Fan Bass: The Bassnectar Vaults

May 10th, 2011


The questions for our Fan Bass section keep rolling in – and from personal politics to metaphysical pondering, you are leaving no stone unturned. So in an effort to keep up with you curious types, here’s another answer direct from Planet Lorin. Click here to submit your own question, and free to add comments or questions about this post below. More answers are on the way!

Why don’t you play more of your older material? Your older stuff seems softer and more melodic, do you miss performing the classics like Kyrian Bee Bop, Pleasure the Bassnympho, Agent Squish etc.?


There are several good questions here.

I do actually play a lot of older material (some of it has never been released, and will always be saved special for live shows) …both in its original form, and remixed and re-tweaked. Each set contains a lot of specially placed samples, loops or songs from my ever expanding ‘box of classics’ and includes thousands of rare records and long-forgotten jams from years ago. Mashing them up with new material is a succulent thrill.

In terms of qualitatively defining my “older material” …that is a difficult task. I would contend that a lot of my older music *WAS* hella grinding and intense (Pleasure the Bassnympho is a great example…even Kyrian Bee Bop was dubstep before there was “dubstep” as we now know it) …and a lot of it was indeed deeper, more melodic, even softer (Laughter Crescendo or my remix of Skin on the Drum) while much of it basically was a complimentary response to whatever I was hearing at the time. By combining musical influences and taking them into new directions they wouldn’t have otherwise gone, I was able to create very unique and meaningful sounds that still fit in with music my friends were making, and music by other artists. Today, I still love creating deep, emotional music (Underwater or Time Stretch or Fun With Synthesizers or my remixes of Fever Ray, Ellie Goulding, etc) and will continue to do so.

But the live experience has definitely increased in intensity, and a large part of that is simply a reflection of the amount of people crammed into each room, and the character of each person. Live music (even a DJ set) is all about interacting with a crowd, reflecting their energy or personalities back into the room.

My sets are always a voyage, and I always span the spectrum between dark & light, between hard & soft, and between ugly & beautiful. Each set includes moments of filth, darkness, and intensity, as well as emotional, hypnotic, surreal sections, and everything in between. The sets are long, and I usually include a meltdown section towards the end, where I reach back into the old record crates and pull out super beautiful stuff. This doesn’t happen as easily at festivals where the set times are shorter, and there is tons of sound bleed from other stages. But when I can focus on a proper set, I don’t feel complete without exploring some deep sections, full of classics and throwbacks.

In addition to constantly reworking and remixing my older material, I also include it in my sets. But as the volume of my music grows (as well as music I love, and amazing new records and sounds and ideas) the “older” stuff inevitably becomes more rare. But that just makes it even more special.

  • Transam455

    anyfeed back from anyone is helpful. positive or negative, a sober open mind can do anything

    • Nick

      Hey man I checked your mix out. Overall I think it was synchronized very well and the different tracks you layered complimented each other nicely. The only part that felt a little awkward to me was the transition from the soft sounds of Falling to the more energetic feeling of the Teleport Massive sample. Once you fade out of Falling, you drop Wildstyle on top of the Teleport Massive sample. I really like this combination but the synchronization at this section seemed a bit off too me. I think you got a great start, you should take this hobby a little further by collecting songs, samples, loops, etc from as many different sources as you can (not just Bassnectar stuff) and building them into something of your own, similar to what you did with these Bassnectar tracks. Definitely get Abeton too if you wanna get serious about it, it owns 🙂 

      • Transam455

        thanks man. i just cant wait much longer for his new tunes to drop so i thought people might like to here a little change up in his stuff. ive dabbled with my buddies ableton programs for about 2 years now. its ridiculous what all you can do. my major music influences are pearl jam and lorin (go figure). i get off to the emotions that run through my mind listening to their music. i feel that a lot of people who try and make bass music are connected with what they are making and its not very well thought out. but all of that is my opinion so im sure people would argue, one love

  • Courtney Flood

    your set at re-generation this past weekend completely blew my mind & warms my heart.  thanks for the throw-backs & the new tracks & the unforgettable, mind-bending vibe you created for us in the forest.  so much love <3

  • Ted

    hey lorin and bassnectar crew. is it possible for me to somehow get my hands on full tracklists from your shows? going through youtube videos and trying to figure them out is really breakin my balls… haha just let me know thanks.

    • it’s like the special magic dust, man

      • Ted

        I totally understand haha… Exact reason why you are so epic!! By the way super pumped on this New album. Also first bank center, snowball and red rocks were 3 of the greatest nights of my life. keep up the good work. cya at the next CO show. O me and my buddie are making a personal bassnectar Cornhole set ill send you a picture of it when its done, it will probably be the first one ever made haha.

  • Xalcatrazz22x

    Taste of Chicago amazing as always…every year i eat special butter and drink vodka get the maddesttt munchies and maxx out hahaha

  • col

    i love the old shit, the new shit, the mashups, EVERYTHING, no matter how he does it, it’s epic. i decided after electric forest that i’m raging the next nectar show SOBER AS FUCK — they are always so intricate, beautiful, communal, and wobbling out of control that i don’t need SHIT besides my own pure wonderfulness to rage the hardest. it’s so funny how everyone’s on drugs EXCEPT lorin…i figure we should probably follow the master’s lead for once, eh? so stoked for northcoast

    • hell yes dude thats exactly how i feel..raging bass line, filthy hip hop and beautiful melodic music is more than enough to get you going 🙂

  • Matt

    Hey lorin what is the track at the end of this video of you at hangout?  Its sick! Thanks!

  • bob

    Hey Lorin your concerts are absolutely face melting. I saw you in Atlantic City and I have to say that its the best concert ive been to. Please come back to AC next year!!!

  • Dust

    Just wondering when you think the preorder packages would ship? Its moving time and was wondering what address to give you.

    • Anonymous

      it says vinyl will ship the week of 8/8
      i assume the rest of the merch will ship as close to the date of the album release as logistically possible. i would give myself a buffer or 2 weeks or so, because that seems pretty standard when dealing with shipping

    • Everything ships on the day of release, except the vinyl which ships week of 8/8.

  • kmac

    Long time fan here. Any reason it costs $16 to ship two vinyls? Seems a little over the top to me. I’ve had three or four at a time shipped for $5 via media mail.

    • hey man!
      yes i asked this too.
      (it certainly is NOT a case of anyone on our end making extra cash i can assure you this!)
      as i understand it is the price of mailing via inTicketing.

      but let me make a deep inspection about this!


    • Hi kmac – where do you live? How much postage you are paying will depend on your address and your selected shipping rate.

      e.g. For the Divergent Spectrum LP / Upsisde Down 12″ pack via Basic Mail:
      $10 to CA
      $13 to NY
      $14.50 to Canada

      Also please bear in mind this is three records not two, and postage of records will entirely depend on the weight of records and packaging themselves, e.g. this is 135gram vinyl.

  • SearchingForAPath

    This is totally unrelated to anything, and i didn’t know where to post it so I put it here.
    I recently had quite a scare and may not be able to attend the expensive private college I’ve worked really hard to get into. My mother asked me “what interests you in life, what do you like?” so that we could make a plan B. and all I could think was concerts. I LOVE light shows, Bassnectars in particular, and I always thought it was really interesting when we got a glimpse into the production of them in your tourcam videos.

    But back the point. Where on earth would one go to develop a skill like that? the light shows at a Nectar concert are top notch and amazing and I’m curious as to how I could get trained and involved in such a thing, and if anyone knows how Lorins light DJ (for lack of a better term) specifically got trained.

    Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      hey searching

      i would say look into some production schooling, particularly in the area of audio/video. there are schools just for such things, and also programs within the liberal arts programs of more generalized universities or liberal arts focused universities. im sure a simple google search of such topics could lead you to MANY paths, so i would do that. also if you are in highschool, ask your counselors as they have lots of resources that allow them to give you contact and background information for such schools.

      as far as bassnectars lighting designer, i don’t know his schooling/training, but someone may be able to elaborate on that for ya

  • puregoldsteve

    Hey Lorin I’ve been goin thru your older stuff a lot more, back when you were doing tapes and I was wondering where I would be able to find some of those (I’m especially looking for World Beat Juice). Any help would be much appreciated.

    See ya VIP at Bass Center 🙂

    • Anonymous

      did you try ebay?

  • Julie B

    i do love how much you mess with the crowd, like in van when instead of a drop you just sampled let me stand next to your fire, straight up.

  • Julie B

    i do love how much you mess with the crowd, like in van when instead of a drop you just sampled let me stand next to your fire, straight up.

  • bassinYAface

    Dear Lorin,
    Do you have any desire to establish your own record label at some point in your career? Your ear for music is out of this world, I feel like you would bring some very talented artists to the scene.
    P.S. I can’t thank you enough for Bass Island, hope you decide to play that venue every year.

    • Anonymous

      amorphous music 🙂

      and as for the bass island venue, i believe this was all planned as a trilogy with an annual return for 2 more years

  • Lorin, 
    I have been a fan of your music for a little over 2 years now and have seen you multiple times including NYE last year at the Tabernacle (mind blowing experience inside one of the most beautiful venues in the South) and at Electric Forest where you had the festival vibing until the next day when Cheese came on in the evening. I just have one question. There has been a lot of speculation about a possible collaboration between you and Derek Vincent Smith for your shows this weekend in Alpharetta and I was just wondering if there was any truth to these rumors? I’ve been looking forward to this show since I had it confirmed by a PL crew member at EFF and if this collab actually happens this could be the greatest weekend of my life! I even painted my first picture  (a painting of you, Derek and Dom from BigG) playing on stage together. I CAN’T WAIT FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!!!!!!

    P.S. When will you be announcing which night you headline?

  • CShellz

    Dear Lorin and Bassnectar Crew,
           Recently I attended the St. Paul show and have since composed a lil letter of thanks.  I am wondering if someone could give me a mailing address for this letter???  I know hand-written letters have kinda become a thing of the past… but nevertheless I have one for Lorin.  How funny… I have composed an email anyway.  Ha.  MUCH MUCH THANKS  😉

  • Wolf Haley

    Lorin, Talking about using your older music, I think using your shel silverstein introduction would make for a dope sound right before a drop. It in itself is very calming so if you went from that to an explosion people would smile. I would smile. Throwing that out there. Much love.

  • Dubstepfreeq420

    Well i jus have to say, Lorin, thank you for the beautiful music that u produce/make, ive been a fan for over 4 years now, and jus when i think u have created some of your best work, u come out with better more indulging music for me to listen to. With that said, i believe i could never get tired of your music and will listen to it till i cant no longer, keep up the amazing work!  Jus got a hard copy of Mesmering finally, after possibly a year of searching, and i absolutely love it..

  • zach kocman

    you were made to make noise!! its empowers me.its my drug and I’m addicted. red rocks is waitin for another journey my man. mad ups too you!!

  • Topher

    You are the man Lorin, you inspire me to want to do great things and be the best I can. what goes on in your head when you create music is probably one of a kind. The results are phenomenal, what ever you are doing keep doing it. Peace and Love


  • Kelsey

    I would just like to say, that your new stuff is awesome, but there will never be a song that compares to fun with synthesizers to me. i listen to that song constantly.  

  • loveisfreee

    I just want to say that this past Sunday in Chicago 4/15 was my seventh show of yours and by far my favorite set I have ever seen… You played every one of the songs that made me fall in love with your music and literally every song I’ve ever wanted to experience live… Thank you for that! You really do take us on a different magical voyage for every show you put on.. It’s unexplainable to others who haven’t experienced it 🙂 and it feels good to be a part of something like this . Thanks

    • Garrett

      I was at that show too, and I have to agree 100% That show was my first and was amazing and I’m looking forward to many more:D

    • Garrett

      I was at that show too, and I have to agree 100% That show was my first and was amazing and I’m looking forward to many more:D

  • Jessie

    I just found out you’ll be coming back to bloomington October 4th! This literally made my year. My boyfriend and I started dating during your show in Bloomington on October 1st of last year. It probably sounds sappy but you’re shows have definitely lead me to my soul mate and I credit you with providing the most amazing atmosphere for this to occur! Thank you Lorin!