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February 8th, 2011


Almost 15 years ago when I began envisioning the project I now call ‘Bassnectar,’ I had a million questions to ask, and a million thoughts to share. I wanted to create some kind of platform that would enable me to make a positive impact in the lives of others. There were many hypothetical details, many idealistic notions, and still many questions.

I never really conceived of it becoming what it is today, and due to the amorphous nature of my work flow, my creativity, and my oddball personality, I am not even sure where it is headed, but I am clinging along for the wild, wild, wild ride.

In the meantime, I am feeling overwhelmed by lack of time, and consumed by a million side projects I want to explore and by various ways I want to channel the momentum of Bassnectar and use it to effect positive change in the lives of others. And as a result of my lack of free time, I have become FLOODED with mail, messages, questions, interviews, etc, and I feel like I do not have time to adequately respond. Even when I do, there is no central organization or forum, so a lot of the same questions keep getting asked. Instead of just posting static responses, I would rather engage in constructive dialogue.


We thought we would experiment a bit and start up a Q&A section, kind of like a Question of the Week or something… The idea being that you have a place to anonymously submit questions (see the form below), and we will pick one each week and try to give a thorough answer whenever we can find a moment amidst the melee. Hopefully this will evolve into some serious discussion about deep issues, not the typical superficial banter that seems to be about 90% of online interaction.

Feel free to ask about things that you really want to know, even if it’s just advice, or for some personal insight. Or you can challenge me if you take issue with something I have said or expressed in the past, or if you have heard your friends tell you I am a mainstream sellout, or that I eat babies, or that I am an alien, whatever….maybe I will wind up not having time to respond, but I will give it my best shot.




  • ballin eff

    this is awesome. no other artist does this stuff anymore! way to be lorin!

  • chris

    Thank you lorin please get to my answer! lol i know your a busy man but please make my life and answer my question

  • Awesome Idea Lorin! I Love how connected you are with your FANS its incredible! Keep up the hard work and if you can get too my question that would be really Great! if not see you at the Bass Center!!!

  • wazilla

    there we goooo, the soapbox I said!
    this is legit, I hope you find the time to share with everyone
    btw, i have a tits recipe for baby barley stew that you just have to try!

  • Birdie

    I submitted a really long question, not sure if it sent, so I'll just say thank you lorin, Michael, and Elliot, you made our 3 year wedding anniversary more magical than ever
    Always grateful, always bassfull
    Jay and Birdie

  • Taniaqt2002

    Your gonna be at BONNAROO, thank you thank you, ahhh its not a festi without your bass!! Looking forward to seeing you in MI and TN!!

  • Mhebert813

    This is incredibly impressive, yet in no way surprising. Your work ethic and ability to network with hundreds of thousands of people is the very reason I have been for years, and will forever be a fan of this project. Thank you. Ill be sure to get you another trophy the next time I see you.

  • Phoebe Bender

    You were absolutely amazing at Snowball Music Festival!! Every show of yours I go to is just as amazing as the one before. I am soooooo excited by the announcement of your next show. The show that you are playing at Red Rocks on June 18th is my 21st birthday!!! You have given me the best birthday gift ever!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

    • Justin

      I agree with Phoebe that the snowball music festival was an amazing show especially given the mountain surrounding.  I got tingles when Bassnecty said ” let’s warm everyone up !”  before he started the set

  • Baggio_74

    Thanks for coming to Omaha, NE last night the BASS was so intense. Its my second time seeing you. The whole crew did a damn good job.

    Thanks again,

    Robert D.

  • Torin

    what programs do you use the most to make your music or which ones do you enjoy using the most?

    what is the name of the song you played at the 4-22 show in boston that was immediately before YES? its been bugging me ever since!


    • lesliebooher

      almost there torin!

      instead of posting as a comment that gets lost in the mix of all the others

      scroll up here on this page and enter all this and your contact email into that form up there ^^

      right after it says Submit A Question

      • Torin

        haha alright i got it now. thanks Bhaley this song is exactly what ive been looking for, now just waiting for bassnectar to release the remix he had

        • Bhaley

          no problem when I first heard that song I searched high and low to find it hopefully this will be on his upcoming EP

          • Torin

            was just told that it will be! soooooo pumped its probably gonna be all i listen to on my ipod for a good while.

  • YumYum

    I was at work today and I heard the song, “Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. and I thought that this would be a great song for you to fuck around with. I heard a couple of mixes on soundcloud by other people and I wasn’t all that impressed. Anyway, my first time seeing you spin was in Seattle at the Paramount Theater, and honestly dude, I don’t know how you do it, but your music is phenomenal. For real man, you’re a genius when it comes to bumps and beats. Hope all is well, and for you to come back to Seattle and play at the Paramount, because that place is beautiful 😉 -NMR

    • Shasta Lee

      hey you should drop that remix request in the request line.
      right hand side of the tour page 🙂

  • CJB

    Thanks lorin for getting this back now maybe we can get info out in the fight about real issues.

  • CJB

    Super Congress: the final nail in the coffin of representative democracy and freedom as we know it

  • CJB

    Rawesome Foods small victory: James Stewart bail reduced to $30,000, Victoria Bloch released from jail

    Learn more:

  • babypat

    wht was tht “swagg” sond played at bass isand?????

  • Anspach_07

    I just gotta say, that on average…the….i dont want to say “average” cause non of us are average right? (above average most def) but the people i meet who get excited when i mention i like Bassnectar turn out to be some of the most open minded happy to help a person than any other group. it is one big bass family. and I love bein in it! pass on the love when you can, we are already starting a wave of openness right?

    • Thomashlewis

      yes, I know exactly what you mean. its pretty wild I have to admit. Glad to be part of the family

      • Shasta Lee

        bass family <3

  • Thomashlewis

    Dear Lorin,
         My buddy and I are going to see you this coming weekend in DC. We are so excited and cant wait to see you. When I saw you at Snowball in Avon Colorado you threw down Pink Elephants and it blew my mind, absolutely spectacular. I have been dying to hear it again. I am more than certain that your set in DC will be flawless as it always is, but I pray Pink Elephants is in there somewhere. My favorite show was at the 1st Bank Center on Oct 23rd last year. Incredible. Thank you for all you’ve done, truly life changing.
    -Ty Lewis

    • Anonymous

      put your song requests in the request line

      • Thomashlewis

        thank you

    • it’s hard for me to know when a song is “TOO PLAYED” and when it is “CLASSIC”
      it is part of the art to tune into that, and it is basically a full time job.

      it’s crazy because one song can be suuuuper overplayed to one person, but to another person it is the EXACT song they want to hear

      i suggest using cuz when i see a fuck ton of requests for something that helps me know when its time (and we have a TON of requests for Pink Elephants) which feels extra crazy now with our new stage set up…so quite likely you will get that one

  • Summel89

    dear lorin,
    making a big move from colorado to texas soon for work i couldnt be more afraid considering ive lived in colorado my whole life…my first plans when i get there is to see YOU in austin and houston…leading a journey all alone is your amazing music and your amazing atmosphere thank you!

    • Anonymous

      don’t be scared
      texas is nice 🙂

  • Hey Lorin,
    I got in trouble for recording a live show for the first time the other day by one of the security. I didn’t even know it was a problem brfore then. But I read up on a lot of the copyright laws and now see how it infringes upon those laws(e.g. me “copying” others work without their explicit consent) My question is: Do you think it’s a big deal for people to record clips of live performances, particularly yours? What about posting it on a site like Youtube? It’s mostly all illegal, but there seems to be very little done about it, although Youtube does now seem to be much more strict, catching some, but not nearly all, and even some that is legitimate gets in trouble. I would appreciate feedback from anyone who cares to share it. 🙂 Bass & Love     

    • it is loaded issue.
      currently, i just got back from the 3rd night in a row, and i got 2 more to go, so i need to sleep, lets chat this soon thought, it is a GREAT issue

      summary: yes!!! THE LESS PEOPLE TRY AND RECORD SHIT and the more they just LIVE IT UP in the moment THE BETTER

      its like someone at a wedding spening all their time filming the thing, instead of just weeping and laughing and cheering for their loved ones getting married and actually LIVIN the moment

      the recording can NEVER capture the moment…it is always a sad fraction of the moment, diluting the novelty with each sad replay


  • hummingbirdheart

    Ah ones to wonder if Lorin will read this, lets see.

    So I’m sitting here, sick at home most likely from standing in line for 3 hours in Bloomington (which was sick by the way, SO much energy from you and the masses), missing work and all I’ve done with my time is read up on Occupy Wall St., and creep on some old school interviews with you from back in the day. Haha I’m not trying to come across as a fan girl, but you are one intelligent, eloquent man. You speak your mind and you don’t give a fuck what people think. You’ve got so much drive with an amazing message, not to mention so much natural talent. I read some of the comments people leave you, and yeah, you can womp out like a motherfucker but all I can think about is no, can you hear this? This isn’t “dubstep”, this is science. There’s love in this.

    I woke up from a DreaM abouT a year and a half ago and everything was different. I really woke the fuck up. It wasn’t long after I started Really listening to your music and getting involved in all of this. All the little details, I’ve caught them. I’ve walked out of every show I’ve seen a different person. Its almost (Allmostt) hard to rage cause all I wanna do is take everything in- the lights, the visuals, the crowd, you bouncin’ back and forth. Which by the way, fuck yeah. I hate nothing more than going to shows where the dj presses play and stand back. I mean, I’ve met people that follow you from show to show. People get your logo tattoo’d on their skin. For life. Thats just amazing.

    So I guess this is just to say thank you – from someone who you’ll never know, but whose life you’ve changed. Someone who doesn’t go for the drugs or the opening act. A, ahem, “bass head” if you will 😉

    Since you dedicate your life to this shit, I figure its gotta mean something.

    • it truly does
      even more so cuz i read this while i was home sick (got HIT HARD by the flu the day i got home from Bloomington) and i am not really one who takes all the buzz to my head, i actually really truly humbly see that you have been positively affected, and that is one of the things i set out to do, so thanks for saying hey.

      i am guessing the large effect of my work will be evident in invisible ways, as the waves of appreciation ripple out into other people, so hopefully you can be one of those waves.

      i am one of those waves for a great many of humans who have affected me

      • hummingbirdheart

        Everyone’s just gettin’ down with the sickness!   We got to the venue at five since doors “opened at 6”, in line about a hundred feet from the door and we didn’t even get in until eight o’clock. People herded like cows to the entrance, cutting everyone, yelling at the TWO poor security guards givin’ the job to search 7,000 bodies to hurry up haha like time was something they could control. Worth the wait, worth the cold. My hearts still beating in time with the bass drops. You’re throwing down hard for this tour, I love it. In a new city basically every other day? Fuck man do you run on batteries?

        The internets a silly little place, I almost figured I’d just be sending my words out into the ether so this just made my day/life. “as the waves of appreciation ripple out into other people, so hopefully you can be one of those waves. i am one of those waves for a great many of humans who have affected me” – Beautifully said. I feel like I’ve spent these twenty years on earth just gathering radiant souls for my love army.

        Yanno, you live, you learn, you lose your place, you pick back up and I can’t be the only one sitting and wondering why in the fuck I’m here. But theres a feeling that comes and it swells in your heart and you know. You know there there really is no reason you’re here but to experience all this fucking beauty whether it comes to you in a bass drop or a butterfly or a burger, it doesn’t matter. We’re here to learn and grow and to be happy and make a damn difference because how were living right now, it isn’t working. I respect so much that even with the fame and down and out redonk life you lead you take the time to inform people about incredibly important things without preaching. I watched a video of the set at burning man that you stopped and talked to the crowd about making a difference. 60,000 people there to party, but 60,000 people could start a revolution. People pay to hear sound waves but there aren’t even that many people on Wall St. right now to speak their minds and [potentially] change their lives FOR FREE.

        I’m twenty years old and I have this stupid job and this stupid apartment and stupid bills  to pay and stupid debt with no stupid car (straight up being a little drop in the 99% pool) but all I wanna do is live. Travel, make art, share the love, but I’m stuck in my 10-6 job dealing with people day in and day out who need to wake the fuck up. I mean, what advice would you give someone like me? I’m not talkin’ something that’ll get me through my day, I’ve been searching for something more but coming up with no results.

        Oh well look at me babble. Haha  i guess because outside of you being an artist I get down to, you’re a human I’d like to get to know >.< 

    • Shasta Lee

      wow that made me really happy.

  • elie harouk

    maaaaannn comee to lebanon com with your hair with your mixer with your mind with your soul wee need you in beirut specialy me !!! 

  • Josh Slenker

    I know you hear this all of the time but you changed my life. Happiness is sometimes so hard to come by, but no matter where I am or what I’m doing you and your music make me happy.My moms passed away last year while I myself were going through some issues, She was the only person I ever really looked up too. Taught me most of my outlooks on things in life. I recently saw you live for the first time lst weekend in ATL, blew my mind. While I was raging  I noticed myself looking behind me and all I saw were people coming together for you. Unity. I dont Just like your music, I like what it stands for. I now live by it. I now realize that through you I shall learn all that my moms didnt get to teach me. Just like her I know you wont ever lead any of us heads in the wrong direction. You take so many of us to a better place when we hear you, I just want you to know that me as a 20 year old male would not be the same if not for you Lorin. I live in North Carolina and I would love the chance to help show the love that was shown to me at my first show. Whenever your next tour on the east coast may be Id love to be able to work a show or many shows if possible.Either way you are so fucking loved. Continue to blow people away. NYE is gonna be so dope!

    • i felt the same way when i started going to raves and that is what fueled what i do today and why. i am so in awe of the deep beauty in life, i just want to give back, and hopefully people like you who also feel similarly affected will also give back to others 🙂

      • Wolf Haley

        Great minds think alike, hahahaha. It really is a dope feeling to be surrounded by so many people who despite where they’re from all love each other and hopefully all music in general. You’re touring right now and man do I wish I came along, with my fam. Me and my brother used to talk about going to shows and getting to meet you, I thought things like that were rare but with you and all the basshead its an everyday thing to see you interact with us. Hes been to way more shows than me, actually hes touring with you right now which I’m mad jealous about haha. Kashad is his name and bass is his game hahahha. You make him dumb happy, you make me dumb happy, and you made us alllll falllllll in love hahahaha. I got accepted to be an ambassador, not too long after the first message I posted. Like it was meant to be, hopefully I’ll get to meet you soon. You’re great and you have so much love coming from North Carolina right now its unheard of. Can’t wait for you to come back. Keep preaching with your music, I love you man.

    • i felt the same way when i started going to raves and that is what fueled what i do today and why. i am so in awe of the deep beauty in life, i just want to give back, and hopefully people like you who also feel similarly affected will also give back to others 🙂

  • bambam

    LORIN! do me a favour….sack off the big venues in the UK do some smaller ones and come to my town….Leeds needs you good sir, the sweaty, intoxicated youth of my city need your unifying presence and a fucking sick night, that is all 🙂


      why do you guys get such cool “lingo”

      come to think of it there are many things i would like to “sack off” now that i know it is an option!!!

      as for the small venues: the thing for me is there is such limited time, i tour full time, its never enough, almost every show sells out, and I am trying to be everywhere at once (and im not bragging here, i am SO GRATEFUL!!!!) but when i finally make it to a place i feel like it will be a year or more before i am back, so i want to let everyone in, if i play too small a venue, too many people get shut out… its tough cuz of course small venues sound better



      why do you guys get such cool “lingo”

      come to think of it there are many things i would like to “sack off” now that i know it is an option!!!

      as for the small venues: the thing for me is there is such limited time, i tour full time, its never enough, almost every show sells out, and I am trying to be everywhere at once (and im not bragging here, i am SO GRATEFUL!!!!) but when i finally make it to a place i feel like it will be a year or more before i am back, so i want to let everyone in, if i play too small a venue, too many people get shut out… its tough cuz of course small venues sound better


  • bambam

    LORIN! do me a favour….sack off the big venues in the UK do some smaller ones and come to my town….Leeds needs you good sir, the sweaty, intoxicated youth of my city need your unifying presence and a fucking sick night, that is all 🙂

  • dbirdflyshi

    what is the  name of this song that was played at the divergent spectrum tour concert?

  • Onan


    • Onan

      ^for going to calgary instead of edmonton

    • Anonymous

      don’t yell 😛

  • trp

    hey! how many subs do you planning too bring to vancouver? Im dieing in aticipation!!!

    • guest

      probably just as many as he brings to other shows…

  • Jtnichol

    Mr. Bassnectar sir,

    I’m hoping you get this message of thanks and gratitude. About a month ago I posted somewhere that I’m a music teacher in a cornfield in NE KS and how I used your song “upside down” to teach pitch and how it moves up and down. I’m saying I used that song for K-5 students man!  What  a rush for them!  They definitely got the lesson and I took it a step further to let them know some of the original sounds weren’t meant to be pitched at all but the electronic manipulation of them turned them into music rather than rhythm!  They GET IT!  (so do I)

    What I love about Bassnectar is that I can use a hip hop/electro beat and feel safe using it in the classroom because it almost never has some dumb ass rapper up there talking about himself in lyrics.  Just pure sonic love and nothing else.  good job man.

    I’m also a fellow DJ.  But I’m just a DJ nothing more.

    I’m hoping to apply for grant money to be used to bring MIDI sample pads/laptops to the music classroom so kids can experiment with tools like Maschine etc to quickly create.  Hopefully I’ll become less of a DJ and more of a creator like yourself.  Down the road.

    But of course the reason I’m writing is to THANK you for sending us the EP of “Upside Down” and “Matrix” on Vinyl!!!

    Dude….you gave me a whole new lesson just right there!  The fact 1. artists can be reached and will respond
    2.  Vinyl records and their acoustic properties compared to MP3.  

    Never the less we blasted it out um….of our Caliphone record player just like you had in elementary school.

    Dude.  We are 35 minutes from the Airport in Kansas City but if you could look out of my music classroom you would see corn on one side and cows out of the other.  

    We are blessed to have been touched by your music MR. Bassnectar sir.  The record will stay with the kids and this school forever even if I don’t.  Someday they will truly know the importance of your contribution.  More than they already know brother.

    Warmest regards,
    Jeremiah Nichol
    Music Teacher Pleasant Ridge Elementary

  • Toddelliott3

    HHey anyone know what kind of car bassnectar drives?

  • Matt

    Anybody know where Bassnectar when to high school? A few of my friends and I found his name in a 1996 yearbook at our alma mater (Bellarmine College Prep in San Jose, CA). I just graduated from there, so if we are both Bellarmine alums, that would be sick. Plus, it’s an all guys school so I am sure he has a ton of fans.

    Go Bells.

    • Matt

      *went to high school

      • Connor

        I’m a sophomore at bell right now and recently everyone has been talking about him going here. Plus he lived in SJ until he was 18 so I’m assuming it’s him. Go bells

  • Bobby W.

    Lorin!! NYE in Nashville was best show hands down!! Song selection was excellent couldnt have chosen a better playlist or a better song to bring in the new year!! The having to get a band to be on the floor was disappointing because I ob didnt get one but no matter what i was still close & could see you raging & the relentless bass you kept dropping and the crowd that never stopped cuz it is impossible to!! DC area needs to see you alot more this 2012 year cuz I will attend every show close enough!!

    But on another note if you found my face after the concert id appreciate it if you can send it back to me!!

    Bobby W.

  • Bobby W.

    what is the song that you played at new years eve in nashville with the rock beat & lyrics starting off “we are the children of the sun” & when does your brand new track drop you played there also!!??

    Bobby W.

  • zachmacc1

    what equiment and software do you use

  • Shannon K

    Hi Lorin,

    I’ve wanted to write for the past couple of weeks, but I didn’t really know where to start…and, truth be told, it’s a tad intimidating.

    On August 23rd, you played a show in Eugene, OR. That was a show I was going to drive 3 hours (from Portland) to go and see. I have been wanting to hear your music live for what seems like forever. Instead, in a sad turn of events, my father became very sick and I ended up flying across the country to Florida to be with him, and he died on August 23rd. I was extremely close with him.

    I still very much want to experience your music in a live setting. I’ve been around the electronic music scene since I was 18 (that’s 13 years now) and I have never come across music like yours. Funny enough, I made my way into electronic music through metal and industrial music, much like you, I think. I have a relationship with your music and I find it to be transformative, meditative and inspiring all at once. I feel that more so now that my father has passed than ever before.
    My request is simply for you to make your way back up to Portland (or somewhere around here). If you come and play a show, I will be there. I know you tour ceaselessly, I just hope that the Pacific Northwest is a place you plan to visit again and hopefully it will be in the not too distant future.

    In the meantime, thank you for the music you’ve created. It’s exceptionally rare to find an artist who plays with all forms of sounds, all genres, and who is just open to trying different things. Your music has reminded and continues to remind me to be open to everything. It’s an incredible thing that you do, more selfless than most people realize, so thank you.

    • Hey Shannon – thanks for writing. Very sorry to hear about your loss but glad to hear Bassnectar has helped you through some tough times. We will definitely be back in Portland soon, please come and join us! Should I sign you up to our email list? Thanks again for the kind words. Keep being open to everything! Best wishes from Lorin and our team – Ed

  • Michael

    Last year at your New Years show i wanted the full experience and I wanted it to be the best New Years ever so i decided I was going to come see you. I was at bridgestone arena at 2 am waiting for a floor wristband with 3 of my close friends. It was freezing cold and we waited for about 8 hours or even more. There was no organized line or anything, it was very hectic and we ended up with no wristbands. It was still the most amazing show I have ever been to in my life and I have been to very many. Is there anything I can do differently to secure a wristband so I can be on the floor this year?

    • last year definitely got hectic, so we’re working specifically on cleaning up that line and the way things are handled this year so that it’s completely organized and those who arrive first are the ones to get wristbands 🙂 check lorin’s twitter, he discussed this yesterday 🙂

      • Michael

        Thank you so much!

  • Alexis

    Can u make the song blow in 2015 version

  • Alexis


  • Alexis

    It’s gonna be awesome

  • Alexis


  • Johnathan Mizell


    My name is Johnathan Mizell. U have changed how i look at music. The reason why i say this is I am hearing impaired. So have to wear hearing aids. I have been def my whole life. A friend introduced me to your music. For the first time in my life i felt a connection with music. Your music is like a dream to my ears. I wanted to find a way to say thank u. I rather tell u in person but i dout that would happen. But if i did meet you that would be a dream come thru. I am looking forward to seeing another show. Please continue your great work. Be safe and keep the good vibes going thru my ear drums. A true bass head fan.

    • WOW! thats amazing! I’m delighted to have served in that way (and hyper curious which songs or what aspects of the music particularly were inspiring to you)….do your hearing aids give you full frequency hearing? is there just diminished volume or is it a colored frequency range? I’m very curious what setting you listened to (or felt) the music, and again, what specifically grabbed you? thanks for reaching out!!!!! 🙂

      • Johnathan Mizell

        Sir Lorin,
        First off, thanks for taking the time to write me back. Im sure you wouldnt have asked those questions if you weren’t personally intrested in receiving well thought out answers. So, i apologize for the delayed response.
        Ill start with sayin that Churn of the century was the first ‘nectar song i ever heard. I couldn’t believe what i was actually hearing. It was like i was 5 years old again- First time I ever heard any sound with hearing aids- sounds that i hardly heard together in one song. I hadn’t heard sounds like these before melodies, melodic synthesized noises, horns, snares, 808s it was amazing to hear everything all at once and without hearing aids with headphones. With headphones and without hearing aids!!! I’ve never be able fully hear anything without them. This has inspired me to really embrace who i am, and what genuinely enjoy listening to.
        The frequency questions are a little more complicated because of the impairment. So, hang in there as we proceed to give you what you need. Lol. Okay, so a normal hearing person would have fiber-like hairs on their eardrum that would wave around to hear sounds. My hairs are lazy and just wanna laydown. Lmao! This condition cannot be repaired. Frequency levels heard for myself depend on enviroment and background noise levels. In my case hearing higher pitched frequencies cannot be heard at all without hearing aids. Lower frequencies such as basslines or drops can be heard without hearing aids but at a diminished volume almost like a muffled tunnel so some sounds arent heard clearly or at all.. Since there is little to no lyrics, it is delightful to focus on musicallity of song and not on the lyrics as much. So full frequency hearing will never he achieved without hearing aids because there are just sounds i’ll never be able to hear. Lower and louder pitches are particularly easier to hear than higher pitched ones.
        When i first heard a live concert-which was last New years eve 360°. It was like nothing I had ever heard before. Not only was it my first concert, but the first time I heard you live. I had only listened in speakers or headphones for the previous 3 years. By the way, shit sounds ill on my car system. Anyways, hope I answered your questions feel free to hmu amytime with more.

        • jesse edelman

          wow man im so glad for you that nectar could let you experience music like you never could before… LORIN has helped me in a very similar way… for years i struggled with mental health issues and doing some pretty stupid unhealthy things to try and solve it (never worked truly) some times it would get so bad i wouldnt be able to hear out side my own head literally not be able to hear anything besides the voices in my head… then i saw bassnectar live at snowglobe in tahoe ca… and i realized after the show even tho the music was not around me anymore neither were the voices… instead i just heard the crazy in your face drops still… witch were actually really soothing… so i looked into this healing ability more when i got home… i let the voices try to come and get me then just when i thought i couldnt handle it or myself anymore i put on the song pink elephants….. high pitch crazy drops are like a healthy safe lobotomy to me… no need for prescription drugs no more need for dr visits just daily doses of bass in my face… excision bassnectar datsik ill gates and many others are all the medicine i need now and i feel so much better not taking pills that turn me into a zombie… the first time i saw nectar was also when i decided im going to start making my own medicine and become a producer… i now have my own songs and its all thanks to bassnectar and ill gates… ill never be able to thanks bassnectar or ill enough i think they could have saved my life

          • Johnathan Mizell

            Glad u found a way to cope with your personal issues without meds. Would love to hear some of the music you have produced

          • jesse edelman

            Hey glad you are interested in my music!…… That’s a link to my soundcloud… Much love!

      • Humby

        @LORIN I would love to hear what you have to say about sounds, frequencies, harmonies, melodies, etc. and their effects on the human body, mind, spirit, energy. I remember saying “I love sound” once and all my friends laughed at me, nowadays I hear myself saying it more often than ever before. Bless you for your music!

        • Humby – stay tuned for a full length blog about the science and culture of sound….it’s in the works now! 🙂

          • johnathan mizell

            I cannot wait lorin. So excited about what u have to say.

          • Humby

            OH MY GOODNESS! That’s wonderful, I have been trying to learn about sounds and such things since I was a youngster maybe since the age of 15 (currently 25). I went to a car-audio school called Acoustic Edge Institute which opened my eyes and ears (and everything in-between) to a world that has made my life so beautiful. From frequence resonance to cymatics, I’ve been trying to tune into these ideas. I stumbled upon you and your crew actually towards my more recent years of my journey through sound and you guys have changed my world yet again from your sound systems to your production of lights and visual, it has been truly a blessing to be able to experience it personally. I wish I can pick your brain and ask you everything you know about this subject, its so much fun! My apologies for “fanning” out, cannot wait to listen to your system at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in May! 🙂

          • yah forgive me for lagging so hard on this!!!! i have been interviewing some amazing scientists and sound experts, and i honestly have collected a hundred times more data than necessary, and now I am nerding out on all of it instead of making a blog about it! i will get to it! but first….the mixtape!

          • Humby

            That is great! I try finding research on this subject often just for fun, I am so glad there are other like-minded people in the world who take the effort to bring things like this to people like myself, looking for this information. I don’t blame you for nerding out, I get lost in it myself. I would love to know what you have found on this subject but even more excited on listening to how you incorporated all that data and information into the new mixtape!! Thank you for responding Lorin, you are truly one of my newest inspirations. Oh man I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us at Red Rocks!!! 🙂

      • Johnathan Mizell

        PS my wife cameo helped me write the letter about the question u had about my hearing loss. Not the best writer in the world lol

      • Humby

        This is just so great! 🙂

    • SuperSpiff

      This is AWESOME. Thank you for sharing Johnathan!

      • Johnathan Mizell

        No problem, love to share my insight on my hearing loss. Alot of people in my life told me that i could not do anything with music due to me being deaf. But lorin has truly inspired me to get more involved with music. My dream job would be working with a stage production crew. But i will find away to get my foot in the door some how. And thank u agian superspiff. By the way your username is dope????

        • SuperSpiff

          Thank you!

  • brookeadams

    Dear Lorin,
    I am a United States Marine and I just want to express to you my utmost gratitude. I joined the military not for my wish to kill, or love of violence, I am a kind hearted soul that wishes true peace. I enlisted due to circumstances that just happen, we call it life. Due to this I’ve been put under a LOT of stress, developed anger issues (not so much outwardly but internally) and suffered from depression. This is the most common tale of any military member, the tale becomes boring and old as soon as it starts to come out of our mouths. But you, YOU have brought peace, and pure joy back to my mind!! It’s always been in my heart and soul but you, your music, your shows and the community that you’ve created have broken down the walls around that happiness and allowed me to express those feelings again. You may have a slight idea of the effect you have on people, but there’s no way you can possibly imagine how you’ve helped my sanity. You are truly something else. Along with just being a super cool, generous dude. Thank you. A million times thank you.

  • Joshua Wero Conley

    Recently I decided to propose to my girlfriend who is from Germany. I made a huge production out of it and your song You and Me has been our song since we met as it seemed like the world was out to pull us apart and yet we remained strong. That song gave us so much strength and made us so much closer. To explain what I did is I reserved a park in a very busy market area for an hour and set up a fake “romantic picnic” for her and I. I purchased 100 large roses, gathered 99 people to hide behind a massive Christmas tree, and sent them out one at a time to place the roses down around her, eventually completely surrounding her.

    I brought the final rose out and walked through the crowd surprising her and proposed. SHE SAID YES! Well I had the entire thing videoed and photographed, and would love nothing more than you have your permission to use You and Me in the video. I have no desire to make money off of it. I simply want to be able to show it publicly to everyone including her family back home. If it goes viral, I will gladly give any royalties or anything of the like that you may desire. I will give full credit in the description for the video. I look forward to hearing back from you! Thank you so much regardless of if I can have your permission. That song got us through a really hard time in our relationship and here we are strong as ever still rocking the song!

  • Britt Boyce

    Good Morning from New York! I have a question that has been spinning around my head for a couple weeks. I have a dream of attending TomorrowWorld this year! Do you think you’ll be getting down there this year?! You are, by far, my favorite artist. Every time I attend one of your shows, I find something different out about myself. It clears my head like nothing else can. You’re incredible!

  • Johnathan Mizell

    Sir Lorin

    Dude u have made my day!!!! I just bought two electric forest tickets. Me and my wife will be looking for you. Hope we could chat a lil bit when u are not performing. Feel free to hmu. My number is 6155695985. U dont know how much this mean to me. U have trully inspired me to better myself with music. A true bass head fan. Much love

  • Jalen Neeley

    Hi Lorin,
    My name is Jalen Neeley. I know you get this a lot, but I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank you for all the time, dedication, and passion you put into your music. I remember the first time I saw you play live at Red Rocks in 2011 and it was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. Ever since that night I have been to at least one night of red rocks and every time you’ve played decadence. The experience of being at your shows is an indescribable feeling. Every show of yours I always try and take a moment to look around at the crowd and watch them move in absolute unison and it’s breath taking. I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I just hope you know how much your music and you as a person have an influence on people. You’re truly an amazing artist and I hope to get to meet you one day in Colorado if you come back or on the rode just so I can tell you thank you for being a good person in this crazy world

  • Johnathan Mizell

    Sir lorin

    Hope u are doing good. Herd the electric forests line up is coming today. Really hope to see you as a headliner. But anyway I started collecting pins. The bassnectar pin community is so freindly.Witch is awsome!!!! And became friends with lex newtho hull he is a really cool dude. And his art work is dope. This community had a big affect on me. Showing me that not all people are assholes. Lex also introduced me to some more of your music that i have not herd. Blow has now become my favorite song. Well one of my favorites. WE NEED MORE F SHARP LMAO. THANK YOU FOR SHOWING LOVE THRU YOUR MUSIC!!!!!!! Cant wiat to see you live agian. Starting to have bass withdrawals lmao. Much love bro. Cant wait to see what u have in store for us this year. Almost forgot i had a idea for a song. Should be called deaf bass. The song should have super heavy bass with some sweet melodies. Just a thought lol. Hope to hear from u when u are not super busy lorin. Love and peice bro from a true bass head fan.

  • Johnathan Mizell

    Sir lorin

    Hope u are doing good. So i have been trying to find a way to work for you oR get more involved with the bassnectar project. Would love to get more information. Thank for your music to us. Much love lorin. Be safe.

    Johnathan Mizell

  • Amber Stone

    Dear Lorin, I hope you read this because i’m about to pour my heart and soul into this. You are the most inspirational person I have ever had the privilege to connect to. My first time seeing you was at the second Basslights in Hampton Va. That experience alone opened me up into such a different way of being. Never before had I experienced so much love, passion, and genuine kindness. I was overwhelmed at the love that was radiating from me with every song… Each song brought such a powerful emotion… Now it is 2016, and I can’t believe the transformation. I have had dreams where I got to talk to you about life, and your impact on this generation and society. I would like to reach out to you here because what you’re doing is changing the world, which I am sure you already know. All throughout the world’s history, there have been people who try to spread a message of love, and all of them have been taken out and silenced. You are this generations messenger of love. You are uplifting the consciousness of the planet as a whole by spreading your love and energy. I have been tapping in to my psychic abilities and abilities to work with energy, and your music amplifies energy. At New Years I could feel love pouring out of every part of my body, I literally felt a bubble of love around me and it expanded,affecting others. You do this to people who don’t even realize it! Think of all the people who radiate this energy because of you, all in one place. Every thought, emotion, feeling, etc creates this reality, and you my friend are shifting consciousness towards love. You are waking people up, and breaking through the illusion that has been created to keep humanity enslaved to greedy monsters. But they are losing their grip, love will always over power fear. and you are helping people achieve love on an amazing level. I wish I could share what I have learned with you, it’s so much… I could never post it all on here. But you have really helped me and millions of others grow into the beautiful manifestations of love we are today. I am sending a field of protection and love your way; please be safe and keep doing what you’re doing. It is fucking amazing.

  • Johnathan Mizell

    The unlimited album is insane
    I can only imagine how its gonna sound live!!!!

  • Mayar Kadi

    Hey Lorin,
    My adventure into the world of music started off with you at Okeechobee 2016, and man you killed it, and completely showed me another side to music and being committed towards a dream. At the time of that show I was so new to the scene and was just standing in the way back, just trying to analyze what the hell was going on because I never thought reality would ever get so great. I thought I was dreaming for at least 45 minutes before I realized it was actually happening. That show dragged me to many more festivals and right your own private sets. Each set had its own vibe, and just sucked all my emotions into the air with me swimming all through them. Every single one of your shows was another moving step in my life and without you I honestly do not know where I would be at this point in life. I just got back from your Okeechobee 2017 set, and I have a few questions about it. Right before this set I saw you at 360, and the 360 show was hands down the most amazing, mind blowing set I have ever seen anyone or anything perform, I was questioning what else I needed in my life after the show. But Okeechobee was a great show, but just for the first 25 minutes it did not sound like you very much, it sounded like very generic dubstep music. Listening to this set shot my thoughts back to a video I saw of you being interviewed. You stated that EDM is going places you do not want to see it go, along with stating that a lot of upcoming artist are trying to find the easy way out instead of looking for their niche. The beginning of your Okeechobee set sounded like everything you were not wanting to see in the scene. You did start taking the show in a different direction after the song Hold On, and when Noise came on, that melted me to the ground, as well as the Paracosm remix, like WOW, that drove me crazy. I am just wanting to know what kind of direction you were trying to go with at the beginning of that set. Also thank you for calling Donald Trump a lying bitch, more people need to know what the mother fucker is about. Wonder what’s next in that story, but anyways, thank you so much for everything you do, and the reality you have created for me and all of the Bassheads around this beautiful universe. Much love brother, hope to be seeing you soon at Middlelands as we tear that castle down!
    Mayar Kadi