May 31st, 2011


Photo: Lia Holland

  • Jeffnectar

    LORIN, don’t listen to the hate.  Your old tunes are AWESOME and the energy within them is something that can never be out done by anyone, but YOU.  The newer tunes I’ve heard are by far the heaviest, most explosive things I’ve ever heard come out of speakers.  You manage to completely throw a tune on its ass and make it explode from all angles, creating an INSANE energy that I have never experienced.  I hear the influences from your older music throughout everything I hear now.  I love how you don’t allow the tune to lose its integrity when the bass drops, which I find a lot of heavier electronic artists tend to do.  You use the melodies throughout the entire song creating the smoothest, yet most insane tunes EVER.  Im so pumped to hear your new release, and I also wanna say I love the rock and metal influences, and I love how you infuse rock remixes into your sets.   To me it shows your genuine respect for the genres that influence your music to be what it is.  FAHKKIN AWESOMENESS, don’t stop. 

    PS. I was front row at this HOT fuckn set, but you still killed.

    • its cool that you hear the influences of my older stuff in my newer stuff
      i do to.
      it is fascinating to me, how influences mutate, and then translate through a new sonic dialect, taking on new shapes and form

      • Jeffnectar

        Yes indeed my brother, I saw on here that you are not releasing your “pure imagination” track.  At first I was angry, but then I think, what about when I hear him open a show with that years from meow and going absoluteluy BONKERS!!.  Release those dates for the dirty south we’re getting anxious over here.  You should consider Voodoo Fest for halloween weekend.  Stay Classy Dr. Bass