February 16th, 2011


Spring Tour

Bassnectar hits Providence, RI at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel on Tuesday, April 19th!

This is an All Ages event.

We are excited to welcome Eliot Lipp to the line-up for this event! Plus local support from DJ Nook!

Doors: 8:00 PM

GA tickets still available direct from the box office:
Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel
79 Washington St, Providence, RI
Box Office Hours
Tues-Fri: Noon-7pm / Sat: 3pm-7pm
Phone: 401-331-LUPO (5876)

Or click below for Balcony Tickets.

We donโ€™t want you to fall victim to scalpers or miss out on tickets, so please purchase as soon as you can!

  • ballin bass

    these ones are gonna get snatched up quick kiddos!

  • alisha


  • Iansalmon88

    hey i feel like this was for the boston fans who could not get tickets and i would just like to say thank you lorin you are a musician who cares about the fans.

    • bassfreak

      this venue is so much better than the fucking HoB…the security at Lupo's is relaxed and its a smaller venue than the HoB, which is always better

      cant wait to rage this show…been waiting for you to finally hit up Lupos

  • James Geikie


  • Jonrskittles

    Pretty damn sweet im down in the hamptons! cant wait!!!

  • Andrewcling

    who is opening????

  • Raekwonthechef96


    please play READY 2 RAGE

  • DHetz

    Can't wait. I'm there

  • Im already waiting outside !

  • bassfreak

    fuuuuuuuuuck, floor tickets sold out, im such an idiot for waiting so long…im not gonna waste my time with balcony seats, looks like im driving out to albany on the 23rd

    • lesliebooher

      da balcony is fun friend
      try it out if you haven't..just a recommendation from a fellow show goer

    • yo man
      albany will definitely rock, but just so you know, the balconies RIP, i spend the set lookin up at 1,000 freaks all heaving downwards at me like a FREAK WAVE, and we always bring in custom sound and sky bass, and spend hours dialing it so the balcony feels like the front row.
      just so ya know in the future, we do it up proper for the balconies

      • bassfreak

        oh i bet the balconies at your shows are nuts…but idk i got stuck in the balcony at this same venue about a month ago for a chill reggae band (slightly stoopid) and it was honestly a HUGE buzzkill, its a show where im just chilling and not really getting down at all, and even for them it sucked, i honestly wanted to leave…i could not imagine one of your shows in this balcony, it would kill me…plus the seats up there suck and theres like legit no room to dance up there, legit none, check it out for yourself once u get to the venue….im a floor only kinda guy…i think i would honestly try to run past a security guard to get on the floor and risk getting kicked out before i stay in the balcony, im just not cool with it

        but its cool cuz i called the venue today and they made more floor tickets available, they were withholding floor tickets, so im DEF getting them once my friend gets home from classes so we can use his credit card

        and i still wanna hit up the albany show, that venue is SICK, reminds me of a festival set sooo much, just a huge dance floor and thats about it, plus EOTO opens

  • bassfreak

    nice just grabbed my floor tickets….ive been waiting for you to hit up this venue for a while, fuck the house of blues

  • bassfreak

    safe to assume that eliot lipp is opening?

  • Bassachusetts

    Last show in the area not sold out; It must be done. Gonna grab a fat pair this Friday. We we we so excited. 8d

  • DBOT

    Absolute shot in the dark right now, but here's the thing, a friend of mine (who is probably Lorin's #1 fan, not gonna lie) was planning on going on a road trip to see 8 different Bassnectar shows. However, yesterday while she was working to make money for her BASSWEEK, her car was T-boned and totaled days before the road trip. And now almost her entire trip is ruined, absolute drag… It kills me to see her so upset about missing a handful of these shows and she is seriously the happiest person I know in any situation, until this happened. So what I'm asking is that a while back she gave a shirt to Lorin that said “Providence” on it, so if by some miracle Lorin sees this post, do you think you can wear that Providence shirt or anything like it to the show at Lupos? It would mean the world to her and make up for the disaster of what happened with her trip. If not, then put on one hell of a show like you ALWAYS do! THANKS

    • Bassachusetts

      Im going to all the northeast shows but VT and reading this made my heart wrench! I can't imagine. Does she have tix to all of them? I'd be down to help out rideshare style which shows are out of reach?

      • alisha

        hey bassachusetts! what's your email?

      • Bassnectarrules1

        do you live in mass?

        • Bassnectarrules1

          if you are in ma I needa a ride ๐Ÿ™ lets go!!

  • Shasta Lee

    Maybe I should get a ticket and drive there (even though that's a long ass way) since it's the only non sold out show left. and after madison i NEEEEEEEEEEEED more nectar. I can't wait till scamp, that's too far.

    • DO IT!

    • Bassnectarrules1

      Yea I live in ma and ive never been and want to go but finding a ride is shit

  • vanessa

    So are there no such thing as GA floor tickets? That blows.

    • bassfreak

      uh yes there definetly is, you probly just tried to get tix too late…they have GA tix only at the box office, online all ur gonna get is the balcony…Lupo's will be making sure people go where their ticket says they should too, which sucks for the people with balcony tickets

      • lesliebooher

        i think the issue is just that GA floor tix sold out…they were available online, i believe i have one i ordered online, in fact…but now balcony tix are all that remain

      • vanessa

        Yeah I realized that after 5 minutes. Hell, I'll pay a scalper mad money to get my floor tickets! Balcony just isn't gonna be the same.

        • DD

          got this email address off craigslist… it is a guy selling floor tickets at face. email him, just got mine:


          • vanessa

            Already got em! See you there!

  • Hi guys I am photographer and I think your music is amazing! I would love to shoot the Lupo's show with your permission!




    • lesliebooher

      hey put this on the press contact form on the PRESS page to be more effective

  • TY Leslie!

  • Soooooo pumped about tomorrow night… GA with mezzanine… oooooh yeah. See ya in row F.

  • Shasta Lee

    How close is this show to selling out? Just curious

    • Dunwody

      Almost gone, might not make it to doors.

  • bassfreak

    so fucking ready to womp tonite

  • Getting Ready… DROP BASS NOT BOMBS!!!! Look for the wife beater with that written on it.

  • bassfreak


    whatever he dropped after the bongo bong remix rocked my fucking world…wild fucking dubstep

    • hey there
      i dont remember exactly…maybe it was the “BIG DIRTY BASTARD” tune than i made with ill/Gates? some people thought it sounds like the FSU fight song….it isnt officially named, but will be on the next EP

      • bassfreak

        nah i know the track ur talking about, thats the one you ended electric zoo with and i think (but not quite sure) that was your last song last nite

        you did the intro for bongo bong then when that track is supposed to drop you played something that was some of the craziest dubstep ive ever heard…i knew most of your tracks last night but that one was a complete mystery

        this is the tune ur talking about right? (see video)


        skip to 7:09

        • lesliebooher

          man i dont know about the details of this track talk..but i LOVE that song at 7:09…i always forget about it, but oy vey, i don't know why

  • rob

    rocked that fuckin crowd! we were bananas!!!