March 1st, 2011


Red Rocks

Greetings Bass Cadets!

CLICK HERE to read about our upcoming show at RED ROCKS on June 18th. Advance tickets and VIP ticket bundles have already sold out!
CLICK HERE to read about upcoming Spring shows & Summer Fests. Tons of musical madness headed your way!

CLICK HERE to learn more about our ‘Dollar per Bass Head’ concept and the funds you have helped raise for nonprofit organizations.


  1. BassJunkie says:

    Sooooooo Lorin, when do you plan on releasing your new EP? and since I'm a nosy little bastard, what's the title of the EP?

    Safe travels to the Bassnectar crew while touring in Australia! 🙂

  2. Ubiquitous says:

    we're ready for some new music, buddy! 😀

    Can't wait to hear fresh music!

  3. stella says:

    i love the new ellie goulding remix. i also saw u a few years ago at the fillmore in denver and you played a version of hide and seek by imogene heap and it was fucking incredible. That was the best set i've ever seen. i've got tix to see u at redrocks this summer and am soooo stoked. anyways there is this AMAZING song called dear miami by roisin murphy and everytime i hear it i just wish that i had a “bassnectar version” to put on my ipod. you should just check it out and see– it really does remind me of some stuff you normally do. it would be the most beautiful, awesome song ever– pretty pretty please :] xoxoxoxo

  4. Ljustman says:

    Hey, whats up with the protection on the lossless files I just bought? I can't do anything with them… Can't edit song details, put them in an itunes playlist, or open them with anything but Itunes.

  5. Graham says:

    hey man ill be in the parking lot if you have something to say I see you as real. get it.but so am I. the remix will be played. google The Real Djx

  6. Graham says:

    STARSCAPES JUNE 4TH The LOT DJ ! IS BACK !!!! ((((((((((((((((d(o.0)b)))))))))))))))) The Real One !

  7. Ljustman says:

    Hey guys, posted on here a few days ago about some problems with lossless format downloads. Turns out it was my unzip application that was faulty, not the files. I'm using WinRAR to unzip and they're working now.

  8. yourmothernude says:

    OMGAWD u are such a sellll outttt!


    For those of you that think lorin is a sell out, get fucked. I've been following the nectar for quite some time now ( 6 going on 7 yrs this summa), nothing has changed, and if there has been ANY change, it would be for the common good of the die hard fans…….for an example: Switching venues OR playing a venue that is 'mainstream'=1.ALLOWING MORE DEDICATED FANS TO SEE HIM THROW DOWN. 2. NOT HAVING TO PAY DOUBLE (IF NOT TRIPLE) THE FACE VALUE OF THE TICKET FROM SOME SHITTY ASS SCALPER WHO IS IN IT FOR THE MONEY. AND 3. PEOPLE NOT FUCKING DIEING OF HEAT EXHAUSTION FROM SLAMMING PEOPLE INTO TINY SPACES IN LARGE PLACES.

    I love you Lorin+Crew, but seriously the people who are giving you guys constant ridiculed shit for the most ridiculous reasons need to get the fuck out of the scene and go get f'd in their mainstream A's & V's.

  9. Dylan hlavacek says:

    4 days and i will see you in AC bassnectar for life

  10. Rootkali says:

    Hi Lorin –

    My dad appreciated your insight on his pronunciation after the show in Kalamazoo. However, I overheard him pronounce it just the same on the phone this morning lol.

    Would you be interested in recording an artist ID for MSU college radio to play w/ your songs when aired? If so, I can send over more details. We are huge fans of you here and it would mean a lot to us & our listeners. 🙂


    Kali Root
    Station Manager, Impact 89fm
    WDBM-FM East Lansing
    (517) 281-4676

  11. angelavaszily says:

    Hey Lorin,

    Thanks for the hug after the MIND BLOWING show in Kalamazoo.

    – Angela
    (girl in the neon orange tube top)

  12. Alaric Bruning says:

    Hi friend! I (and many others) would love you to come to Florida. I'm based in Tampa but i would be more than happy to drive to Miami to see you. Electric daisy festival is going to be in Orlando labor day weekend. We would love to see you there!!!!!!!


  13. Simon Hoffberger says:


    I attended your concert at the House of Blues in Atlantic City on saturday April 16th. Firstly, I'd like to say that your music is amazing. That concert changed the way I perceive life. That being said, you opened the show with a mix of Willy Wonka that went into Brave (Gemini Remix). At that moment, I experienced pure nirvana. I was in pure fucking bliss. So, I was wondering if that particular mix is going to be released at all? That song will be stuck in my head forever and I know that I'm only one of many who would love to be able to listen to it over and over again.

    One of your many fans,

    Simon Hoffberger

  14. GypsyJoe47 says:

    Bass cadets Saloot! Up north keeping it real- had a blast at halloween in Minnie. The tix always land where they need to. Ever thought about choppin in some Tears for Fears- pychedelic in “Sowing the Seeds” kinda has a lucy in the sky feel. Check into it and see ya at RED ROCKS! Wuh-oh those rocks don't know, or do they?

  15. Fatty Beats says:

    Your live show is more incredible every time I see it! Thank you for being awesome.


    Ever consider doing a set of primarily your older stuff like songs off of Mezmerizing the Ultra, Diversified Systems of Throbe, and Underground Communication? Last time I saw you was in CO at the Snowball festival and amid the bombastic Dubstep you were dropping you let loose a portion of Enter the Chamber and I nearly lost it, LOVE THAT SONG.


    I know you are up on your game, but I heard this and thought of Bassnectar: “Magic Fountain (Royalston Remix)” give it a listen if you haven’t already!

    Again thank you for being great.

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