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2010 Fall Tour Net Neutrality Contribution

May 20th, 2011


Greetings Bass Heads!
With your help in purchasing tickets for this tour, Bassnectar Labs is excited to announce that we will be contributing a dollar of every US Fall Tour ticket sale to a worthy cause.


With grand hopes of starting a nonprofit of our own brewing, The Labs decided that this tour should focus on one of the most pressing issues of our time- Net Neutrality.
For a quick primer on what Net Neutrality is, take a listen to a rantapella that Lorin created with Ill Gates to raise awareness about the issue:

Now, more on the organizations:

Public Knowledge

The most pressing front of Net Neutrality is legislative. The government has the ability to protect the internet from the capricious whims of companies like Google, Verizon, and Comcast that would like to create 2 internets: one where everyone has to pay for service- from the content creators to the content viewers, and another that is free, with no investors because a free service is not as impactful on their bottom line.
Think about the difference between HBO and public access television.
Public Knowledge is an organization at the forefront of Media rights legislation, watching bills as they pass through the government and keeping both citizens and officials appraised of the potential impacts of legislation on media freedom. When there is legislation or a policy introduced concerning Net Neutrality, Public Knowledge is on the forefront, analyzing and taking a stand for the rights of US Citizens to a free media and an open internet.

Free Press

If you’re familiar with the issue of Net Neutrality, you’ve heard of, the effort at the forefront of the fight to keep the internet an equal playing field:

[youtube][/youtube] is the organization behind, and is the largest media reform advocacy group in the United States.
Through education, organizing, and advocacy, they promote diverse and independent media ownership, strong public media, quality journalism, and universal access to communications.

Future Of Music Coalition

In collaboration with Free Press, the Future of Music Coalition’s Rock The Net Campaign brings the necessity of a free internet home to the concertgoer and the musician.
In order for music culture to continue to flourish with the diversity it shows today, an internet where a new artist can reach out to the same audience as an artist on a big label is essential. The internet is the primary medium by which artists expand beyond the range of their sound systems, creating international cultures that connect people to uplift an artist, a sound, and a genre.
Think about all of the music you’ve found through the internet.
Net neutrality made it happen.

Everyone is invited to learn more about Net Neutrality through the links above and when they drop their ticket at the merch booth. The next step is for us all to take action to ensure that artists like Lorin continue to have a place to express their bass.