January 11th, 2011


Fall Tour


Bassnectar hits Perth, Australia on March 16th, 2011!

Tickets now on sale!

We don’t want you to fall victim to scalpers or miss out on tickets, so please purchase as soon as you can!


17 Responses to “03/16/2011 BASSNECTAR IN PERTH, AUS AT SHAPE BAR”
  1. Paddy says:

    Time for some chest rattling bass! Cheers Lorin!

  2. T-Bomber says:

    It's currently saying $300 a ticket guys. I know he's good but come on, got bills to pay. 😛

    • LORIN says:

      that is ludicrous
      homie, dont pay that!!!!!
      i'll get yu in on my list if it comz to that, i dont know any1 in perrrrrrth yet

      lemme figure out whats up with tat…they def shoont be 300$ buxx

      • Cody says:

        Hey Lorin, looking foward to seeing ya in Perth!, What are your plans after the gig? I would love to meet ya.

    • lesliebooher says:

      i think shape bar got it fixed
      i emailed them earlier today
      and when i checked it now says 30 instead of 300
      try it again now

  3. Issy says:

    Hey Lorin! Got my tix for Perth show, gonna rip it up! Just thought I'd let you know I'm one of your biggest fans. I have my back adorned with a nice big Bassnectar tattoo, would love to show you in person 😛

  4. Mona says:

    Hey Lorin!
    I'm gonna be in Perth all the way from SF for your show. Cali native reppin in the most isolated city in the world! please, dont be shy, rock out with some of your classic tracks, I love the vibe in the beginning.. and am dying to hear Cheb-I-Sabbah “Alkher Illa Doffor” from Underground Communication on the big speaks.. Oh please? Mucho Love for you

  5. Skahna says:

    Sup Lorin!!
    4 more days till you touch down in Perth & I cant wait!! Lucky me, Im supporting you on the line up along with Dr Space & Dead Vents. Hopefully you get to the club early so u can check our sets. I also got to play & hang out with Ill Gates last December & he dropped Boombox rite at the end of the set!! Boombox & Heads Up were the 2 first Glitch tracks I heard & Ive been playing & pushing the sound ever since. Thank u so much for bringin ur awesum music into my life..Check ya Wednesday yo!!


    • Skahna says:

      Awesum show yo..I would of loved 2 play on the extra sub'd up sound system..Hopefully next time 🙂
      The link below is for a mix I had played on Glitch This Radio that I dedicated to you.. Hope u get a chance 2 have a listen.. Enjoy the rest of your tour & come bak soon!!


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