March 7th, 2011


Red Rocks

Bassnectar hits the legendary Red Rocks amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado on Saturday, June 18th! We’re gonna paint these rocks with bass! And this event is ALL AGES.

We’re excited to welcome Beats Antique and ESKMO to the line-up for this event!

Doors: 6:00 PM


If you have a Red Rocks VIP Experience ticket your bundle includes:
– 1 Ticket to event
– Access to the VIP viewing deck
– Early entrance to venue
– Signed Bassnectar Red Rocks poster
– Bassnectar Beach Ball

  • LorinHaveMyBabies…jk, kinda

    Lorin it’s so freaking cool you write your fans back.  Can’t wait for Saturday, Colorado loves youuu!

  • Ppowers2606

    Its supposed to Rain sat night!! 🙁 will it be moved somewhereelse?

    • RAIN OR SHINE!!!!!!!!!!
      thunderstorms in colorado are pretty common and only supposed to be in the afternoon


    • Benjiii

      hell no it wont be moved hahahahahahhaa obviously youve never seen a red rocks show under the rain

  • wiry traveler

    Road trip from the land of 10000 lakes
    To the land of 10000 bassheads

    Uh huh, life is goooood

    Lightning storms teleport massive across Nebraska

    No water ban please, 1 bottle per person maybe?
    Red rocks is super short on water stations
    Also its one of the last places to allow water

    Some kids lose their mind, they can be reminded
    20000 ears looking for answers
    10000 spirits finding BASS


  • Abstractrealityy

    I have never been so stoked for a single event in my life. Btw, Lorin… Sunday is my bday… my GOLDEN bday!! I can’t wait to be wompin into my 19th birthday on the 19th. Holy shit, my brain cells are gonna jump outta my head via my ears! Expect me to be in front wearing a tiara. I’d like to be referred to as the bass princess. Thanks 😉

    Seriously, I can’t think of a better way to start my new year. Thank you, Lorin!!

  • st.inveighquipticaso

    so psyched lorin, so so so pumped. i don’t know if you like TOOL, or if you could throw some in , but i’ve always thought that good ol’ psychedelic progressive metal needs to be wompedewomped. But more importantly, enter the chamber would be swell =)

  • A Friend in Need

    If any of you find it in your hearts to sell me a ticket for face, I would be eternally grateful. . . jesusatemybabies@yahoo.com and we can arrange something

  • A Friend in Need

    If any of you find it in your hearts to sell me a ticket for face, I would be eternally grateful. . . jesusatemybabies@yahoo.com and we can arrange something

  • A Friend in Need

    If any of you find it in your hearts to sell me a ticket for face, I would be eternally grateful. . . jesusatemybabies@yahoo.com and we can arrange something

  • Josh Guertin

    you should do two family photos. one while the sun is still up and one after it goes down

  • Rikkiwon

    Propz Watzout  !!!! one

  • Rikki H.

    Propz denva crew

  • Malz

    Be awesome if the audio was set up to record the set for a future live CD!  Can’t wait till this time tomorrow.

  • Ready for Fun

    RED ROCKS is THE Greatest Outdoor Venue in America!!
    This will be a show for the ages!
    Best Sound/Acoustics in the entire country right here in Morrison, CO!
    The House of Boom is ready to host Lorin.
    And Lorin, I’m sure, is ready to THROW THE FUCK DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • allisonbeats

    it says VIP gets early entry, is it earlier than 6pm?

    • Anonymous

      yup, I believe so

    • Early entry for VIP is 6:15, I believe GA entry is around 6:30.
      See you soon!

  • Zaidnitsua

    Can someone give me a ride to Boulder after the show? Please? email zaidnitsua@gmail.com

    • Zaidnitsua

      I have gas/beer money your choice.

  • KallyB

    I am so stoked for tonight…I recently moved here from the midwest not knowing a single person, bought my tick super early knowing this would be something I’d die if I missed, and here I found myself not having anyone I personally know to share this wonderful experience with…except for roughly 10K strangers. Do I give a shit?! NOPE. Sooo if you see a rando chick raging her face off in the corner solo – c’est moi. Introduce yourself : )

    • HWall

      Hahaha this is EXACTLY me. Moved here for the summer from the midwest and am going alone. It’s going to be awesome!

    • Shasta Lee

      you’ve got the whole bass family 🙂

  • Bhaley

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lorin Colorado fucking loves and we felt the love right back. Great performance as usual   what you have down to a live performance/set  is amazing. Thank you sooo much for a great night.

  • Danielryerson15

    That was easily one of the best nights of my life thanks to you! Thank you so much! 

  • topher

    threw it down. totally unreal. 
    it was nothing short of a basstastic voyage.
    thanks for best night of my life.

  • Robbieblasi2011

    I’ve been a fan of bassnectar since I was in middle school, and after just graduating high school, finally getting to see my favorite DJ live at red rocks( best.venue.ever.) made my summer, you have no idea bro. You threw down so fucking hard, and the visuals were the best ive ever seen at a concert, thank you so much for blowing my mind lol. It was a life changing experience, and ill be at your next Colorado show fa sho. Keep on makin that sick music Lorin, we’ll all be here to cherish it, peace brotha man    

    • thanks!

      thats awesome you waited so long
      yu def picked a doozy to come to!!!

  • Philip Nordeck

    Lorin, thank you for playing TTV. Charles would have been glad to know his masterpiece was played in front of a sold out crowd at Red Rocks.

  • Kangarooster

    It’s not every day I get to say I drove 2,763 miles for the sole purpose to go to one show and then drive back the next morning. I couldn’t have asked for a better night in my wildest dreams. Amazing weather, people, vibes, and 3 hours of gut busting bass with some tasty melodies / remixes thrown in. Eskmo and Beats were awesome as well. And as an added bonus I got to go to Red Rocks for the first time and experience all this with my older brother and a gaggle of friends.

    Long story short. Thank you for everything that you do. Keep up the mind blowing music and performances. (And thank you for playing Baraka’s Theme: I lost all control after the first drop)

    • HELL YAH!
      drive safe that sounds like an insane trek!!!!

      • Kangarooster

        Beyond worth it. See you at Bass Center III !

        • Anonymous

          bass center III!!!

  • Sastale

    Thank you for an awesome show at red rocks! It was amazing!! Eoto, bassnectar, and beats antique would be a show you guys should consider doing:)

  • Christopher

    YOU BROUGHT THE BASS FOR SURE!  Thanks for giving me an unforgettable night with my friends and fellow CO BASSheads! Mind blowing for sure!  I was looking for a large sized family photo of this particular show…   Is that possible?!?!

    – Christopher

  • molLyS.Diamond

    How many people were packed in here, i was at summercamp the past three years and all 3 shows were meltarific but im interested how big this family is.

    • Shasta Lee

      i believe 10,000

    • Shasta Lee

      i believe 10,000

  • 10,000 people…. most amazing thing i’ve ever been a part of! Chi town to Red Rocks.. greatest journey, and many more to come . bring on the basss!!!8-)

  • loveisfreee

    bass center III!!!

  • justin

    can u please put up the pictures and videos from this concert. i was front row and i wanna see myself woompin all over the place haha would be appreciated.