Wisconsin: Tickets for Volunteers

March 10th, 2011


As we all know, the United States is under the weight of an incredible debt. As with any budget that faces a deficit, expenses need to either be cut, or new income needs to be earned. We, along with the people of Wisconsin, believe that there are basic needs of US Citizens that should not be cut. We believe it is never acceptable to cut education, especially when hundreds of billions of dollars a year are being paid to the wealthiest corporations and individuals in the form of Bush tax cuts.

In a true Democracy, the will of the people should be served as highest priority, not the will of the wealthiest elite. Any politician who threatens the well being of the public in an effort to protect private profits for Wall Street and the corporate elite is working against Democracy and should be stopped.

This issue has come to a head in Wisconsin, where Governor Scott Walker has proposed spending cuts in his new “deficit solution budget” in areas like education that affect the well being of citizens. He proposed a $750 million reduction in equalization aid, along with $250 million decrease in higher education aid for the public universities of Wisconsin, which is to be absorbed by the schools reducing administrative processes and a substantial reduction in teacher’s benefits partially achieved by stripping teacher’s unions of their collective bargaining rights. Walker has also proposed the complete demolition of programs like the mandatory recycling and waste reduction that are currently in effect.

Yet, as the people of Wisconsin have said: The solution to any level of deficit is not to reduce or eliminate crucial state programs that exist to provide the basic needs of U.S. citizens (in this case: Education).

Amidst all of this, Governor Walker and state Republicans disingenuoisly claim that their intention is to create a more sustainable working economy for the state.

What is maddening about the situation is that beneath their words lies an undeniable truth: They choose to cut education instead of other budget expenses (like tax cuts to the rich/corporations or funding wars abroad.) Simply put, they are catering to the financial elite at the expense of education.

That is really the crux of the issue in Wisconsin. Members of government prioritize cutting taxes to the wealthiest 1% of Americans at the expense of education. For all that has been lost in the past years due to ex-President Bush having granted tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans, if we repeal Bush’s tax cuts now WE WILL SAVE $750 BILLION DOLLARS (source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities) over ten years. Not to mention the corrupt corporations and all of their loopholes, bailouts, bonuses, etc. Supporting the choice to cut funding to education instead of fighting to repeal the extremely unjust Bush Tax Cuts, closing corporate loopholes, and negotiating with ALL of the elected representatives in Wisconsin to find a healthy solution is sad and revealing of where true allegiances lie.

We agree that this situation is incredibly difficult, and complex, and that there is no quick answer that will be “right” for everyone. We also maintain the importance of focusing on an issue without choosing sides politically. This is not a political issue, as much as a humanitarian one: How to fairly spend tax money, how to strengthen education in America, how to support citizens of Wisconsin. However, it is essential that many voices be heard on this issue, and we at Bassnectar.net value education for the future over continuing Bush era tax cuts for the rich and fighting pointless wars abroad.

In support of this, Bassnectar is offering 100 free tickets to our Madison event on 4/8 to 100 people who volunteer time and energy to help fight the unfair and unjust attack on education in Wisconsin. In addition we will be donating our 1 dollar per head from this event directly towards campaigns that bring awareness to the issue. Viva La Educación!



Here is how it works:

1) Take action, either physically or online. Support the efforts of the people to raise awareness about this important issue. Document what you do, with photos, video, or even screen shots if you choose to spread the word online. (Protesting in person is important, but in some cases it is important to add counter balance online; wherever the talking heads are trying to cloud the issue, REMIND PEOPLE THIS IS ABOUT DEFENDING EDUCATION, AND DEFENDING OUR NATIONAL FUTURE. EDUCATION MUST ONLY BE STRENGTHENED, NOT DEFUNDED. Watch THIS for inspiration.)

2) Send us your pictures and the story of your experience to action(at)bassnectar(dot)net with your name as it appears on your ID in the email. Include helpful thoughts and links on the topic. Document what you have done online to help spread the word constructively. Notify us of any progress or any organizations that deserve support.

You will receive an email confirmation with details on picking up your ticket if you are a recipient.

All photos provided will be posted to a gallery at the bottom of this message.

All of this has to be done by March 21st for our purposes, but please continue the struggle. Obviously this is about supporting education in Wisconsin, *AND* in all other states. This is not about a party. The party is just a cherry on top.

Also, as mentioned above, we will also be donating a dollar per 4/8 event ticket sold to www.wearewisconsin.org. Details TBA. Please recommend organizations you feel deserve support.

The future is in your hands, Bass Heads.



1. Go to the Rally on Saturday to show your support & learn how you can volunteer. There will be action centers around the plaza where folks can find out how to get involved in various actions in their own communities. For more info click HERE.
2. Sign the petition in support of public service HERE.
3. Move your money: Many people are moving their money–no matter how little they have– from accounts at a bank that funded Governor Walker’s campaign. If your money is at M & I, close your account and move it to another bank (particularly a community banks… HERE is a list of them) See THIS for more on M & I.
4. National Day of Action March 15: Organizing in your community to defend against similar budget cuts of public service, education and other critical services in the federal budget. The federal government will approve our budget on March 18th. Go HERE to find the closest event.
5. Volunteer to recall the officials that passed this law HERE.
6. Organize a creative solidarity activity of your own on April 4th HERE.
7. Ask your friends to do these things too.



***Update from Lia***

Thank you all for reaching out with your pictures and stories! This was such an inspiring project to be involved in, and it was so motivating to see so many fans passionate about the world around them.
Submissions for tickets are now closed, but stay tuned because we’ll definitely be doing more things like this in the future!
Also, check out this really great article on the history of the issues coming to a head in Wisconsin.
The struggle continues and is expanding to other states. These are rough times we will all be touched by, and we encourage everyone to stay vigilant and vocal.

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80 Responses to “Wisconsin: Tickets for Volunteers”
  1. Change is in the air, and with it comes an opportunity to flex your creative muscle. Look for unorthodox methods of communication . . .

  2. Change is in the air, and with it comes an opportunity to flex your creative muscle. Look for unorthodox methods of communication . . .

  3. Change is in the air, and with it comes an opportunity to flex your creative muscle. Look for unorthodox methods of communication . . .

  4. Josh says:


    I think this is an awesome, well-written argument, and I agree with you 100%. I'm glad there's people like you out there to help spread the word and make an impact on whats going on. Being from WI, I know how messed up things have been because of all this BS Walker is pulling….
    I will definitely be following the suggested links to help out. Thanks for doing your part to support WI education!


  5. Josh says:


    I think this is an awesome, well-written argument, and I agree with you 100%. I'm glad there's people like you out there to help spread the word and make an impact on whats going on. Being from WI, I know how messed up things have been because of all this BS Walker is pulling….
    I will definitely be following the suggested links to help out. Thanks for doing your part to support WI education!


  6. Elijah Klemstein says:

    Thanks for the support, I live in Wisconsin and also the one of the most conservative counties in the state(Washington). It's a constant battle in my hometown(West Bend) to get funding for education and to go against core conservative values for the betterment of the community rather then one side. My mother being a teacher has opened my eyes to the battlefield public education is in the United States and it's great to have support from such a well informed individual. All we can do is stand up for what we believe in, it's a school board election year in West Bend so I'll be spreading the word about how important education is to our community and civilization as a whole. Thank You and if I can get off of work I'll see you April 8th in Madison.

  7. Finley Holly says:

    I appreciate the support Bassnectar and friends!

  8. Finley Holly says:

    I appreciate the support Bassnectar and friends!

  9. Julia Broz says:

    I am not from Wisconsin, but I just wanted to say thank you for your support for education! I am a teacher in Atlanta and with all the education budget cuts I'm not sure I'm going to have a job next year. Recently, the governor made huge cuts in the preschool program and it looks like in a couple of years there will be no state funded early childhood program. They are also closing several schools in the county i work in-really depressing… Anyway, thanks for your support! I love you and your crew! I always rock front row with Leslie and Will so I will see you soon!


  10. Julia Broz says:

    I am not from Wisconsin, but I just wanted to say thank you for your support for education! I am a teacher in Atlanta and with all the education budget cuts I'm not sure I'm going to have a job next year. Recently, the governor made huge cuts in the preschool program and it looks like in a couple of years there will be no state funded early childhood program. They are also closing several schools in the county i work in-really depressing… Anyway, thanks for your support! I love you and your crew! I always rock front row with Leslie and Will so I will see you soon!


  11. You can count me and a few friends in. I live right in Madison, a few blocks from the Capitol, so I look forward to seeing my fellow Basshead's at the rally tomorrow.

  12. You can count me and a few friends in. I live right in Madison, a few blocks from the Capitol, so I look forward to seeing my fellow Basshead's at the rally tomorrow.

  13. nomnom says:

    you cease to amaze me… much love from a wisconsinite basshead

  14. Excellently written, you have our support. Thank you for having valor !!

  15. Baddaddy1964 says:

    You do know that 40 percent of all federal taxes are paid by the wealthiest 1%. That means 60 percent of the federal taxes are spread out among the other 99% of wage earners, seems to me the wealthy get the short end of stick, everyone goes on and on about the wealthy elite, but the fact is there would have been no industrialization of this country or an existing functioning economy without those “elite” paying taxes,generating revenue and creating jobs.
    I agree that education should never be cut, ever! But what has contributed to the demise of our public school system is the massive influx of illegal emigrants who send their children to public schools ( for which I cannot blame them, the education they receive here is far superior to what they would have received at home) but do not contribute to the federal tax revenue, they send their money back to their country of origin. Billions upon billions of tax dollars that could help fund the public school system are lost every year because of these illegal immigrants.

    Keep up the civic involvement and the killer bass music!
    Love you man! : )

    • If the elite didnt spend billions on killing other humans, then more could be spent educating the younger generation of humans that will and can make the earth the utipoia it is meant to be.

      Border's and nationality should not restrict a child from great education where ever it is on earth, therefor immigration is not why the education system doesn't work (and is being dragged down even farther) it is the way it is becuase the elite want it that way……. pyrimidial power structure

      • Baddaddy1964 says:

        Earth will never be a utopia, ( though I find a Bassnectar show pretty damn close)the reality is that humans do not have it in there nature as a dominant force to get along, without feealing the need to dominate. If that were the case there would be no wars or genocide. Man kind has been killing itself off and profiting from it, (be it food,livestock,women,slaves,gold,jewels or money) since God put us here and that's the sad reality of it.
        You must have read my post wrong, it is not the children that contribute to the downfall of the public school system, its the illegal immigrant parents that do not assimilate into this great society and contribute to the public school system

        peace : )

        • lesliebooher says:

          i appreciate both of you taking the time to voice some interesting opinions….i must pose a question for one subject you have both posted about:
          regarding utopia you both have interesting views…please share futher…malvina why do you believe that utopia is currently possible?…baddaddy do you not feel as if evolutionary processes could allow for change in human behavior? uptopia is an INTERESTING topic. not that wisconsin and fellow inhabitants of this country and politics and social happenings of the now aren't interesting… but my personal interest is strong on this subject. please tell more if you would like 🙂

          • Baddaddy1964 says:

            Hey Leslie 🙂
            I do not believe that true utopia can be achieved with human beings, I do believe that utopia is a state of mind and THAT can be truly achieved IE: attending a Bass Center event!

            There will always be strong and weak, love and hate, rich and poor,. Its the whole yin and yang thing, maybe utopia is just a proper balance in the universe. Having too much of one thing eventually stales the human spirit, kind of like eating your favorite food day in and out, it will grow old to your senses.

            I do not believe that an evolutionary processes could bring about utopia, due to the very simple and base concept of only the strong and adaptive survive (you know were I am going with this :)..) For there to be a strong and adaptive person there will always be the opposite that will be dominated over, it is the law of nature and mankind is not exempt from this.

            We are intelligent beings given great gifts by God, but those gifts are a double edge sword, for every good that we all try and strive for, there will always be a bad, bad,bad, human that will try and use those gifts to rule over the weak. Utopia is a beautiful concept and something that the human race as a whole should strive for, I just do not believe it is attainable in a true unadulterated form.

          • Anonymous says:

            Awesome points!
            I agree with the fact that there is a sort of personal utopia for everyone in that we all have ideal situations which we can hopefully maneuver ourselves into throughout our lifetime (physically, mentally, etc.)
            I also agree that the bad brings out the beauty in the good…and/or good can’t exist without bad.
            i don’t know if evolution could bring definitional utopia, but i do know that evolution is very interesting and i feel that in a certain way we can harbor our own evolutionary powers within our generations…(i believe in genetic history recollection and things like that) and think it is a beautiful thing
            i, however, do think that what i would call something”utopia-esque” could become a reality if humans are to evolve to our full capacity and reach our full potential as a species. while, like you said good and bad must always exists…the mathematical reaches of negative exponential graphs which near zero would be (visually representative of) something like what im talking about. while there is no “perfect” we could reach maximization…which is what interests me…and is closely related to the uptopian concept.

            thank you for sharing !

          • Baddaddy1964 says:

            Here is one for you…since our life spans are so short would we ever know if we did reach that Utopia? Maybe we are living it right now. If you could bring back some of the oppressed peoples of the forties, ( six million Jews and other ethnic Europeans and another thirty million people exterminated by Stalin) I would bet that here and now is about as close as it gets. Just a thought 🙂

          • Anonymous says:

            ahhh realization of a maximum point is indeed quite the elusive decision indeed
            it could be compared to profit maximization…how do you know when you have reached your highest point in the market and need to sell off/reduce production/etc? this is a good point…which i will think further about and perhaps get back to you on (don’t want to say anything in haste)
            however, right now i can say that it is obvious to me that we are not living in my “utopia-esque” environment at this point. i understand your point that “it could be WAYYYYYYYYY worse” but its obvious to me that its no where near the high end of the spectrum and could be WAYYYYYYYY better….in lots of ways

          • Baddaddy1964 says:

            Well said and very nice! Hope to run into you at Nocturnal…:)

        • LORIN says:

          Hey Baddaddy
          the whole concept of the bassnectar logo/icon symbol is kind of a play on duality, in reference to the balance of positive/negative forces in the universe, and the relative aspects of these forces (meaning there is not absolute 'right' or 'wrong'…only subjective perspective)

          that said, i go down 2 divergent paths in response to this:

          1. even though there is no Absolute right & wrong, and even though even SUBJECTIVELY wrong will never be eliminated, not shall “goodness prevail” …at least not absolutely…. EVEN THOUGH that is true…. i still think that following your natural reflex to help is good because it SUSTAINS the balance.

          example: Martin Luther Kind faced incredible odds, *and* did considerable work, *and* died withought living to see the positive effects of his work. Had he not worked so hard, we would be much further behind today. So that is a good argument for getting involved, despite the impossibility of utopia.

          Secondly, i may have midunderstood your points about “illegal immigrants” but i would encourage you to not oversimply such a voraciously complex issue as 'immigration'…keeping in mind that the topic is vast and multi-faceted, and certainly not easy to pass judgement on.

          i truly hope that everyone on this website understands how preposterous it is to think of any human as an “illegal immigrant”…. it is an inconvenient truth that our country/nation is founded on a LOT of hypocrisy (stealing land from native americans, building an economy on human slavery, building a population by ENCOURAGING immigration, then demonizing that same process as soon as you and your family make it in safe) ….just wanting to encourage you to keep an open mind

          terms like “illegal immigrants are to blame” are usually sadly over-simplified.

          • Baddaddy1964 says:

            Man, I enjoy your views, I and I truly understand and hear what your saying, I just have a different view. I am a very straight forward speaking person ( I have found that beating around the bush or being politically correct muddies the water) and my term of “illegal immigrant” is not meant as any kind of slam on any race or any peoples, and I know that you are aware of this, your a very bright person. Using the confines of our laws of this nation illegal immigration is a very strong contributing factor, I did not say at any time that they were THE cause of the setbacks our public school system has suffered, just a factor, one of many. And we have not even begun the discussion on teacher unions…lol Like I said, I hear you and I have always applauded you on your community envolement, there is no closed mind here. : )

          • lesliebooher says:

            agreed! on the fact that the use of the term illegal immigrant is very narrow and limiting. how are humans on one side or the other of an imaginary line any different from one another? the issue is not the placement of the people, but our allocation of the resources and correct actions to care for all humans, because we are all one in the same and should operate as a diverse whole

        • LORIN says:

          Baddaddy, i just accidentally deleted your previous comment, trying to respond to it.
          I AM SO SORRY< that is my bad.

          please repost it if you like, and here is my response to it:

          i think it is fair that the wealthy pay more because they make more (by “make” we really mean “take”).

          But the wealthy would not have a country of people to make money off of if it was not for those people, and generally, although “immigrants” (aka any human in the country, aka YOU AND I) take up resources, they also do work, so you cannot realy argue they are not paying their dues (most 'illegal immigrants' are people working jobs you would never consider working, and doing so for well over 40 hours a week. that is work. and in return they may make use of tax dollars, but neither myself nor you REALLY knows the facts here, a lot of it is assumption, yeah?)

          I don't think anyone here, myself included, can truly say “what has contributed to the demise of the public school system” without writing a book. Certainly it cannot be expressed in a blog post, and ULTIMATELY it cannot be narrowed down to one complex factor (like illegal immigration).

          What do you think about this: if taxes were spread out to evenly cover as a PRIORITY: public services like education, fire/safety, transportation/utility, and basic government (city council, library, post office) ….Do you think we would still be in a recession?

          I am not an economist, but i am pretty sure that had we not bailed out any banks or coporations, not fought the iraq or Afgani wars, not wasted billions of dollars at home in 'homeland security', and instead focused on creating a highly generous and benign society within our own borders we would probably have a much more stable economies, and much fewer enemies to be afraid of.

          I definitely do not think we are facing the recession because of 'illegal immigrants'.

          • lesliebooher says:

            recession is simply a part of the cycle of the capitalistic system we exist in. equalizing the distribution of currency, money, or fiscal wealth (even in the form of using it to manipulate resources) will not end the problem. again, it is a cycle. redistribute the wealth through political and social action, or allow it to correct itself (may take longer, may not) through market action and you will still end up with the same cyclical flow that has always been existent in capitalism. im not an economist either, but economist did define the cyclic property of this system, and through history we have seen the correctness of this theory (multiple recessionary, depressed, inflated, and intermediary periods). why must we keep going through this hellaciously unfair rolling coaster ride? we need real change.

          • Hasan Zaidi says:

            Though its true that capitalist market systems go through the business cycle you described, I'd like to clarify that the downturn (recessions) are caused by serious misjudgment/questionable logic by those who control large sources of capital, as well as the way people spend their money (the way capital is built up by these companies).

            Example: when you default on a loan, your credit rating goes down, making your status subprime. the current recession was caused by banks selling packages of subprime loans to investment companies, who would then bet on these loans with each other (questionable logic). When you bet with huge amounts of capital, and you lose a bet, shit goes down. Because banks sold insurance on these bad packages (questionable logic), they got tied into the betting, and when a investment firm lost money they had to insure the loss, leading to bank failures. <– failure of finance

            Subprime mortgages, the second root of the problem, were caused by people defaulting on their loans because they could not afford to pay them, which means they were spending more than they could afford. People were overspending in general, a result of commercial advertising and a rise of material culture.

            Moral of the story: the wealthy only can control your money as long as you allow your money to be controlled. be SMARTER about spending and use your dollars wisely: be careful with what and how you buy things. The roller coaster ride might not be necessary if we worked with our money better

          • lesliebooher says:

            i understand the causes you stated of the most recent recession. i think we all understand these things. basically the point you are making is that the risk involved in capitalistic venture created, very quickly, this recession. you must also understand that these are not the only instances of recession and depression. our economy went through a recession in the 80s (ask yo parents) and a massive depression in the 30s.
            however the larger point is the fact that this risk, and the cyclic nature of capitalism cannot be destroyed as they are ingrained in the very nature of the system. you are saying that bad management of money is the cause. this is true in a practical sense, but in a theoretical sense the risk that you are deeming mismanagement is again a definitional characteristic of capitalism.
            any system where the basis is financial wealth (which is created and inflationary in nature) and profit is the goal, will create this cycle. even if the ridiculous subprime mortgages and irresponsible credit hand outs had not existed in the 90s, we would still eventually (less abruptly) reach the recessionary period simply through supply/demand market influences…which with multiple outside influences (the fed, legislation, peoples' understanding or the market or market needs, etc) creates contractionary or expansive fiscal points.

            my moral of the story: you are simply discussing the magnitude and swiftness with which recession is reached, and are falsely stating that recession can be controlled by wise spending. this is false. while “responsible” spending will decrease the length of the intermediate period of the cycle where financial status is more “stable” it will not stop the eventual recessionary period, because, again, the market pulls will adjust until profits are realized, and uneven distribution and financial downturn for some will in turn be realized, not to mention the fact that the saving of money in “responsible” spending creates contraction of the market in and of itself.

          • Baddaddy1964 says:

            Bravo! Spot on for such a young person without much life experience, you way ahead of the game my friend! I myself would have used far less words and probably offended someone..lol. This is a capitalistic society, the best on the planet, not my opinion just a fact, and far superior to monarchies, dictatorships, communism, tribal hierarchies. That is not saying it does not have its pitfalls, but still far superior. You are most correct that our economy is cyclic by nature and necessity. : )

          • Hasan Zaidi says:

            All very good points. However, capitalism isn't at fault for the 80's depression, that was a problem that came about to our dependence on energy (the Iranian Revolution disturbed oil production, making prices skyrocket. a rise in oil prices makes everyone worse because everything costs more.) Though of course you can link that to consumer behavior (we should use less oil, etc.) it was an event that was not in our control. Though Jimmy Carter's import tax on everything coming out of Iran didn't help 😉

            The Great Depression was caused by an earlier stock market crash, increasing taxes on imports (less trade), and a massive drought. Financial policy failues, and nature.

            The rise and fall cycle of capitalism is natural because you simply cannot sustain growth at all times, but like you said, its severity does not have to be so intense. And yeah definitely, recessions are generally caused by failures in financial policy, I agree with that 100%. By responsible spending I mean people should think about what they buy (who is making the product, how do they make the product, and what do they do with the money they make from YOU) and be more involved with the economy. Every time you buy something, you are voting. Vote with your dollars people!

          • lesliebooher says:

            the “dependence on energy” you note is not genuinely defined, but rather a common term you have been fed. all humans are dependent on energy..we depend on the energy from the sun to make our food, and the energy from the food we eat to power our bodies, etc etc the cycle goes on. the term you used is a FISCAL dependence on A BUSINESS ORGANIZATION…which is all due to CAPITALISM, not life. so again, this was just part of a capitalist cycle

            same story with the stock market and the depression. the stock market is just that…a market. it became inflated (along with the other influences which we have applied to the pure form of capitalism) and poof! depression. again, capitalistic in nature, not human, scientific, or organic in nature.

            what im saying is recession, or having inequality in resources, or whatever you want to call it is not a part of existence, it is a part of the system WE have created. we destroy that system and make a better one, we destroy recession. the other point im making is that it is pointless to try and “fix” the system we have currently by making any kind of financial policy because the market will correct itself and enter its cycle no matter what the policy. DESTROY THE SYSTEM, DON'T PUT (ineffective) BANDAIDS ON IT.

          • LORIN says:

            HA! leslie i am late to this one, but i am intruiged by what tha FACK yall are debating.

            did someone say destroy the system!?! 🙂

            running around like a NUTSO tryna make it to the airport, but i am thinking it will be cool to set up a debate page for REAL ISSUES and if it has appeal to anyone, we can even do it live, via chat, and errybody can tune in and watch 2 ppl debate. winner take all!

            seriously though, i love seeing the exchange of real, substantial thought and content

            KEEP IT UP!

          • Anonymous says:

            destroy the system! down with capitalism

            i love real issues, but i can’t seem to get anyone (hasan and baddaddy aside) to play

          • Baddaddy says:

            Down with capitalism…lol, your trying to achieve utopia again. No other system will work as good as capitalism, due to the fact that no other system provides the freedom and security to its people that the system we have does. Now, that does not mean that good ideas can’t be integrated into our system and a modification made. : )
            Tear it down? You will only achieve anarchy and that would be a literal hell on earth once the feel good vibes gave in to the reality of needing personal freedom and security. With true anarchy only the most powerful ( read as: the meanest sons of bitches on the block with the most firepower) will end up ruling, and then its not anarchy anymore but something far worse.
            I like Big L’s ( my new name for you Lorin, call it a term of endearment :)..) on the debate thing, that would be fun to watch you youngsters go at it! This here is the life blood of our democracy
            that is taking place.

            Please never take any of my statements as anything other than info to further the debate and to get people to thinking, I love all you guys!

          • Anonymous says:

            another system COULD work, that is the point. it is time to try something NEWWWWWWW! i agree that we shouldn’t go back and try shit that has NOT worked (like barter systems or enslavement etc etc) and i am not calling for anarchy or loss of government or structure in general. i am calling for the destruction of capitalism as the economic structure.
            capitalism, in my view, is literally the polar opposite of “free and secure”
            the capitalist cycle (in a small and all larger senses as well) has us all trapped in something that is not a part of our purpose. while i don’t know our human purpose expressly, im pretty sure its not “define a fake denomination (currency) to give quantitive value to the precious natural resources of this world, then try to own as much of that is possible before you die” which is what capitalism is–make as much profit as possible in order to secure the resources you need to live. at the very least we must escape this trap and explore our world and better our understandings and make human connections with each other to find our goal. at the verryyyyy least.
            again i am NOT calling for a coup of the government (which is fucked as well, but could be hammered out were we not all under imaginary financial distress)

            i take no offense to what you say as long as you are respectful and decent (which you are) so don’t worry, i am simply arguing for the sake of getting my own views out there for review, as well.

            thank you for contributing to what i would consider worthwhile conversation!

          • Hasan Zaidi says:

            well then your problems with capitalism lie in its social set up — humans need money to barter things, if we didn’t barter, why would we do things for each other? just as favors, or an understood love would be theoretically great, sure, but then you’re talking about a social revolution.

            I don’t like the way income distribution is set up, or that there is actually little class mobility (statistically speaking the American dream is not at all the regular occurrence). People need to stop prioritizing their own utility and personal benefit, and start caring for each other. well, welcome to the problems that exist with the monkeysphere:


            I do think that for there to be widespread social change the first step is to use the system you are in to change it.

          • Anonymous says:

            1.my problems with capitalism lie in its limiting nature for society, so yes, kind of.
            2. humans do not “need” money to barter…this is what you have programmed to think, it is not a law of human existence.
            3. we would do things for each other because groups are more powerful. this power increase in our abilities will therefore bring betterment of our individual lives as well as the betterment of society in general. we are all one. we are all the same. we must break all barriers<–(most of which are created due to control by establishments which i HATE and want to abolish…e.i. capitalism and religion)
            4. i am talking about social revolution, but not in a pure sense. i am talking about revolution for the people through the elimination of a failed attempt at an economic system, which needs social change to be initiated, and which will bring social change as a result. its an interconnected concept that is beautiful in my mind.
            5. that article on monkeysphere was humourous and a little interesting, BUT it was also damaging because it was highly APATHETIC (down with apathy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and it was also contradictory at times (it would take me an hour to type out the reasons, but if anyone wants me to tell them i will in real-time interaction). also it was limiting and there are NO LIMITS. the universe is infinite, we don't know human reaches yet, so as far as we can assume we are infinite in our prospects…there is no such thing as "impossible." we can all learn to care for each other, we can all function, we can overcome our current (temporary) limitations. also, this article relied heavily on capitalism as its reasons why humans are basically self-centered ass holes. notice how many times they site a job, money, status, etc etc etc (all fiscal issues that are a result of a capitalistic system of private ownership and profits) as the source of all bitterness, frustration, and hatred for fellow humans. THIS aspect of the article is TRUE and indirectly backs me up without even knowing it :).

            6. if you mean in your final point that REAL CHANGE can't be achieved within the democratic republic we exist in now, i believe it can. i think there are better political systems (which i won't speak on now) but i think this is the lesser of the changes needed and therefore must wait (and will, in my opinion, drastically correct itself with the rest of society if the changes i believe are necessary are made).

          • Anonymous says:

            also LOL at the width of this feed at this point

          • Baddaddy1964 says:

            My bad, I should have made myself a little more clear. I do not believe that democracy and capitalism , the way we have it set up here, can be separated.
            I did not mean to imply that you were calling for the coup of our government, my bad.

          • Anonymous says:

            I like this !

          • LORIN says:

            Baddaddy one thing i appreciate about you is the Optimist that as *FUCKED* as our modern society may be, it is also *SO* fucking wonderful.

            In part due to the freedoms we all have. Freedoms many people like yourself and your family personally fought for.

            I have so much respect for that, and the duality is MIND BOGGLING>

          • Baddaddy1964 says:

            OK, this is getting deep quick..lol we need to all sit down together after a show ( Nocturnal?) and banter views back and forth! This is really good stuff! I love you guys! Its amusing to see the generational gap show up on political, social and economic points of view. Lucky for us Lorin, we have your great music to keep us all happy. No biggy on deleting the post.. 🙂

  16. yourmothernude says:

    LORIN have a question about the merch, specifically the 2010 tour poster:::I'm about to buy it but I was just wondering if you or your amazing crew know the dimensions of the poster? I know its only 5 bones but just wondering bc i want to hang that shit on my new place. thanks brutha and see you at scampp. ps. basscenter part deux looked fucking bonkers. safe travels down under my friend!

  17. Anomalymusek says:

    THANK YOU for this articulate and informative blog. Not only are you raising awareness and popularity for this issue, but giving people a list of legitimate actions to take and incentives to do so too!! You are so truly badass. Thank you.

    Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has
    -Margaret Mead


  18. fuck yes lorin, you are awesome.

  19. fuck yes lorin, you are awesome.

  20. fuck yes lorin, you are awesome. keep up the good work, and the good music.

  21. fuck yes lorin, you are awesome. keep up the good work, and the good music.

  22. Kate Raudenbush says:

    Hell yeah Lorin…. Thoughtfully, intelligently, passionately pursuing change by empowering others to Speak Truth to Power. I'm loving how you are using music and creativity as a channel to bring more awareness and activism. You and the Bassnectar crew are truly an inspiration. Thank you so much for what you do. peace, Kate

  23. Spittingblack says:

    Off topic, but is there a tune that remixes or samples Choking Victims '500 Channels'?

  24. Phil says:

    Lorin, please please please help!!!

    I live in Portland, ME. A couple of weeks ago I travelled all the way to Colorado to meet up with some friends from Florida, where I am originally from, for Snowball. The whole weekend was amazing, but your set especially blew me away. My first Bassnectar show. Another reason I was out in CO was to look for a job. I had a promising lead in Denver but it now it looks like it's not going to happen.

    This news is, of course, coming to light right on the heels of your Portland show selling out. I would have gotten tickets the day they went on sale had I known I wouldn't be living out in CO by then. Well, before I found out the Portland show was sold out, I was raving to my friends here in Maine about how epic your Snowball set was, and getting them all excited about seeing you in April, only to find out it's now sold out. I'd fork over the $120 for tickets on ebay or stubhub if I wasn't a poor kid right out of college who just spent most of his money on Snowball!

    If there is any, and I mean ANY way at all of getting to see you here, please tell me how! Volunteering, party favors, a place to crash, anything. My friends aren't familiar with the nectar and I'd love to share the Basshead love. Artists like yourself almost never play in Maine, and it also just so happens to be the night before my birthday, so this would be an amazing birthday present too. Please help!!

  25. Ryan Rockhill says:

    help wisconsin be heard. stand together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as one!


  26. Ryan Rockhill says:

    help wisconsin be heard. stand together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as one!


  27. Peaches says:

    How do we know if we got a ticket?

  28. Lorin Pearce says:

    my name is also Lorin and im ALSO a guy and my mums last name used to be ashton, and ive never met any other guy with the name lorin before then i discover you!! what do you think of the name, and does it get annoying having to explain 'its spelt differently from the girls name'??

  29. DragonBearingStorm says:

    This is so inspiring. Thank you thank you thank you & keep up the good work.

  30. Madisonwellnesscollective says:

    I am a medic coordinator with MadCWC, we are the street medic collective that has been working in madison since the occupation. Many of us actually lived in the capitol for most or all of the occupation and we are continuing to maintain a presence in Madison. some of the medics were hoping to go to the show if possible. Thanks.
    find us on facebook at facebook.com/madisonwellness

  31. petrapixipan says:



    Dear Patron(s) Of The Pride:

    True Friend,
    I say
    be glad
    You (ALL) have balls
    to roll, rocking
    the boat on
    Gabriel's call
    so well.

    ALL face be praised
    when the joy
    of civic duty
    shapes your artistic flare.

    Gather. Be 'passioned
    on the whim
    of pride

    For the Lions' wind be strong
    ALL as ONE,
    as Party Patronus
    for fair rights and blind justice.

    Congrats on the 20 Grand!
    And may the pursuit of knowledge
    be transformed
    with the wisdom
    of living, of loving, of connecting
    with the ONE.

    Greed and poverty be damned!
    May ballance for ALL be won.

    !Merci! Me merry!

    ~Patroness Of The Pride

    • petrapixipan says:

      …I am soooooooo proud of The People! 3 weeks of protests and the switch flip leadership falls in Kloppenburg's favor (lets hope the recount holds). !And! Glenn Beck gets fired from Fox. Ahhh, the smell of change keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.

      Well done everyone. May we never forget the true power of the foundation to keep in place or replace the top as necessary. Towers fall. May our new structure prove to be in service to The People and not the PayPals.


  32. Senya says:

    Do you want creators, producers, men of talent, ideas and skill—-who possess ingenuity and knowledge within their profession and industry, or do you want politicians, men of government whose only skill is political power, control, manipulation rules, regulations and laws that prohibit, deny, stop, halt, limit new ideas, new insights, new small and medium companies.

    Do you want corporations with powerful political ties and lobbyists who buy or purchase irrational monopolies and are granted laws that favor their size or their industry that turns lazy and careless, with no new vision and no different ideas for tomorrow——-with products and services that become below par and sub-standard in terms of quality and excellence in the market place——or do you want companies and industries that every day think, change, create, adjust, learn how to improve, grow, become more educated within their profession.

    Then as a citizen and a consumer, or as a businessman, make, force, demand that the government think also, act within the bounds of reason and allow freedom to replace coercion in the marketplace.

    Ideas and intelligence YES—-Politics and laws NO!!!!!!!

  33. Jflateau2000 says:

    to Wisconsin……We appreciate your struggle and we are with you….From DETROIT

  34. Russo660 says:

    last night raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaged so hard. You blow me away every time. i loved those really high pitched oscillations or beats or whatever theyre called. That shit got in my ears and proceeded to rock my entire body. it was an amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing night. and if everything else wasnt enough, i got to hear teleport massive(one of my favorits) as i never have before. By the time it was over my hair was saturated with sweat and i was getting tired, but i still felt like i could keep dancing as long as u kept the music going. You nailed it like it was Jessica Alba and it was beautiful.

  35. Stow1313 says:


    The federal gov is not supposed to be run by democracy, but a republic. problem #1 with the state of mind here. check the direction of your power structure. Unions are corporations, open your eyes, all they want is the money for their people, and complain when the federal reserve notes are given elsewhere. maybe this is why the federals gov isn't suppose to have so much control…they out spend themselves, bankrupt the states, drive fear through the people, and in turn get voted more power because the minority state cant possibly fix this problem if the funding/investment is still coming from outside itself. stay on there roller coaster as long as you want; me, i already threw up and got off.

    Lorin, your music moves me, now let my words reach your understanding. 98 years and counting, how much longer are we going to stay confused. one most powerful central bank will never be balanced and fair for anyone but its central friends. people like Walker, Bush, and Obama, etc. are just puppets for the money. are you?

    The constitution grants states more power then the federal gov, yet thats not realized by many today.

  36. Mirandasdance says:

    Thank you again and endlessly Bassnectar Crew. You always throw the best parties, but maybe next time in Madison if you some how can hire different security for the Alliant energy Center or do the show @ a different venue. That would be very considerate of you folks. There were more cops at that venue than I have have ever seen at any Bassnectar show before, and I have been to many. Now, I know “cops are people, too.” or whatever, but when I'm rollin up to my fave dance party of the season the last thing I want to see or feel is like I am rollin up to nazis anticipating with the intentions of jailing multiple friends of mine before the nite is over. On top of that, at the check point to get in the venue, those Shits in the Pink shirts let me flow threw with my glow poi, then once when I was inside a chubby Pinky confiscated them with the promise I would get them back at the end of the show…I never found his fat ass again, there was no table he dropped them off at as he promised. I got pushed out by the rest of the Pink Shirt gang and I am out over $50 I spent on my dance toys.
    I REEEAAALLLY love you guys and gals behind the beautiful phenomena: Bassnectar, but I drove to Wisco from MI cus y'all sold out in Kzoo. I spent a lot of money for that night and have been on supporting Bassnectar for multiple years. I definately DID NOT appreciate the police intimidation and getting my poi stolen by those chumps….

    • Dunwody says:

      We will look into it more deeply, It is a very delicate dance with security and the Police. While we do everything we can to inform and educate the security on how we want our shows run, our philosophy isn't always absorbed by each and every security person. Also, we do not always get final say on what large buildings will or won't allow into the venue, but It not being consistent is an issue I will address with this venue and for certain the next time we are in Madison.
      The police are another story all together. While there is usually a representative we are in contact with, they don't always work with us, or inform us of how heavy and active there presence will be.
      We are constantly working to get better at throwing safe, raging, events across the country, we fully appreciate all the information that is shared with us.
      I would also like to point out that each and every person at the show is responsible for making these events extraordinary, and one of the best ways to make this happen, is for everyone to show respect to those working the event as well as those attending. Lets all take care of each other!
      Thank you for the feedback

  37. Jonathan says:

    Lorin, Madison was by far the best Bassnectar show I have gone to! I can say with confidence that you have progressed substantially these past couple years. Aside from your great mixing ability I can say your musical talent is phenomenal. Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing you again at Electric Forest!

    Oh and thank you Bassnectar crew for making it the best experience possible. You guys are constantly on the road busting your butt and I just want to let you know your fans appriciate your hard work!

  38. DanNally says:

    Hey Lorin,

    Madison was INSANE. We got there a few hours early and gave the protesters a honk of support at the capitol building. Your perspective on what's going on in the war and WI is very moving, and I am happy to see you blogging about it. I want to thank you for signing my bandanna, taking a picture with me, and chatting for a few seconds before being flooded by other fans. You are my favorite artist and it was a privilege meeting you. See you at Electric Forest and Summer Kamp! Keep doing what you're doing! <3

  39. mark says:


    this makes me happy to see and read this even though this happened already.
    being born and raised in Wisconsin, it makes me and proud to see people besides wisconsin citizens
    standing up for whats right.

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