June 15th, 2011


Divergent Spectrum Tour

Bassnectar hits Gainesville, FL at the Alachua County Fairgrounds on Friday, 21st October 2011!

This is an All Ages event.

We are excited to welcome Amp Live and SuperDre to the line-up for this event!

Doors: 7:00 PM

More info TBA.

Advance Bassnectar.net tickets on sale Wed June 22nd at 9:00 AM EDT.

Click here for tickets

AmpLiveAmpLive – One half of hip-hop duo Zion I and a regular Bassnectar collaborator, producer/DJ AmpLive is a forward-thinking genre-buster. In addition to working with underground hip-hop legends galore, he’s produced and remixed for acts as world-spanning as MGMT, Akon and Linkin Park, and his Raidohead mash-ups album was given an official pass after lighting up the internet. Expect him to bring a range of speaker-busting flavors to every show.

Check out www.amplivesworld.com
Free downloads at amplivesworld.com/music

SuperDreSuperDre – In just a few short years, SuperDre has brought her unique sound and contagious stage energy to packed dance floors and events across the nation.
Releasing her funky, minimal techno sound on her boutique label, Bass Candi, SuperDre thrives in the live environment delivering most of her sets on turntables along with midi controllers, an art becoming more and more rare among Producers/DJs.

Check out www.superdre.com
Free downloads at soundcloud.com/superdre

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  • Phammerschmidt

    cant fkn waiit mofookass

  • HellomynameisWOMP

    YESSSS this is gonna be WOMPtastic! This is gonna turn brains to yogurt and some change.

  • HellomynameisWOMP

    YESSSS this is gonna be WOMPtastic! This is gonna turn brains to yogurt and some change.

  • Phillip Irwin

    Bought my ticket! See everyone there!!! 🙂

  • Nectarinmyveins

    Can’t wait for this show, coming all the way from Roanoke, Virginia to get bass in my veins. Gonna have my nectar tattoo fresh and ready for it. Lorin, I absolutely cannot wait to see this epic performance, I’m also bringing my dinosaur hat you signed in Norfolk @ The Norva to see if I can get a second signature. Watch out Gainsville, you are about to be blown away.

    • Shasta Lee

      if you want your nectar tat to be put in the photo gallery send it to…
      ed [at] bassnectar [dot]

      have fun and stay hydrated!

      • Nectarinmyveins

        Will do man for sure, waited to long so it’s gonna be done after the show, thanks for the info tough

  • Nectarinmyveins

    What kind of merch will be for sale? Any tour shirts or anything exclusive/special?

    • exclusive and special:

      1 sandal that my great uncle Mike wore to the beach in ’62.
      it will be selling for 38 cents.


      other than that, yes! i am sure we will have all kinds of fantastic shirts and hoodies and headbands and hats and posters and CDs and vinyl

      i am still waiting for the bassnectar kitchen set and cutlery


  • Mr. Negative

    i better hear Bass Head tonight.

  • for a first timer of the music and show, i was really impressed!!!

  • Guest

    Are there any other photos from this event????

  • Black_opps

    oh no i missed the show, i thought it was  2 morrow 🙁