January 11th, 2011


Fall Tour
Bassnectar lands in Burlington for an extra large show with EOTO also in the building!

This is an All Ages event.


  • Maxweinberger

    I refreshed my page at 6:01 am pacific and it said tix werent available and anytime before that it said they went on sale at 9am eastern on 1/12/2011. Did scalpers or Internet weirdos really buy em all in on e minute?

    • nah on the scalpers, i did the same and they werent there.
      perhaps a typo with the time or an issue on inticketing?

      • Uhhhhh ohhh did these sell out that quickly really???

        • GOT tickets WOoooo!!! Bringing in 4/20 RIGHT this year Bass week is in FULL effect!!!!

    • Bass_Bunny

      I had the same issue.. I tried for ten minutes straight and was not able to get them but if you go the the venue sight I got an email last night they are doing a presale … promo code for the presale is boombox .. I just got 2 tix that way..

  • Optimus

    I can't find them available for sale at any site either. Is there a promo code to get them through the box office now?

  • Bass_Bunny

    Optimus go to the venues website the promo code is Boombox.. good luck!!

    • Optimus


  • Dunwody

    Is anyone still having an issue getting these tickets? I went through and checked everything and we are up and running.

    • Bass_Bunny

      🙁 that kinda sux for me cause the other sight cost $32 a ticket and your is $22 and I figured you weren't gonna have em so I bought em from the venue sight … oh well at least we get in i guess

    • Just got one an hour ago and it worked fine for me

    • H0ck3y_22

      i need tickets..

    • Krobin10

      They are apparently sold out according to the box office 🙁

  • Omen

    oooo man 4-20 should have been in Denver ooo wel maybe next year???? =-)

  • Chandlerwalk

    Is it really sold out!?

  • H0ck3y_22

    i need tickets!! email me if you got them

  • jim

    looking to trade boston tix for this show… let me know.

  • Tim

    looking for up to four tickets….any amount is appreciated though

  • Cori

    i need ONE ticket pleasseeeeeee

  • Cori
  • Drew51790

    I need tickets, help me!!

  • Hej

    I need 1 ticket. e-mail jamiehejna@gmail.com if you can help.

  • footz

    neeed 2 tickets will pay cash…spertaw@gmail.com or 5163956830

  • Morgana926

    I need juuuuust 1 ticket! morgana926@yahoo.com

  • Ndello420

    got ticks but its gunna cost you

    • Scalping WILL NOT BE TOLERATED on the web space that Bassnectar pays for. Do not scalp tickets on our site or we will have to ban you from posting.

      • YEAH


        Hopefully you just weren't thinking, but please learn a lesson from this: BANDS HATE SCALPERS…. We work too hard to tolerate that shit

        Show some respect.

        And be respectful to other music lovers… who the hell are you to try and profit off your friend's love of music?

        • H0ck3y_22

          and im outta a ticket…

  • Khall3

    need 1 ticket. khall3@uvm.edu

  • Need 1-2 tickets! will pay over priced to an extent! email me at Gabethebabex11@gmail.com

  • Thegreenlife4me

    I just need one ticket!!! I've never gotten to see a real show before and I waited months for this!!! please sell me a ticket! reach me at thegreenlife4me@gmail.com

  • Chevdog23

    Looking for a ticket in Plattsburgh!! If you have a ticket for sale, call or text 518-928-6926. I'll pay a lot!!

  • mette

    will buy at least two tickets! call (802) 318-3325

  • headiebass

    anyone one know if there are any more tickets or if they will have them at the door?

  • Bob

    I want tickets NAOW where to get ?

  • Tricia

    DESPERATE FOR A TICKET, or multiple!!!!!! Please help me out 😀

    • Jakemayers5

      E mail me (jakemayers5@gmail.com)

  • johnson

    how much money are you people wiliing to pay for a ticket?


      • Jakemayers5

        e-mail me (jakemayers5@gmail.com)

    • This post is SO ridiculous man!!! Get outta here if your trying to rip people off. These Blogs are all about helping people out and discussing interesting topics and facts about the SHOW!
      Please change your attitude…

  • Cmlynch

    I've got a ticket for sale, not trying to get rid of it for less than 100 contact me at cmlynch@uvm.edu if youre interested

  • Jakemayers

    e-mail me if you need tickets (jakemayers5@gmail.com)

  • Jakemayers5

    e-mail me (jakemayers5@gmail.com)

  • Evan Bombard

    Got 2 tickets for 4/20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1. email me at ewbombar@uvm.edu


  • Jakemayers5

    2 tickers for sale for the Burlington show. email me if you're interested at jakemayers5@gmail.com/

    • Erichards1116

      hey man i deff really need those tickets ill pay . i seriously can not turn this one up my email is erichards1116@gmail.com you should hit me up at some point today. let me know. thanks man

  • Gabethebabex11

    Selling 1 ticket, email me at Gabethebabex11@gmail.com

    • Kburtonx24

      to me! -katie burton

  • Ecskiier0704

    I have a ticket I am looking to sell, let me know if you are interested.

    • Samantha Hillary69

      how much are you selling your ticket for? i am interested

  • Samantha Hillary69

    i have a ticket please e-mail me if you are interested samantha.hillary69@gmail.com

  • Camilo

    one ticket for sale email me at camilovasquez2@gmail.com

  • Basil P. Roosli

    Selling two tickets. Get at me via facebook: Basil P. Roosli or on my cell 860-235-3369

  • Camilo

    Selling a ticket for a reasonable price, contact me at camilovasquez2@gmail.com

  • Burlington peoples! Got a track request for Lorin for tomorrow night? Put it on the Request Line – go to TOUR page and enter in right hand column. Not had many requests for this show so just letting you know!

  • Hey dude, I know it's kinda late but we are one of the biggest college music blogs around, ESPECIALLY in the NorthEast and would love to get some press passes for the show. We would do a full concert recap with videos etc. and if possible would LOVE to do an interview. PLEASE get in touch with me if we can talk about this. KEEP DOING YOUR THING HOMIE!

    • lesliebooher

      hey late comer…fill out the press contact form on the upper right hand corner of the PRESS page

  • Check out our site here: http://www.biggreenbeats.com. I'm gonna hit you on Twitter as well, but our email is BigGreenBeats@gmail.com.


  • Qwertzy

    looking to buy one or two tickets. email me as soon as possible please: qwertzy@gmail.com. i will pay 100 for each. thank you.

    • Hi Qwertzy, I removed the $ value from your post – please don't encourage the scalpers! No one should have to pay $100 for a ticket.

      Someone sort Qwertzy out with some face value tickets!

  • Bradleydouglasjordan

    ticket for sale…message bradleydouglasjordan@gmail.com

  • Zack Wincklhofer

    I have two bassnectar tickets for sale and just looking to get rid of 'em, e-mail me at zack.wincklhofer@mymail.champlain.edu or zackwincklhofer@yahoo.com.

  • Shadowtdm

    I have one ticket for sale. Email me at shadowtdm@gmail.com if your interested.

  • dinkis


  • impatient

    what the fuck time does this shit get done

  • Pbisaillon

    PLEASE if anyone found a little green coin purse with a pug dog on it and it my gf's debit card and license in there. It would mean THE WORLD to us if you could return it!

    call 802-558-5415 peace and love.

  • Madison Benoit

    looking for two tickets face value, contact me at madison.benoit@yahoo.com