March 1st, 2011


Summer Tour

Bassnectar hits Rothbury, MI at Electric Forest on Saturday, July 2nd 2011!

Ranch Arena: 12:15am – 1:45am

This is an All Ages event.

Tickets now on sale!


Electric Forest Festival is teaming up with Conscious Alliance to host an ‘Art That Feeds’ food drive! Donate 20 non-perishable food items and receive a FREE 3D EVENT POSTER by Jeff Wood! Help feed those in need AND get some incredible artwork! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


  1. HarbingerofBass says:

    YES! Perform dubuasca with cheese like you used to back at Sea of Dreams!

  2. Matt Erwin says:

    This will make my summer. Possible Sunrise set in the forest?

  3. Dustykhoward says:

    considering the last 2 Rothbury Festivals stopped all shows by 3am, i doubt you will see the sunrise inside festival grounds.

    • LORIN says:

      1st year of Rothbury (2008) i *begged them* to let me do a sunrise set but they couldnt do it

      ahhh that would be so magic in the forest

      would prolly be just as nice at sunset but seems like they always got a jamband on at that time (doh)


      • HarbingerofBass says:

        Lets make it happen for sure! I'm sure you could find the right crowd to take it deep and dreamy with in the forest!

      • Matt Erwin says:

        I'll have my hammock waiting just in case 🙂 An early morning Bass Shower would be heavenly.

        Leslie – sunrise sets normally start near 4:00-5:00 am. When you're almost half asleep already and you can just slip into a trance.

        • lesliebooher says:

          SO EARLY
          i think i can only slip into deep sleep at that time of day
          i am a worthless grumpy piece of trash when im sleepy

      • Chattfunk says:

        Rothbury 2008 was where you opened my eyes to your world. Since then i have seen you perform from Atlanta to Milwaukee and everywhere in between. WIth all the off-the-wall shows ive witnessed , nothing quite feels as incredible as your music blasting through the trees of Rothbury!!!
        Cant wait to witness this again pal, ill be there waiting!!!

      • CStaff says:

        You deffffffinitely gotta try to push for the sunrise, me and my girlfriend have seen you 7 times since demf 09 (changed my life(-I'm on yourr site from the Grand Rapids show just my face in awe holding up a nectar flip cam u signed….so cherished)) and we saw you at Roo last year and were so pissd they have to contain you to an hour and a half, watching crystal method after that through sunrise was just not satisfying in comparison. We're bringing ALLLLL our friends along this time for most of their first NECTAR show AND ITS AT DOUBLE J!!! honestly there is so much i want to see there we'r all soo stoked but it's hilarious because no matter how sick ANY other show is at the fest, YOURS IS THE ONE TO SEE BY FAR. I hope you play like the second night so you could play laaaate because pretty much everyone that has to follow you is going to be shittin bricks. WE ARE BASSHEAD…”hear me when i come.” haha
        -You're the best in the game Lorin, keepitup, i wana see you still out there in 20 years slaying face at the Collosseum for Basscenter 22. til then we look forward to seein u this summer in kalamazoo, summercamp, roo, and the forest.

        p.s. KEEP USIN UR MESMERIZING-STUFF, and i don't just mean the mesmerizing the ultra, keepit butterfly combined with OOOOF…would love to hear laughter cresc or dubuasca (which i noticed u playd at snowball(awesome)). KEEP THAT BEATFREAK INTRICACY,I love ur networking and the close contact you keep to fans(never seen another artist like you), love ur rhythm, ur flow, ur message, and of course ur hair.

        • LORIN says:

          thanks buddy
          beautiful letter

          you get it

          • CStaff says:

            …once again sir, u are, hands down, the best. I sent that comment at like 3am last night and it says you responded SEVEN HOURS AGO…i have never gotten actual CONTACT from any other artist and you answered me within 3 hrs! jeez dude ur so REAL! and at shows its basically guaranteed physical connection between you and the fans….the fact that you have a family photo at every show is beautiful. everyone who’s been to ur shows is going to be able to look back on all these amazing times and just cry. keepitupman, we’ll catchya up front again guaranteed.

  4. lesliebooher says:

    how early are we talking?
    i get up at 9 central time…need dat rest

  5. Gregrogan90 says:

    dude man please bring the heat that night! we're coming up from va and all of my friends are huge jam band fans…phish, widespread, all of that. Ive been trying to open their eyes to your music, but yet they still to this moment argue that dubstep and dj's arent music. I've gotten very tired of arguing this with them time and time again and i feel like the only way they will honestly appreciate your music or any dj's for that matter…..is to completely melt their faces off when i drag their sorry asses to your set! You are me and my girlfriends favorite live preformer…and weve been to alot of great shows! But your show in asheville last month was the most fun Ive ever had! just wanted to say thank you again for that, and please rock the shit out of the forest for us!

  6. Lindy Pryer says:

    can't wait! this is where i first fell in love with you lorin…. and i'm dying to relive that magical insanity! you're inspiring, my friend. can't wait to shake your fucking hand again 🙂

  7. Caitlinpillar says:

    i'm almost 100% that i'm coming to Electric Forest and it will be my first REAL festival. i've been to small festies around arkansas, but nothing like the big summer fests.

    if i go, you WILL be getting a hug from me for sure. i love you lorin. thank you so much for bringing a smile to my face every day. <3

  8. BassssAddictionnn says:

    dude your set at Rothbury 2008 was the best show I've ever seen in my life…and I've seen you numerous times. The vibe to your show there was just so freakin unique and amazing, I was literally in awe half the set. The other half I was going completely bonkers to the WOMP! If this performance is half as good as that set I will be so damn happy. Been listening to your stuff since MTU came out and I was just a freshman in high school..you are the man Lorin, you've blessed the last five years of my life with the most unique, creative, and meaningful music!

  9. Bass_TOMAHAWK says:

    As someone who's seen you in several different venues on opposite sides of the country, I must say you can make just about any place magical. Since rothbury's already decked out the way your shows are, it must just be like….home really. I hear too many great things about your last rothbury set & you took a break the year i was there, however this is one of the best, most unique festivals in America and i am nothing but confident that even those glowy trees'll be bowing to you by the end of the set. Thanks 4 playing my request w. my favvvv visualizer out in tahoe btw…made my 12 hrs on planes earlier that day from philly ENTIRELY worth it.

  10. CStaff says:

    So I was able to download ur Boulder Colorado Fox Theater set from 06 and you say that you wrote “impossible and overwhelming” for your mom i believe. i thought that was awesome bcuz that song has been a personal favorite forever and your mother must have been like in tears over how beautiful and moving that tune is. am deffffinitely gona try requestin it. on Bonnaroo's sight they were askin who we'd most like to see collaborate on some music from their lineup this year, and that's when it hit me , a Bassnectar Shpongle collab…try to throw some of the ffFILTHhh into the backseat (but don't lose it) and try to substitue a lot of it for the psychedelic and meaningful strrrrreeetched and glitchy sound. I think that could be some of the most awesome music ever, even if it was just for one song, it'd be sososick

  11. Patrick says:

    Lorin, I know your busy trying to finish your new EP. But, I've been searching high and low to answer my question and all my searching has turned up nothing. My question is simple, lately you've been mixing teach my how to dougie and some fucking ridiculous song together. I've heard it live twice now and it blows my mind. What in the hell is that song that you mix with teach me how to dougie!?!?

    Much, much, much love! I can't even count how many times I've seen you on my hands and feet anymore, and I'm sooo excited for the Electric Forest Festival this year!!

  12. Zatkulakbw says:

    Reallyy hope you drop an electric avenue cover at electric forest!

  13. CStaff says:

    Hey i was wonderin, how do you get ur lightshow so synced-up to the toonage? does the lightman do it while watchin the show and knows the songs so knows when to drop/strobe? i saw a vid of him doing the lights before a show on youtube and was like “so is the music all picked out before hand?” just kinda puzzled.

    p.s. i think we all know ur lightshow could use some pyrotechnics at this point, just an idea hahaarrr

  14. Nicki Spunar says:

    More lineup announced soon for the forest that is electric! get ready mitten, this is gonna be one hell of a freaky festival!

  15. Nicki Spunar says:

    ONE MONTH! I can feel the juicy electricty already. Stoked to hopefully have some Spectrum sounds for my travels to ze mitten!

  16. Nicki Spunar says:

    YO L! 
    Any bits of mind you can share to help me make the most proper dance contest video? Any song you’d like to see a white girl from the Chi get down to? I would love to make this one for the “books” (today’s interweb) MUCH LOVE! See you in… 22 daze? oh and S’camp was fahkin realest…LOVED the Come as you are, Drop it like Zepplin mix…never seize to expand my mind. MUCH LOVE from the windy citayyy:)

  17. Bhaley says:

    they just released the schedule for this its gonna be so sick

  18. Fat Jesus says:

    no sunrise set ? i am disappoint 🙁

  19. basschronicles says:

    anybody interested in hearing a Dieselboy/Bassnectar collaboration in the future besides me?

  20. Kyle says:

    LORINNNN! Red Rocks was an amazing show! Of the 10+ times I’ve seen you over the last 3 years I think that was probably the best, thank you!!! And the best part? No technical glitches! (i.e. Burning Man, Sasquatch!) The thing is, the cleaning crew kicked us out before i could firgure out where to get my signed poster! So I’ve got a VIP ticket (#101746323726, bought by my friend Chris) and I would really like to have the poster. Maybe we can work something out where I cover postage? I’ll be at Electric Forest too, can’t wait to see you again! I’ll check back here, and I can also be reached at KyleRiffle [at] gmail.com

  21. Bhaley says:

    Lorin please play late into the night here no one plays after you and I will gladly miss sphongle to see more of you

  22. Bhaley says:

    Lorin please play late into the night here no one plays after you and I will gladly miss sphongle to see more of you

  23. Bhaley says:

    Lorin please play late into the night here no one plays after you and I will gladly miss sphongle to see more of you

  24. Justin says:


  25. Tyler says:

    Lorin! Dope set in Atlantic City! It was my 1st show but not my last! I’m from Michigan so I’ll be seeing you in Rothbury this Saturday. 

  26. Nicki Spunar says:

    Forest stage….Why not stash some bass for a late night/ early morning sunrise set? We all know that if this was a possibility it would happen…. you know you love it!! Can’t wait to get electrified with beautiful music, people, & art. total REJUVENATION of mind & soul…my body may need some rawk & rage recovery:)

  27. Phillip Irwin says:

    Cant wait to ROCK the Forest with all my BASSHEADS!!!! Front row crew going hard at this one!!! See everyone there I’m so Stoked to be going up to Rothbury for the first time! Lorin make it MASSIVE like always 🙂

  28. basschronicles says:

    i just saw Bassnectar yesterday and i allready miss him wtf! thank god im goin to the forest so i can satisfy my appetite for MORE BASS!

    • basschronicles says:

      i feel like going to work this next day or 2 is the same as going to school the last few days before summer…POINTLESS! cant fuckin wait!

  29. matt says:

    Gettin soooooo geeked to see you in the forest buddy!!!! You’ll be seein Cstaff, myself and the rest of the midland crew front row as always… don’t be afraid to whip up a little sumthin special for us out there in that magical world of the Sherwood Forest….
    Oh! and if you’ve never played disc golf before you should definitely make your way out to the glow disc golf course for a little fun time… I’d be happy to give you a few pointers if you’ve never been before 😉
    So much love and respect for all the hard work brother! This weekend in the forest will be one that none of us will forget!

  30. MrWes says:

    I be riding the steel stallion in from Detroit! Any news on that “special something” you had planned for the D (as you mentioned in Kalamazoo)?

    • Shasta Lee says:

      keep posted, there are more dates to
      be released on July 5th.
      if detroit isn’t in the path this time around, i’m sure
      the crew will be back sometime in the
      future 🙂

    • Shasta Lee says:

      keep posted, there are more dates to
      be released on July 5th.
      if detroit isn’t in the path this time around, i’m sure
      the crew will be back sometime in the
      future 🙂

  31. Bhaley says:

    Holy shit this place is beautiful…can’t wait for you to tear it the fuck down:)

    • LORIN says:

      apparently it is beautiful *AND* equipped with WIFI?
      seriously though Rothbury 2008 was the best weather of any festival i have ever been to

  32. basschronicles says:

    how the world should be- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nw1K2iZAgZ4

  33. Chloe Lichty says:

    best festival ever

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