June 1st, 2011


Spring Tour

Bassnectar hits the Sunshine Theatre in Albuquerque, NM on Wednesday, September 7th 2011 as the Divergent Spectrum Tour rolls out!

This is an All Ages event.

We are excited to welcome Big Gigantic and Amp Live to the line-up for this event!

Doors: 7:00 PM

Advance Bassnectar.net tickets on sale Wednesday June 8th at 10:00 AM PST

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Big GiganticBig Gigantic – Dominic Lalli is responsible for this jazz meets electronic mix, with Jeremy Salkin on drums and beats. The duo create a sonic, ethereal sound that mixes both electronic and acoustic instruments. The music is transcendent and defies the genre as it ebbs and flows in symphonically surprising ways. Not a single beat is wasted as their textured music slips from one era to another, prepare to be dazzled and delighted.

Check out www.biggigantic.net
Free downloads at soundcloud.com/biggigantic

AmpLiveAmpLive – One half of hip-hop duo and regular Bassnectar collaborators Zion I, producer/DJ AmpLive is a forward-thinking genre-buster known for his futuristic styles and cross-pollinating techniques. AMpLive is well known in the industry as a collaborator and producer. Expect him to bring a range of speaker-busting flavors to every show.

Check out www.amplivesworld.com
Free downloads at amplivesworld.com/music

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  • Ubiquitous420

    Lorin! I’m going to cry. Thank you so much for adding the 505 to your list..I haven’t seen you since Halloween in Denver a year or so back… I don’t think Albuquerque is ready for you.. And oh…. I oope you enjoy the biggest little city 😉

  • elreyfannotassociatedinanyway!

    Oh man! Play at the El Rey Pleeease! Everyone hates that venue, for serious, people just wont go, even for BASS.


    • Bass ABQ

      So glad you guys are coming to the ABQ.  Don’t know what elreyfannotassociatedinanyway!  is talking about the Sunshine Theater is the best place to see shows in ABQ.  The El Rey sucks.  Went to a show there and it was the worst experience of my life.  I’ll be at the Sunshine for sure.  You guys picked the right spot.  

      • Pupa

        To be honest they both kind of lack, El Ray is small and ridiculous with their 21+ section, while, the Sunshine is horrible when it comes to sound set-up/check, enforcements, and room to dance. This show will be sold out so why not rent a real venue like the Journal Pavilion or Santa Ana Star Center, so that many bass heads can enjoy the experience. I’m kinda with Ubiquitous420 walker, ABQ is not entirely ready for this, but there’s no better time to break in our town then now.

        • Dunwody

          Lets see how it does, We weren’t sure how bad everyone wanted us in ABQ, but from the response we might have a fast selling show. Thank you guys for the feedback we will watch it very carefully.

          • Papu

            I like them words spoken right there Dunwody; trust me when I say you’re all more then wanted here in the duke city.

            Open arms brotha…

          • ChooseAnotherPlace

            The Sunshine SUX BALLZ… please play somewhere different.  The El Rey is small but totally awesome.  There are a ton of people who’d love to see you but won’t bc the Sunshine sux so bad.  I challenge anyone to name a band that sounded good at that POS venue… they range from bad to physically painful.

        • chad

          the sunshine is a good start. the Albuquerque dubstep scene is still in its infancy compared to some of the other bigger cities Bassnectar plays in. who knows maybe if this show is a good experience for him he’ll book a bigger venue next time when we have a bigger name for ourselves. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing nectar since the first bass center which i have to say was the best party i’ve ever been to and somewhat of a life changing experience. i welcome the bass king with open arms to our little big city. CHEERS Lorin!!!!

          • hahahaa 🙂 thanks man

            i will bring a lot more than just dubstep, we can make our own scene and call it bass music 🙂

      • Chris

        you must have no ears.

  • Psychopomp

    =]] What spleendid news. My minds drips with excitement as my spine springs with joy. Surely September 7th will be night when Albuquerque got destroyed.

    I couldn’t be more blissed to welcome you into this beautiful town.

  • Papu

    BRING THE PK’s!!!

  • Jose Villa Jr.

    I’m completely starry-eyed over this!! If there is anything you need help with Lorin and crew (e.g. promoting, information, handing our water while at the event, etc.) let me know; I’d love a opportunity to help in the making of this show and to finally reciprocate back some positive energy to the Basslab and crew.

    Safe travelings to this land of Enchantment, and I will be awaiting your arrivals.

    • Please emaill bassteam at bassnectar dot net for info about becoming an Ambassador!

  • Phyck

    Good sir, i always thought i had to travel to see you, now your comming to me, I just gotta say it means allot, and i have a 100% feelin your gonna be sellin out especially at the sunshine!!!!

  • PleaseNotTheScumshine

    Awww mahhnn, not another great artist at a terrible venue…  Dude, play anywhere but the Sunshine PLEASE!!! A parking garage has better acoustics.  Play the Launchpad.  Play the El Rey.  PLAY THE SUB!  The Sunshine needs to start giving ah shiat and put some effort into acoustics… sadly the music soundz better OUTSIDE than it does inside.  I’d love to see you, but I’ll wait for a real venue…

    • matt

      its all about the structure of the building and seeing as it was an old opera house they can’t really do too much about the acoustics, especially with electronic and metal shows. but this is one of the few times that he will come to our city so go nontheless!!!! im fucking stoked 

  • Shavoneotero

    Bienvenidos!  Sunshine has bad acoustics, booooo.  And a weird vibe.  Play at EL REY! or LAUNCHPAD!  Salud!  ~s.otero

  • Ubiquitous420

    People, you really should stop complaining about the venue. SMG events said something about them trying to get a new venue… I doubt it will happen. We need to remember how small of a city ABQ is.. we also need to remember how BIG BASSNECTAR is. It’s a blessing to not have to travel to see this amazing artist. Regardless of the sunshine or not… this show is going to be mind blowing. and if anyone is missing it because of the venue, well that’s too bad for you. You all should be rejoicing and welcoming Lorin to our blossoming city… Instead, all he see’s is people whinnying on his page.. boooo.. that’s what lame.

    Besides, I read on one of Lorin’s blogs how he likes to play in small venues.. We’re going to have a blast people.

  • like a lion 420

    are vip tickets not available for abq?

    • Anonymous

      most reg tour shows are all GA. sometimes mezz if there is one

    • Anonymous

      most reg tour shows are all GA. sometimes mezz if there is one

  • like a lion 420

    are vip tickets not available for abq?

  • Psychopomp

    Upside down, inside around, Bassnect will soon be in the Duke town.
    Since hearing the back word of the future-forward, waiting for this emergent and phenom being is all I have to look towards. Soon though, on September 7th of the 11th which has it a 2zero-pretense, we’ll commence and gleam as the Divergent Spectrum seams fore-words with backward written melodies.
    You see Lorin, you inspire me beyond reason and capacity and I hope one day you’ll recognize that you’ll always be apart of my psyche being.

    I told myself I would wait to hear your new music live, but I just had to take a listen to upside down- if you couldn’t all ready tell and I must say… I AM BY FAR, surely, not disappointed with it. Great job mister!


  • Phyck

    hey bassheads, glowpocolypse will go down on the first drop, and if they don’t allow them in the venue, well you know what to do 😀

    • if they don’t allow them in the venue i will be a happy camper!

      maybe take the glowpocalypse out to the parking lot?

  • Phyck

    hey bassheads, glowpocolypse will go down on the first drop, and if they don’t allow them in the venue, well you know what to do 😀

  • This1FuckinGuy

    FuQ’n Stooooooooookkkked That Your Finally Coming To The Land Of Enchantment!! I’m Way Hurt That I Wasn’t Able To Make I Out To Red Rocks This Summer… One Thing THat Getts Me Is… I Don’t UnderStand Why Kaskade & The Disco Biscuits & Pretty Lights Are Gonna Perform At The Pavilion & BassNectar’s Gonna Be At The SunShine.. I Mean, Really? Rusko Is Tight & Pretty Lights Too, Butt I Honestly Think That Lorin Has a Much Bigger Fan Base Than Them Both. ThereFore, Bassectar Should Be At a Larger Venue.. Regardless Tho, I Will Be There. FUQ’N STOOOOOOKKKKEEEDDDDDDDDDD

  • Chukes88

    Who’s opening for ya in La Jolla?

  • ALEXander

    Dude. Lorin. I don’t even care if you reply to this.. but I hope to God you read it! haha! I can’t wait to see your face here in the 505! Our venue your playing at is pretty small, but damn I’m ready for the intimate time with you. I’m going to be the first person in line LOL! I’m getting in that family photo!

    I can’t express how happy I am you’re going to be here and I don’t have to travel to see you. Albquerque hasn’t had talent like you! I don’t think they’re ready! haha 😀

    Earplugs. Dancing Shoes. Plenty of friends. and a whole lot of love. Tonight we gather for YOUUUUU <3

  • Rawrnickasaurbree

    Dude it says all ages and then when i got there the security said i couldn’t go in because i am fifteen =.= i couldn’t get a refund either!! so i was stuck in ABQ till late trying to get home!!!!! WTF?!?!?! I WAITED THREE HOURS

    • Very sorry to hear about this, sending you an email right now – check your inbox.