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Dollar per Bass Head

April 19th, 2011


Dollar per Bass Head

Hello Bass Heads!

Here is the latest update on our ongoing creative process at the Bassnectar Labs. We are constantly formulating new ways to leverage the momentum of this music and culture, and to use that force to give back to the community.

Some of you have heard about our Dollar per Bass Head concept, and here is a bit more about it:

For every person who attends a Bassnectar event or show, we donate 1 dollar to nonprofit organizations in an effort to encourage giving, and to promote a strong, informed, empowered community. This concept is meaningful to us because it gives us an opportunity to come together and truly make a positive difference in the world. Here is how it works:

1. We collect and donate one dollar for every ticket sold, and send it to Air Traffic Control, a non profit organization that helps artists optimize their opportunities for social contribution.

2. Every time the Bass Bank reaches $50,000 we will present 3 different organizations that are doing amazing things to empower education, health, or community. On you can learn about the organizations, what they do and how, and see how you can get involved if you are interested. This is not only a great way to give back, but it is also an awesome way to meet new friends, and to explore life OUTSIDE of the party.

3. We will hold a vote at to place the organizations in order of preference.

4. The organization with the most votes will receive $25,000, the runner up will receive $15,000 and the third finalist will receive $10,000.

5. You can track the activity of each organization on, stay involved throughout the year on our community comments board, and help us choose other candidates for upcoming rounds.

We are still developing how to make this project work best, so if you have any ideas, please send them over!

Thank you so much!