Family Photo New Years Atlanta

January 1st, 2011



Scope some great photos from our friend, Kaya Schroeder, click here.

  • BASSNECTAR YOU ARE A GOD! your show last night was so sick. killing in the name of was so fuckin awesome that place went balistic. you should make a dvd of that concert i hope someone recoreded all that shit WE RAGED. we brought the new year in with style. Wildstyle that is. thank you so much. your concerts are an experience that never will get old. i cant wait to see you in asheville BASSCENTER 2 BABY. and you gotta make it to chattanooga,tn in june man there is a huge festival called riverbend and there are thousands of bassheads here. the festival is on river front and it would be a fuckin sick concert. thank you for that amazing concert

    • i like the sound of that river front shit
      i <3 a river

  • Summer Cook (:

    I'm on that top balcony!!!!!! When I think about this night i actually want to cry tears of joy, so incredible and beyond anything i've ever experienced. Lorin i love you and thankyou so much, best NYE i could have ever imagined! hopefully see you in Asheville and Oxford soooon! love lots and p.s. killing in the name of rocked my brain

  • LORIN!!!

    That was one of the best nights of my life, only thing almost as good was seeing you in philly in Nov, but can you pleeeeeeeease put a the mix up you played that night. The setlist alone wouldnt do that night justice so can you please please please put that mix out. Everyone there was a die hard basshead and I know you know how much it would mean to all your fans. I drove down from philly to see you for new years and paid $200 for my ticket so i would be beyond ecstatic to be able to always listen to the madness you threw down.

    Please think about it, it would be so much to all of us!!!
    Can't wait to see you in Pitt and AC in April, and hopefully at Ultra in March.

  • basschaser

    Hey, just so you know in the “SEE” section Under family photos, where this NYE photo is, the scope more photo link takes you to a link that isn't from new years eve…just thought I should let y'all know that. I found the right link here though, thanks so much 😀

    • Ed Basscrew

      Thanks for the heads up – we've in the process of reorganizing our gallery this weekend so there are some outdated links kicking around which are being hunted down and eliminated!

      To see more pics from New Year's Eve in Atlanta just go to SEE page and click on NYE 2011.