04/22/11 Bassnectar in Boston, MA at the House of Blues

December 14th, 2010


Fall Tour

Bassnectar is coming to the House of Blues in Boston, MA on Friday April 22, 2011.

This is an 18+ age limit event.

We are excited to welcome Eliot Lipp and Lenkadu to the lineup for this event!

Fans are allowed to bring in one SEALED bottle of water and/or an empty camelback backpack.


If you are under 18 or didn’t get tickets in time, try our All Ages event in Providence on April 19th: https://www.bassnectar.net/2011/02/04192011-bassnectar-in-providence-ri-at-lupos-heartbreak-hotel/


  • Tom



      Bassnectar rocks, but the House of Blues should change their name to the House of Blows because they suck!!! They could give a damn less about music. Their eyes are money signs.

      They rarely let a show go past 12:00, although the last time I was there with bassnectar it went till 1:00AM but you know at 12:30 they were getting the place ready to close down, giving the crowd looks and everything else. They also spend their time confiscating anything and everything you have, whether it be legal or illegal. The last bassnectar show I went to there, they found a lighter in my pocket and had me in the corner with my shoes and jacket off. The way they were searching me I felt like I should be prepping for a cavity search. Luckily the gods were looking out for me that night.

      At another show at the House of Blows, I had my glow sticks taken away by “security” before I even stepped into the venue. It was a fucking rave too. They need to learn to chill the fuck out and be worried about important things, i.e. not legally purchased glow sticks from iParty.

      Oh and if your 21, they give you a wrist band for no reason because you have to show your ID at the bar every time you buy a drink. Go green ass holes and save the paper, because clearly it's a waste of everybody's time and an insult to mother nature.

      Rock on bass heads but fuck the HOB.

      • bassfreak

        its true dude, nobody fucking likes this venue…i really wish bassnectar would abandon it cuz i would LOVE to see nectar in boston cuz its such a good dubstep/EDM city…but this venue is so shitty, i cannot and will not endorse this venue…i agree with what u said about it being a place the revolves around cash and not the music…the security there literally kicks people out and harrasses people bc they are simply bored and looking for stuff to do

        i am not kidding when i say this…if any security guard ever touches me at that venue again (assuming i ever go back)…I am gonna lay them the fuck out and seriously fuck them up, thats how much that venue pisses me off

        i had a friend get kicked out (ive had tons of friends get kicked out of there, including me) but his story is a little ridiculous…my boy was at rusko at the hob and just doing his thing and goin nuts and getting down, and then he got stopped by a security guard and the guard told him he had to leave, because he was “dancing too hard”…im not even kidding…nobody shud ever endorse this venue

        anyone who agrees press the like button on my or HOB NIGHTMARE's post cuz its the truth, nobody wants to go to this venue and everyone around boston knows it

        • yeah I completely agree with you, the house of blues is no good. when ratatat performed there on 4/20 two years ago, I witnessed masses of people getting kicked out throughout the entire show. the security guards up top were vigilantly lighting people up with their flashlights to signal them to the security guards down bottom, who would from there on pretty indiscriminately just kick out random people. it was absolutely ridiculous. show some respect for the high holidays, and don't remove nearly 20% of the crowd….

          However, that being said, the problem with the House of Blues is that there exist few other viable alternatives which can hold the same capacity of people while maintaining the packed in atmosphere. I'd rather have lorin come somewhere in boston rather than not at all.

          • bassfreak

            id honestly rather see him in a venue i like…if he went to club royale (on tremont street) that would be sick, the stage is big enough for some really good stage production and if they took out all the couches on the dancefloor, there would def be enough room for a raging show and they really arent strict there at all, they just want you to have fun and come back to their establishment (which the hob obviously doesnt care about lol)…oh and its def the best venue in boston, without a doubt

            or just straight up skip boston and play northampton cuz theres a couple sick venues there and its right next to umass…not gonna lie u can throw absolute raging afterparties at umass cuz its in the middle of nowhere and theres no neighbors to annoy..in boston its almost guaranteed that the afterparty will get stopped by the cops

            i live like 30 minutes from boston but theres no way im going to that show…ill travel to albany, maine and possibly burlington (thats the unannounced 4/20 show) before i step foot in that piece of shit venue known as the boston hob. fuck that place

          • Haha you're preaching to the choir, I go to UMass also. Pearl street last year was bananas

          • bassfaced

            ba fuckin nanas. downstairs the years before was even tighter. place was a sweaty ragebox

          • Anonymous

            haha yeah it was…then the cornfields after, that shit was so awesome

          • Anonymous

            haha yeah it was…then the cornfields after, that shit was so awesome

      • Jkp426

        unforturtunately house of blues is a big name, everything else sucks they really are a commercialized venue that seems like its for music, its not i want to bass them in the face

  • Ohhh yeah! Drop the basssssss

  • we soon will meet again…

  • bassfreak

    holy shit floor tickets already sold out…i wonder how many of those tickets were bought soley for the reason to scalp them

  • Edsouthtown

    this shouldnt be at the house of rules worst venue in the world and it shouldnt be 18+

    • bassfreak

      ur right it shud be 21+…no little kids deserve to go to nectar shows cuz all they do is eat madd drugs for their first time and get sick and become custy fucks once they are rolling their faces off and about to OD cuz they dont know to drink madd water when they are dancing for 3 hours straight…kids have no place in the EDM world…nectars old shows used to be sooo much better when it wasnt infested with little kids and hipsters who are there for the scene…i miss those all those shows at the paradise too

      but at least everyone around boston knows the HoB sucks

      • i was 18 when i went my first time and it changed my life completely.

        i think everybody deserves music.

        do i think that we all need to work together to influence each other how to act most contientiously and consciously? YES!

        do i think that EVERY HUMAN who is under the age of 21 is a worthless ass hole? no of course not.

        i encourage you (ALL) to make this movement your own, and contribute to it constructively when you see room for improvement

        complaining does nothing to help solve the issue.

        and i am not here to make something cool and then keep it all exclusive and snobby, i want to contribute to community

        and you, bfitz999, know i am cool with you because we have discussed stuff in the past, so u know i dont mean disrespect by disagreeing with you.

        but i do definitely disagree with you.

        • alisha

          I've met some kick ass under age people at Bassnectar shows! SO glad they aren't 21+….Phillip Irwin..c'mon KICK ASS KID! Kaya Maikai, HELLZ YEAH! Hasan Zaidi.. HAVE you seen that kid RAGE! shittt! and there are so many more! I'm ridiculously lucky to have met these awesome people and that wouldn't be possible with a bullshit rule. Age ain't nothing but a number. I know 25 year olds that act like there 16 soooo age is just a crock of shit. 🙂 ROCK ON YOUNGINS

          ps. bass freak fitz! pass some water on to the 3 hour dancing kids! we are familia mister!

          • Hahaaha HELL YEA Alisha age aint nothing but a number!!! Bassnectar is all about bringing the people together!!! If you like Bassnectar then Your my friend and I will welcome you with open arms into this ever growing FAMILY of BASSHEADssss!!!!!!! I was 19 when i saw my first Bassnectar show and I've been going to them like clockwork ever since! Thank you Lorin for not putting a 21+ age limit on any of your shows 🙂 Until Next time………

          • Anonymous

            pffffffffffffft water is expensive at venues, get your own…i hate when im nice enough to give out water cuz next thing i know im out of water and have 2 decisions to make…either be thirsty as fuck for the rest of the show and be on the verge of throwing up cuz im raging so hard (almost happened at Ezoo during nectars set)…or go buy more water and lose my headie spot and miss part of the show…i dont mind giving out a couple sips here or there but if ur gonna eat ecstasy then you should know to buy a water or 2 before the show starts

            alisha…u going to the albany or maine show?

          • alisha

            uh huh! both of them! 🙂

          • Anonymous

            nice ill keep in touch then….we shud def rage a nectar show or 2 together…ill def be at maine but albany is a maybe at this point…im down to drive there, i just needs peeps to go with

          • Anonymous

            Can we all do Lorin a favor and quit discussing drugs on this forum like a bunch of lot-lizard wookies?

        • Return_to_the_Archaic13

          Hey Lorin,

          I totally agree with what you are saying here – age is a meaningless boundary that can be transcended easily. It's not the number of years a person has lived on this earth that determines maturity, its the number of experiences and the magnitude of those experiences that matter.

          And I agree that we all must help each act in a conscious manner and rage in a good way.

          But he does have a point that the HOB Boston suckss, just look at how many people agree with this and are disappointed you are playing there again – I know that as much as a successful musician as you are, it's not really up to you anymore where exactly you play in each city but as a musician myself, I do believe that no matter what, the artist should always have the final say on where to play…And I see it as we ARE making this movement our own, and that we are contributing constructively by going to you, the musician, one of our favorites out there for that matter, asking you to please value our opinions and play somewhere else. The Paradise is AWESOME, or how about the Orpheum, I think you would sound great in there as well. So many people will thank you as you can see here if you follow thru with this – please.

          Also, I thought you were planning some event “somewhere in New England” on 4/20 – did that fall thru?

        • bassfreak

          haha its cool lorin…not everyone can agree on everything…idk i just feel that typically MOST kids are not ready for the kind of stuff that goes down at your shows (and you know what I mean), and dont know how to prepare for it either…idk i just feel like the kids arent completely ready for it

          lol i noticed that the albany venue is selling their tickets so u can get them mailed to you now (THANK GOD)…anything to do with that email? haha

        • Leesh

          your amaazzinnggg. && im gonna pay mad money to see you in boston.

      • ballz

        no dood fuck you thats wrong your gay

      • Kyle

        Not to be a downer but that kid that died after a bassnectar show last year was 22… reaching the magical 21 does not imbue special wisdom upon an individual

      • Goog3z

        dude yess paradise shows were the shiz. now this HoB shit venue is jus godawful.

  • Ryandilling

    fuck thehouse of blues i cant go now stupid assholes

  • Mgs136

    i agree fuck that place

  • iansalmon88

    what the fuck i wish i got some warning that this would sell out so fast, this was pretty much all i was looking forward to this year

    • Anonymous

      Warn yourself by staying on top of things. People need to quit blaming Lorin for their shortcomings, damn…

  • iansalmon88

    I just went on ebay and theres like 50 tickets on there for 150-200 bucks what the fuck! shows from his winter tour arent sold out but the show where i live is sold out in april! its a fucking conspiracy

    • bassfreak

      dude boston is one city that loves dubstep and all sorts of EDM…if u wanted to go to this u shudve bought tix asap…im planning on going to albany and maine and havent got my tix yet but its bc its not a city like boston (and the albany venue is HUGE)…if i wanted tix to this show i legit would have bought them day of, but i dont fuck with this shitty venue

  • no longer a fan

    Wow bassnectar, thanks so much for your comments regarding ticketmaster. IF you were actually opposed to their business model and wanted REAL people to buy your tickets, you wouldn't support them. I guess it's fine for you if some awipe buys them up with a machine only to redistribute them for 10 times their worth. Do us all a favor and stop putting Noam Chomsky talking points in your songs if this is what you're really about.
    – A former fan

    • Iansalmon88

      holy shit ill never stop being a fan cause of other people trying to make money off bassnectar. not cool man not cool

    • Dear Former Fan, Farewell.

      Had you taken the time to look around and see the various places we have responded to this issue (WELL OVER A HUNDRED TIMES) you would soon discover a few basic truths:

      1. There is no avoiding Ticket Master. Although we are WIDE open to suggestions if you know something we don't. It's like you are on a road trip and you are thirsty and you pull over at a gas station to get bottled water, and all they have is AQUAFINA (pepsi) or DASANI (coke) ….you can be absurd and choose not to drink, or you can take whichever bottle of water is closest, buy it and drink it.

      I say this because if you take time to do a little research, which YOU HAVE NOT, clearly, and lamely, you will see that Ticket Master has contract with almost EVERY single venue in the country over 1000 person capacity. Literally, there are maybe a handful that do not, and we love those places.

      Our attitude with Ticket Master has been a very frustrated one, i have been very vocal about how awful and unfair it is, and it is constantly one of my top concerns that my fans have to pay all this money unfairly. We have tried every solution in the book, but it comes down to this, if you want to tour in America, you have no choice because TIcket Master holds contracts in all the venues

      A few years back SCI actually sued ticketmaster and after a gruelling legal battle they WON. But what they won was this:

      Nowadays bands have a legal right to up to 8% of the total tickets for an event.

      SO if our show is at a venue that fits 1000 people, we get to sell 80 tickets.

      And of course we sell those tickets on our site, first to our fans, as cheap as possible. After that we try and guide you about how to avoid the fees
      THe best way to do it is go personally to the box office, and buy the tickets at face value, and we include directions and instructions how to do that.

      Your problem is with Ticket Master, not with us.

      You should be standing shoulder to shoulder with us, on OUR side, as we try to be on yours

      Not some whiny mellowdramatic idiot who cant take a few minutes and do some research


      • i've never seen value in money and give mine away freely for fun!!! if i didn't have to eat it'd be all yours lorin haaaa.
        but this was definitely an eye opening discourse.
        'we' 'all' apologize for those still attached to the tangible and petty.

        love u ;p

        • Anonymous

          Dude, BUBBLES! I am so glad to see other people appreciate Trailer Park Boys. For those of you who don’t know, Youtube them, you will have to change your britches every 30 seconds or so, as your bowels will give way to extreme humor…

          • Ed Basscrew

            It is impossible to big up Trailer Park Boys enough. Nothing on earth is funnier. Very sad to see it off the airwaves, but the boys have been touring extensively which is great. Actually, they’re playing Sasquatch Festival on the same day as Lorin… hope they don’t clash! Chips and smokes let’s go!

    • JeffKY

      If you are no longer a fan, then why did you waste the time creating a profile and commenting? Troll…

  • Lady Bass

    Dear Lorin,

    Just curious why there is no nyc show on this tour? The terminal 5 show in November seemed to be so enjoyed by you and everyone it saddens me we may have to hang tight for awhile until you and your crew return. But until then, I'll be anxiously awaiting your beautiful presence again. Best of luck on this tour!

    Lady Bass

    • Iansalmon88

      i know its not NYC but hes going to be in albany in the spring i wish i had a way to get there.

  • guest

    wow out of 1000 tickets only 80 get to you now thats really fucked up

  • Red Knight

    I am very excited to go to this show, and am looking forward to an extremely great night. I hope everyone who is able to go has just as good of a night.

  • Red Knight

    I am very excited to go to this show, and am looking forward to an extremely great night. I hope everyone who is able to go has just as good of a night.

  • heheheh

    is this show really 18+?

  • Bassachusetts

    Bumpin back to the bass state soo pumped! Happy Earth Day!

  • Abby rhode

    Dear bass nectar. You may have plans for Boston. But bosons got plans for you. House of blues in April is going to blow your mind in the best way! We want you to come back to our fair city! For updates on the debauchery visit Abby rhode on facebook or cinderblockhustle.com!

    • bassfreak

      yeah not at the house of blues tho…ive seen nectar at the paradise twice and id LOVE to see nectar in boston more than legit any city, but i cant endorse the house of blues, cuz its sucks…i miss seeing him in boston but as long as he keeps up hitting up the HoB me and a shit ton of other people wont be seeing him there, that place has a very bad rep around the kinda people who go to lots of shows in the boston area

      he shud hit up club royale…place is big enough for a nectar show if they move the couches and its a sick venue and the security is chill as fuck there

  • Enthusiasm is mad contagious

    Major lazer hold the line rendition would be ridiculous! Tear that shit uup!

  • ballinbass

    youd better bring the sunshine from cali when you come up north…this snow's been rediiiic!

    • please tell me it aint still snowing

      • lesliebooher

        Snow storm went through yesterday
        Hooray for south Texas

      • ballinbass

        twas when i posted..startin to melt now hopefully. we got slammed this winter. california dreamin for a seaaaarious heat wave when that PK sound rolls in!

  • DRob

    I have a ticket up for grabs, my plans have fallen through 🙁 email me at DRob3292@comcast.net if your interested

  • If you are under 18 or didn't get tickets, try our All Ages event in Providence on April 19th:


    • bassfreak

      oh great im gonna be at provi…looks like ill be at a kiddie show

      • Dude whats with all the negativity! Shouldn't matter who's at the show man!!! As long as Bassnectar's there and Lorin brings the bass that's ALL THAT MATTERS!

        • bassfreak

          ill never let a crowd decide whether i go to a show or not, but god damn, if u think partying with a bunch of little high schoolers rolling for their first time ever and dancing uncontrollably all over the place is fun, then we have different definitions of “fun”…i LOVE bassnectar but his crowds are some of the custiest crowds in EDM, truth

          like i know lorin wont agree with me here but ill always say this…nectar shows need to be 18+ at the least, preferably 21+…or the way a lot of clubs do it, 19+ for girls and 21+ for guys, id be so down with that

          EDM shows like nectars are not a scene for little kids running around like little spunions…i know Lorin wants to expose his music to everybody, but coming from someone who frequents his shows and other EDM acts, this scene is not for custy little kids, sure some kids know whats up, but 95% of them dont

      • Jlarrow23

        i have 2 tickets left over message me if you want them JLarrow23@gmail.com

  • Drob

    I have an Mezz ticket im trying to sell, email me at drob3292@comcast.net if you interested

  • Jlarrow23

    i have 2 tickets left over message me if you want them JLarrow23@gmail.com

  • L.C

    whos going to HOB in boston??? i need a rage partnerrrrrr

  • Sgfilmworks

    Any one with 4 or 5 tickets please let me know sgfilmworks@gmail.com

  • McQuakerShaker

    Well it's like, smack the track up and leave dance in it!!! Instrument spitta!!! BIG UPS TONIGHT SONS AND SHORTIES!!!

  • Basstremental

    Looks like Lorin brought the sunshine and the thunder!


  • Kari Sullivan728

    does anyone have links to photos of night 2?