February 1st, 2011


Ellie GouldingAn amazing vocalist, currently blowing up with countless amazing songs. There are lots of remixes going around, but we wanted to give you a version that sounds like what I would play in a set, something deep and hypnotic and churning with sub bass… ENJOY!


  • Xoices

    Hey! Greetings from Portugal! Nice one! Thanks for all your free downloads! Cheers!

  • Dreamerskennels

    Subin out that new BASSNECTAR wompIng out my two 18's keep the bass bumping!!!

  • Deaf Geoff

    Lorin do you ever play “Ellie Goulding's – Starry Eyed”? Awesome tune, would be awesome if you played this in St Louis for me!

  • Ilastissue69

    I love it. Leave it to bassnectar to destroy a filthy track. Def check out starry eyed by Ellie goulding. I hope to see you at ultra and anywhere near new York. Bass head for life!

  • Alex Bigwood

    One of the best ever mannnn. Ellie goulding is an awesome choice. You continue to maintain favorite band status which I never thought any could triumph 80s metal in my book but you achieved it. Keep up the goood work sir!

    • DJ Snickle Glitch

      yo yo what up Alex its Alex set ur sights on april 6 hahaha thanx 4 tellin me bout da download

  • Nectartime

    Lorin, you're GREAT. I loooove this song, it's so pretty. Thanks so much for the bootlegs, I appreciate them more than you know. 🙂

    • NectarTime

      Is there anyway you could bootleg for all of your fans the Nirvana remix you did.

  • WB

    Oh my science… what can i say… nothing… just listen to bassnectar.

  • Enfuziast


    Just a thought… but could you do a remix of “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve? I have looked far and wide for a good remix that doesn't add lyrics to the original or anything, but every remix I have found puts a fast-paced drum pattern into it and it just doesn't fit for me. I figured you're my last hope for a good remix. Think you'd be up for it?! 🙂

    • yeah they dont seem to get it about that fast drum&bass loop, eh?
      i feel ya

      been meaning to hitt that for a while…

      “tryna make ends meet: you're a slave to money then you die”

      i LOVE that

      • Enfuziast

        yeah for real haha.

        there's a remake that's pretty sick, by Ace Enders and a Million Different People. check that out.

        I'ma be hittin up Lollapalooza this year, think you could make an appearance? i've never had time to go to any semi-local shows of yours bcuz of work and what not but it would be baller to finally see ya live bro!

        • Ed Basscrew

          Here's a James Lavelle (UNKLE) remix that might fit your criteria Enfuziast… it's not a peak-of-set smasher but has that '90s Mo Wax / DJ Shadow dusty hip-hop vibe, and waits a few minutes before dropping the strings to nice climactic effect: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

          • Enfuziast

            Yeah man that is pretty sick! The climactic effect of the strings, hands down the best part haha. Even though you brought this to my attention I still think Lorin should give it a shot as well and put his style to the song. There's so many possibilities for Bittersweet Symphony, but of course nothing beats the original.

          • Ed Basscrew

            For sure, a Bassnectar remix would be sick! Song has a pretty crazy history – a track sampling a recording of a cover of a Rolling Stones track, so remixing it just further extends its turbulent lineage of reinterpretation. (Did you know The Verve still has to pay 100% of proceeds to the Stones' estate?) And I second your reverence for the original. It's the business.

          • Enfuziast

            yeah it is pretty crazy about the proceeds deal. at least their sampling only mildly resembles the Stones' piece, unlike the whole George Harrison/Black Eyed Peas ordeal. (Not Just Knee Deep vs. Shut Up (remix)).

            But to sum things up, my ultimate goal for this summer would be to see Lorin at Lollapalooza this year and have him introduce a Bittersweet Remix during the show, that would be badass. haha

  • Paula

    Love love love this remix! Thank you so much!

  • Marcelobtp

    Awesome, i'm in love with this music!

  • Phil Yates


  • Bowlaughter
  • Slick

    Lights is impressive!!! I love it 😀

  • pfshj

    Lights is amazing.

  • Angel Inspire

    Keep rockin it lauren!!!

  • Rlarson11

    That was pretty wicked this was a free download. I'm telling everyone about it. This song is siiiick!

  • Kar1992


  • Fasd


  • 1:15. enough said 😀

  • Guy

    About time I found something new.


  • PowerFull Song! o/
    A can't stop to listen it!

  • Ohm

    Fucking good! Epic 🙂

  • Janet

    Oh, Lorin, you've done it again! =D I trust every song you produce and for good reason! Absolutely wonderful! <3

  • Great song! Thanks!

  • Bronco

    big thanx !

  • electrobo

    when you played this on 420 it was mind blowing

  • jAIRUS


  • This track is awesome. We also posted it on http://openlbl.com

  • Beco

    give us FLAC please 🙂

  • Reece Gounden

    Tempest brought me here!!!

  • Reece Gounden

    Tempest brought me here!

  • Reece Gounden

    Tempest brought me here!

  • Tempest Freerunning!! Like the song and the glitch mob!

  • Sej_1234

    i havnt heard the original of this song yet, only heard people talking about it, but this remix is siiiick,

  • Zeus_018

    Tempest free running academy brought me here 2

    • Razeryan

      yup! the gym vid 😀 such a sick video too

  • Zeus_018

    Tempest free running academy brought me here 2

  • Zeus_018

    Tempest free running academy brought me here 2

  • Arquiobrasil

    Your voice is Inspiration!! Thank you Ellie!!

  • <3

  • Robert Graham

    Tempest Free Running Academy Vid Is Sick! All Thanks To This Song ^_^

  • Erikamart09

    <3 this song!!

  • My friend and I were just talking about this song.  I don’t look at track names when I’m listening to music, I just enjoy the beats.  I mentioned that I was listening to the new Bassnectar and he asked if I had heard Lights, surprisingly I had been jamming to it for weeks!

  • FreeRunningGalore

    I did to

  • jAMES 143


  • jAMES 143

    and great page bassnectar cool

  • Finejas

    nice i lioke parkour but that more nice ;D

  • Martin

    Where i download the song?

  • maxm68

    me to