:30, sometimes as early as 9 (this all depends on the curfew of the venue) and the shows are usually slammed 2 hours before i start up, and there are pretty hefty lines before that…

      so…anytime between 5 and 9?

  • I hope I can make it to this! Bought tickets as soon as they went on sale, not even looking at the date. Just so happens to be the same day as my senior prom so I'm in the process of trying to find a way to get my school to let me leave the prom early to go. I saw you last year at Mr. Smalls, been a Basshead ever since 🙂 I would've bought tickets to the after party, but the person I'm going with's birthday is the same day as this show, only turning 17. Anyway, so pumped!

    • haha that is classic. i fully skipped my senior prom to go to a rave (that and i had no interest in prom!)

      but do as you wish and if you miss us this time, we will be back around again at some point

  • Lexy

    I am so bummed that I didn't get my tickets in time. Sad day.

    • what happenned? your tix haint arrived?

      • I think she means that it SOLD OUT before she could buy them. At least that's what its sounding like!

        • ahhhh!
          SORRY to hear that
          Lexy, see yu next time, we will be back around again

    • Julia9282

      theres some for sale on stub hub. little more expensive…but available!

  • Brenen

    16 more days booommmm. The countdown has begun.

  • A. Nonymous

    If I were to buy tix for the afterparty, might I be able to smuggle myself in to see you guys perform? =D

  • verbing the noun

    eight days bassheads! still not sure what time this concert starts or ends.. i probably wont when im there either

  • feelthebass

    Cannn nottt wait for the showw!!! been waiting weeks since snowball you killed it

  • 1234

    its been almost 7 months since my last Bassnectar experience, thats WAY too long. this will be my 8 or 9th time… ahhhh. I'm going to explode. 808!!

  • Bsp5051

    anyone have an extra ticket they are willing to sell?

    • Cjohns54

      I do