June 29th, 2011


Upside DownWe’re excited to bring you a taste of Bassnectar’s new ‘Divergent Spectrum’ album, out August 2nd.

The first single is ‘Upside Down’, a massive banger mutant of dubstep, drum & bass, and hip hop – available for free right here and now. Sign-up to download below.

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We’ve posted some track clips below, and we will have more previews, as well as forthcoming vinyl and video, leading up to the full release.


  • 918basshead

    on the boomerang track….at the pause, i always hear “FUCK YA!” in my head from when he yelled it at bonnaroo. i have never been so excited about an album coming out. tulsa oklahoma LOVES you, and ill see you in dallas for the halloween show equipped with some freak shit. everything you represent is great, and thats why im a huge fan. thank you for everything lorin and crew.

  • Daveking

    I don’t think I’ve ever checked the website so many times in such little time, and it’s only for previews XD!!

  • Chakonn

    I havent bought any legal mp3 or anything like that in the past 10 years.. but man.. this moves something inside me! especially Plugged in and Boomerang I will buy this shit and wont share it.. just for respect to bassnectar THANKS MAN!

    • Shasta Lee


    • Blastoff

      Apart from a Radiohead vinyl, Bassnectar is the only artist who’s albums I’ve ALWAYS paid for. Right there with you bud! I’m getting this on vinyl for sure!

  • Rust Natasha

    “Boomerang” will be my ultimate favorite track on this album (so far), just like how “Falling” is my favorite on your last album.

  • Vince

     wheres those new previews man?!

  • SixpaqkCyBeR

    Gone from Boombox to Boomerang.

  • Skymcd

    I have mad support for you Lorin, but please don’t give us dates if you aren’t gonna follow through with them. I feel really let down, I was expecting to be swimming in a vat full of steamy new nectar today…

    • Anonymous

      whatchu talkin bout?

      • Skymcd

        Bassnectar posted this on facebook on June 30. “Bassnectar

        THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the support. This was the largest amount of downloads we have ever had in a single day for “Upside Down” and that’s just a little teaser. Again, the theme of this new record is “Divergent Spectrum” which means every song is different in style, energy, sound and mood. So thanks for enjoying the taste test! We will have full previews of all 15 tracks up july 5th at”

        • bassnympho

          I really don’t feel like it’s that big of a deal, at least considering how much free music we get. Patience is a virtue.

          • Skymcd

            I am not meaning to complain or be negative, i’m just a huge fan and really anticipating this album and have been waiting for today ever since I read that post.

          • Skymcd

            I am not meaning to complain or be negative, i’m just a huge fan and really anticipating this album and have been waiting for today ever since I read that post.

          • Jordan

            Dont mean to respond so late on this but just had to add a lil somethin! I respect skymcd being such a great fan but as a fan you cant rush art. Music is art in my opinion and if you try to rush a masterpiece it comes out like shit. AUGUST 2ND will be a great day and we should all be thankful for the amazing samples we have been provided 🙂 Being a fan is great but you also have to be understanding of ever changing circumstances and that your favorite artists is touring NONSTOP! Not trying to be rude, but give Lorin time, the more he takes, the more he has you, the fan, in mind !

          • thanks jordan. that understanding is REALLY kind, and as a human it means so much to read words like this

        • Shasta Lee

          Like he’s also said…
          “Divergent Spectrum was supposed to be released in April. So things are way behind, and there are always compromises to make, that’s life.”
          I’m sure he’s been busy like usual & it won’t be too
          long before the rest are released! Keep
          checkin’ in to the site, they’ll be up before
          ya know ittttttt.


    • It’s still July 5th in our timezone…

  • Sacredbraid

    if your ears are happy clap your hands!!

  • Tushka Schapel

    Come to New Zealand !!! 🙂 Respect

  • Chuck Sterr

    thank you!!

  • Looking forward to your show in Tempe, AZ in Sept. Lemme know if you wanna grab some IPA’s!

  • Religulous12

    You killed it at EDC Vegas, I filed your entire set! Cant wait for that new EP, peace.

    • Religulous12


  • J Andrewsphotos

    Thank you!!oxox

  • Rick James

    thank you Bassnectar of the Gods!

  • Dmaxmclean

    So glad I got a sneak peak @ Horning’s Hideout! That Gogol remix made me want to rip my hair out with my smile still attached

  • The_velvet_banana


  • The_velvet_banana

    His nectar is ambrosial in a sense

  • Sumkinda

    FUCK YEAH !! I need a new brain because you turnd it into popo in Dour… !

  • Nectar<3

    Oh mai gawd eargasm :O

  • ramachanda davis

    where can i get that track that has bassnectar cutting up dumbo???? freaking melted me with that sheet..the elephants are parading hippidy hoppidy hippidy hoppidy..

  • Fefeluvsu4

    i know this doesnt have to do with this album but what was going through your mind and your emotions when you made timestretch??

  • Wesley

    We really need a studio version of “Down Like Animals” . I wonder if its true that it is from the original song from a South African group called P.H Fat

    • ARR

      Yeah it is true, the song’s called The Big Five

  • Lupos 🙂 so excited. It’s my bday n it’s gonna be jammin

  • Gading Mas Algamar

    what code REDEEM?

    • in the red and black box just above^^ “click here” to enter your email address and receive the download in your inbox 🙂