Spring Tour Dates Now on Sale

December 14th, 2010


Fall TourThe Bass Elves have been busy booking shows for our Spring run, and we are rolling out the first round of dates this evening. Bassnectar has been on the receiving end of so much support this year, all I can say is that we are grateful and look forward to giving back even more in 2011!


For those of you who are planning on hitting our Winter Tour or Bass Center 2, be advised that tickets are rolling out like an avalanche and Petaluma has already sold out! Get your tickets quickly, as scalpers deserve nothing but a lump of coal.

Get tickets from the tour page.


And here are the new dates, with tickets going on sale Wednesday, December 15th!



WED 04/06/11 TULSA, OK

THU 04/07/11 OMAHA, NE

FRI 04/08/11 MADISON, WI

SAT 04/09/11 ST LOUIS, MO






THU 04/21/11 ALBANY, NY

FRI 04/22/11 BOSTON, MA


  • chris

    no CO… bummmmmmer

  • bassfreak

    hell fucking yeah…at least new england is gettiing a 4/20 show….PLEASE go to umass amherst in Northampton MA for that one last NE date…u will not regret it, i guarantee that would be the craziest NE show if u book it there…shit tho im probly going to 3-4 of these shows

    got friends who live in portland maine, going to that, they live in walking distance of the venue, holy shit thats gonna be insane…went to albany NY for the washington Ave armory a few weeks ago for pretty lights so ill do that again (heads up for anyone going to this show…get there early cuz the willcall line there WILL be long as fuck, their ticketing system is really bad)…might go to the boston HoB show but i fucking hate that place and then theres a new england show that has yet to been announced, as long as its not burlington im down, too far of a drive for me lol

    who's opening?

  • Mesagorado

    Dear Lorin,

    I fucking love you. I saw you at Camp Bisco, Electric Zoo, and most importantly: Northampton, MA last fall. I am on your mailing list and saw that on 4/20 you are playing “SOMEWHERE, NEW ENGLAND”. Come to Northampton, man, we love you here. Maybe to prove that I could make a Facebook group to get you to come? Or do you already have a destination?


    Jeremy G.

    p.s. NoHo is 4/20 friendly, if you know what I mean.

    • bassfreak

      lol dude i feel that…NoHo in april was nuts, he said we were the loudest crowd hes ever had and we set the record for most people on other peoples shoulders, but if u come around this way go to the calvin theater, way bigger, i feel like pearl street is too small for nectar…then if u go to noho we can rage the cornfields after at umass

      • yeah when i said make some noise, they almost roared the earplugs out of my head..that was CRAZY…we ahve it on tape.

    • thanks! we love NoHo…sounds like there is a good venue there to throw an outdoor rager in the summer. that's my hope

      we are gonna crush Boston in the spring and i am hoping NoHo in the summer…OUTDOORS

      • Cosmicbigs

        Mountain Park!!!!

  • Stitch

    Cincinnati/Covington is going to bring it hard — even for a Wednesday.

    Is it April yet??!


    BURLINGTON ON 4/20!!!!!!!!!

  • Rpkern

    What happend to you playing at The Dixie in Tuscaloosa, AL on Feb. 23rd?! Im confused. How could this be? You can make up for it by not going to Australia like you planning to and going to Ultra instead… 🙂

  • Danielle

    IN A CLOUD OF SMOKE” hahah

    I suggest somewhere in Massachusetts for that show as well! It's too bad Cape Cod is lame and probably doesn't have anything close to a real venue. We have nature though! Beach rager, anyone? Haha, I wish! (At least we're pretty 4/20 friendly…)

    Or try someplace near mountains, with a fantastic view…if you're going for the outdoors thing. There isn't anything better than loud bass and good ol' motha nature. You can't go wrong. Unfortunately, when I was at Electric Zoo this September, I could HARDLY count it as being an outdoors experience everyone's nasty cigarette smoke/booze was suffocating! The set was still amazing though, best at the Zoo by far.


  • VT Where everything is Green




  • Nickdevanney

    so is the 420 show at burlington? when do you think we'll find out? because that will determine if I buy tickets for a different show or not

    • sexxiwelshh

      I really want to know too!!!

  • pepino


    let me begin by saying that you are, hands down, one of the most intriguing, talented, and unique musicians/djs/individuals performing today. your production techniques, your vast knowledge of styles & sounds, and your ability to read the crowd during live performances is unparalleled. i first saw you at langerado and you single-handedly changed & expanded my perceptions of what music can sound like, and for that, i am forever grateful.

    ever since langerado, i have seen you perform close to thirty times, and have listened to your sound mature and watched your performances evolve. recently though, i must admit that i have become slightly disenchanted. you used to rely on the mantra 'omni-tempo maximalism' to describe what you do, but these days (at least to me) it seems that you have fallen into a bit of a formula. it seems that you choose to focus 3/4 of your sets solely on a) your own original music, b) dubstep and c) drum & bass (please forgive the use of those sub-genres; i hate genre classification nearly as much as you, but it helps my point here). now don't get me wrong, i appreciate your music immensely (even more so live) and you have every right to do as you do, but i'm just wondering what happened to the gypsy-balkan-swing-jazz-funky-breakbeat-nonstop evolution of music that you used to love performing so much?

    granted, you do perform as bassnectar, and a focus on the low-end is a must, but i'm just wondering why you have chosen to forgo many of the sounds & rhythms that made you such a unique force to begin with? your ability to segue through genres and tempos in a live setting is astounding, and witnessing your constant evolution of sound completely redefined the word 'music' for me.

    i understand that every artist needs to grow and mature, and i mean this with no animosity or negativity. i will continue to see you perform, continue to speak highly of you to the uneducated, and continue to involve my self in your evolution. i guess i'm just a being little nostalgic.

    much love & respect,

    • thanks for the feedback

      to keep it quick: i work within a context of as much freedom and little restriction as possible.

      hopefully you will learn to trust my patterns, even though the only thing constant is change.

      it is hard to say what my 'original sound was'

      some might argue it was death metal, or psy trance in the mid nineties, or melodic downtempo, or whatever

      currently i am DEFINITELY feeling the spectrum of 75-95 bpm and 135-150 (still pretty wide and a lot of room)
      been saving a whole Return to The 100 for the spring, and always full of random left turns.
      lots of the balkan/gypsy stuff i was feeling 10 years ago doesnt strike me as the most crucial direction these days (although that is a generalized statement…BUT I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! you are wanting the fuckin cutting dagger-ass change-o-ramma)

      that will be back…it all moves in phases for me

      just do not box me in to thinking what i do now, or last time you saw me, has anything to do with what i will do tomorrow…. omnitempo maximalism means no rules and no restrictions

      plus its all a big joke anyway, and i am more interested in the energetics

      • funny, i am more interested in the energetics too. 🙂

  • Jen


  • Heinzlandscape

    what about tallahassee? Did we not get the f down enough for ya?

  • numba one stunna

    sorry that was harsh… But really tho, what happened to were DEFINiTELY COMIN BACK TO TALLAHASSEE

  • burnin uvm

    Burlington please baby, best 4/20 EVER

  • Usandthem88

    Lorin come to Arizona!!!!!!!!!

  • Gmau5

    HOLY 2011- atl nye show was retared good

    • yeah that shit was unreal, i didnt want to go back to the real world and now i'm counting the days till i can see you in Pitt and AC

  • Zach Dorsett

    come to tennessee!!

    • Tcg5023

      Come on man, he's coming to memphis in february and kentucky is basically tennessee's back yard 🙂 Hop in your car, throw on IDJ and have a fuckin roadtrip!

  • Exited for having you back in the KY, Lorin!! Ever since your amazing set at Forecastle fest 2010, I've been longing to see you back in the area! My business, Kynd Karma Entertainment, is helping Nederlander Entertainment with promotions/ publicity for the show. So please hit me up if you need anything at all while in the Cincy'Tucky area. Again, it's an honor to have you performing at the Madison.

    Best Vibes~
    Krishna Cecil
    Kynd Karma Entertainment

  • :z

    Please come to Los Angeles, we love you here!

  • QBizzy

    Doesn't look like Coachella is on your list. Your set last year was the better part of an amazing weekend! Hope to see you soon out here in SoCal!

  • Erickymongovia

    Please come to Nocturnal 2011 in Texas on the 29th & 30th. You killed it last nocturnal, want you to murder it again this year

    • nocturnal
      ive been emailing insomniac telling them they HAVE to book him
      try it
      tell all your friends to try it!!!!!
      bombard them with bassnectar!

  • DK

    Cozza Frenzy, Basshead & Kingston Town (Bassnectar remix) all feature in 'Cymatic Frequencies' Audio Visual mix by DK – http://www.vimeo.com/19005861 No other Video Mixtape like it. Enjoy!

    • HarbingerofBass


      Lorin you have to use this pixels video clip in you visuals! So trippy with an interesting metaphoric meaning!

  • HarbingerofBass


    Lorin you have to use this pixels video clip in you visuals! So trippy with an interesting metaphoric meaning!

  • Phil

    Lorin, please please please help!!!

    I live in Portland, ME. A couple of weeks ago I travelled all the way to Colorado to meet up with some friends from Florida, where I am originally from, for Snowball. The whole weekend was amazing, but your set especially blew me away. My first Bassnectar show. Another reason I was out in CO was to look for a job. I had a promising lead in Denver but it now it looks like it's not going to happen.

    This news is, of course, coming to light right on the heels of your Portland show selling out. I would have gotten tickets the day they went on sale had I known I wouldn't be living out in CO by then. Well, before I found out the Portland show was sold out, I was raving to my friends here in Maine about how epic your Snowball set was, and getting them all excited about seeing you in April, only to find out it's now sold out. I'd fork over the $120 for tickets on ebay or stubhub if I wasn't a poor kid right out of college who just spent most of his money on Snowball!

    If there is any, and I mean ANY way at all of getting to see you here, please tell me how! Volunteering, party favors, a place to crash, anything. My friends aren't familiar with the nectar and I'd love to share the Basshead love. Artists like yourself almost never play in Maine, and it also just so happens to be the night before my birthday, so this would be an amazing birthday present too. Please help!!

    • Phil- this makes me sad to hear and I really do hope that a ticket turns up for you. Many bass heads who can't make a show or have their friends change plans will sell their tickets for face value. If anyone deserves one of these tickets, it's you! We are all crossing our fingers 🙂