Family Photo Birmingham

February 24th, 2011


View photos from Seth Landerfelt by clicking here.
View Photos from Saul Van Der Like here!

Photos by Lia Holland:

  • TheGnome

    Love the lights, love the crowd, looks like yall had a blast!!! Wish I coulda been there! 808 Birmingham!

  • TheGnome

    Lia, bassheads banging bassheads at basshead show…classic basshead pic!!! Could I have a print with their autograph on it? 🙂

  • Ethan

    Loved the show!! i was front row at this and it was crraazzyyy!!

  • O1ogy

    ive been to some of the best live acts in the world.. TOOL .. Orbital.. Massive Attack..B Boys.. to name a few. Bassnectar is right up there with all of them. sound.. visuals.. the mix.. and especially the energy in the crowd. it fuckin rocked!!!

  • Speed levitch

    Lorin! This is Speed Levitch. I'm going to your show in Kansas City Saturday night. Living here now. Our mutual friend is Fernando Valesquez. He introduced us at Sahar's birthday party…If you have time, would like to hang out…

  • ssssleepyhead

    When I was wompin at the show, this guy was making his way through the crowd… He was having a tough time and he had a huge camera in his hand. He said he would take mine, and my friend's picture if we let him through, so we did of course! He said he took pictures for all of Lorin's shows and that it would be on the site. I'm curious if this guy was just trying to sneak to the front or if he was legit… Haha regardless, I would really love to see the picture!

    • Ed Basscrew

      If you can't see yourself pictured above, you might want to try clicking on the link to Seth Landerfelt's pictures (just below family photo at the top of this page)… he might be the guy who took your picture…