January 8th, 2011



Bassnectar hits Arkansas HARD at the Wakarusa Festival on June 2nd-5th, 2011!

This is an All Ages event.

Thievery Corporation, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Modeselektor, My Morning Jacket, STS9, Ben Harper and others will also be performing.

For more information head to www.wakarusa.com or click below to purchase tickets.

  • Junared

    YESS!!!! Waka waka! Lorin your NYE ATL show sifted through the minds of those who were there with surgical precision. I can only imagine what we have to look forward to at this bass gathering.

    Much love!

  • Aszymanski5

    WAKA! What a sping/summer I have to look forward too! 2nd BassCenter in Asheville then Wakarusa, what to do in between those two faceMELTING events!

  • Wondering where my face went

    WAKA WAKA!!!! Thank you for coming back to the best festival in the U.S.!!!!!!

  • I'm super stoked about waka this year! I'm on the unofficial (i suppose) street team just getting the word out to everyone and helping to make this years festival as auragasmically euphoric as everyone wants it!

  • Joe P.

    So i saw a post on your twitter feed about a new ep… Wakarusa release dood, that would be too cool.

  • NectarHead

    Already bought our tickets, You guys have no idea what is in store!

  • i can't wait to shake your hand again.. for the 4th time 🙂 you blow my fucking mind dude. mad crazy respect for you, i admire your adoration for your fans. can't wait to hear your shred the ozarks 😉

  • p.s. was that EPROM you played on the last song at the tabernacle 12/30? that shit blew my miiiiiiind… please make this happen at waka! iloveyousofuckingmuch.

  • Erski11

    hellz yes.

  • Razzlemysnazzle

    If you could somehow incorporate Blow from Mesmerizing the Ultra into your Waka set, I would pay you.

    • Razzle – hit the TOUR page, you'll see the Request Line in the right hand column. Log your request here!


    • Dunwody

      Please bring an envelope stacked full of money to the side of the stage at waka. Always love donations! 😉

    • Arkansasheat

      Heard it in KC after Fayetteville show, fuckin dope…i havent seen it live on youtube yet though

  • please remix this for waka! you can do it, Lorin!

  • please remix this for WAKA! you can do it, Lorin!


    i know it would get everyone wild!

    • lesliebooher

      hit up da request line on the top right of the Tour page

  • Kyle Fisher

    Man you gota play LSD I heard that at nashville and it was insane. I’ve been a bass head ever since.

  • Brett McClelland

    hey Lorin, can’t wait for Waka! Im from Tulsa, Oklahoma and I’m skipping Vegas to come party for my 21st B-day June 3rd at Waka(of course!!!). I was wondering if I could get a shoutout for my 21st sometime during your set?? and thank you STAGECREW!!!! where would Bassnectar be without behind the scenes help, and everyone in the Crew(sound,lights etc..) you guys are awsome! I’ll try 2 be very tall and in the front, impossible 2 miss, ha. Tulsa wants you back at the Ballrooom(maybe for a two night run??)!!!!! We sold out on a wednesday, so whatever day(s) work for you, if your there, Tulsa is there. Rage on good sir, and stay healthy!!!!

  • omid

    I saw you hopping along like a bunny along with the song when you dropped pink elephants at summer camp. you are so funny. can’t wait to see you at waka. drop laughter crescendo and a new beatles remix. lots of love.

  • CattMarney

    I NEED the 2011 live waka album, that show was one of the nastiest Ive ever seen.  Please make it available here!

  • CattMarney

    I NEED the 2011 live waka album, that show was one of the nastiest Ive ever seen.  Please make it available here!