July 5th, 2011


Bassnectar & Pretty Lights in Atlanta, GA

This has been a long time coming…

Following our sold-out NYE blowout, Bassnectar returns to Atlanta, GA in Alpharetta at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre @ Encore Park for two very special shows alongside Pretty Lights on Friday 14th October and Saturday 15th October, 2011!

This is an All Ages event!

In addition to co-headlining the bill with Pretty Lights, we are excited to welcome special guests Beats Antique, Big Gigantic, Bonobo and SuperDre to the line-up for this two night event!

Both headliners will play at both nights with alternating headline sets, along with support performances from this line up of special guests.

Doors: 6:00 PM

Click here for tickets

We now have SINGLE DAY TICKETS available for both nights – on sale today from 10:00am EST!

Friday, October 14th – GET FRIDAY TICKETS

Bonobo (DJ Set) – 6:15PM
Big Gigantic – 7:00PM

Bassnectar – 8:15PM
Pretty Lights – 9:45PM

Saturday, October 15th – GET SATURDAY TICKETS

SuperDre – 6:15PM
Beats Antique – 7:00PM
Pretty Lights – 8:15PM
Bassnectar – 9:45PM

Beats AntiqueBeats Antique – Beats Antique is best imagined as an innovative creature built from the cumulative heritage of the world’s music chasing its tail. However vivid that image, when a marching band groove crashes into bluesy folk chords only to be accompanied by electronic beats and Middle Eastern melodies, you’ll still be surprised.

Check out www.beatsantique.com

Big GiganticBig Gigantic – Dominic Lalli is responsible for this jazz meets electronic mix, with Jeremy Salkin on drums and beats. The duo mix both electronic and acoustic instruments to create an ethereal sound that defies genres as it ebbs and flows in symphonically surprising ways. Not a single beat is wasted as their textured music slips from one era to another, prepare to be dazzled and delighted!

Check out www.biggigantic.net
Free downloads at soundcloud.com/biggigantic

BonoboBonobo – Simon Green, aka as Bonobo is back on the live circuit with us this fall. This London future jazz phenom is bringing his most impressive DJ set ever to Canada on the heels of his lauded ‘Black Sands’ LP. Bonobo’s music comes in lush, complicated layers edging close to many sub-genres but really creating its’ own. Swirling jazz, with a heavy bass line and a methodical linear progression, Bonobo represents electronic music in its’ most elevated state.

Check out www.bonobomusic.com/

SuperDreSuperDre – In just a few short years, SuperDre has brought her unique sound and contagious stage energy to packed dance floors and events across the nation.
Releasing her funky, minimal techno sound on her boutique label, Bass Candi, SuperDre thrives in the live environment delivering most of her sets on turntables along with midi controllers, an art becoming more and more rare among Producers/DJs.

Check out www.superdre.com
Free downloads at soundcloud.com/superdre

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  • Jordan

    This craziness over pit passes is becoming absurd. In my opinion the show is just as fun anywhere in the venue, because it is one massive community. Although the front row and pit is super rowdy, dont pay SCALPERS aka CHACHBAGS what they want. You will have an incredible experience no matter what, believe me. I find it absolutely insane that people are buying tickets above face value from these douchers for an event that IS NOT EVEN SOLD OUT. Just my 2 cents.

    • JMFC

      This is true people, Ive seen PHISH at this venue and the sound is absolutely amazing, no matter where you are.

  • Bucketbananas

    is there a lineup for the weekend?

  • Bucketbananas

    and by lineup i mean acts playing each night and times? thank you

    • JMFC

      try reading the top of the page….

      • JMFC

        the part where it says “line up will come out the week of the show” is pretty much a dead give away…

  • Jbrown

    sooooo who wants to make friends? i’m gunna bring stiiiiiickers…..!

  • Phillip Irwin

    1 WEEK people!!!! THIS show is going too EXPLODE!!!! Sooo Stokeddd

  • Mcanning112

    anybody selling a lawn ticket for saturday only? 

  • Jordan

    Lorin I know that Bass Centers are very special and extreme in production but please oh please bring the lasers to ATL!

    • yes please.

    • Phillip Irwin

      This show is gonna be BIGGER than any Bassnectar produced event YET!! if that 12,000 number holds true… Were gonna see there Best all around outing AND I CANT WAIT!!!! 🙂

  • are we allowed to bring rage poles to this venue?

  • centipede dream

    this line up is KILLLLLEEERRR… I might have to skip class and come from PA 

    • hell yeah, coming from philly and its totally worth the drive

      • centipede dream

        I meaaaannn I saw all of them at bisco buttttt… I just can’t get enough

        • yeah same, this’ll be the 11/12th nectar show and 6/7th PL show this year hahaha

      • centipede dream

        I meaaaannn I saw all of them at bisco buttttt… I just can’t get enough

  • Mckinnonjordan

    So Michael is not too fond of the lasers lol, doesnt even worry me!! Cant frikin wait, cant sleep, cant focus, just cant wait for this amazing spaceship to take off! Flying to Colorado for your biggest show and than your bringin it all back to my town, this is awesome, simply great karma

  • Bucketbananas

    any clue what this sunday surprise is?

  • again i’ll ask, are rage sticks allowed in?

    • Jordan

      I believe so Eric, shoot the venue a call, but Lorin heavily encourages them. I dont think they would be a problem at Verizon

    • projectpat

      I’m from Georgia and have been to Verizon many times but have never seen them there… BUT i just called Verizon Amphiteather and asked about them and they said that the bands granted the fans permission to use them.. So Bring that shit and rage HarD

    • awesome, figured as much. i know at governes island they normally dont let them in but for Bassisland they did. dopeness!

  • Brooke H

    do any of you guys know if both nights are different shows? like different setlists?

    • G

      of course they’ll be different

    • Shasta Lee

      Both nights will be different. In terms of line – up Bonobo and Big G will be the opening acts the first night.  And the second night will be opened up with SuperDre & Beats Antique. With Pretty lights closing out the first night and Bassnectar the second. (as listed above)
      In terms of what is played by Bassnectar and Pretty Lights, I’m sure there will be different music played.  Seeing as Friday and Saturday tickets were sold as one at first, I don’t think they’d make you pay to hear the EXACT same setlist two nights in a row. dats boringg

      have fun!

    • Anonymous


  • Left_to_drifting89

    What time do the doors open?

    • Phillip Irwin


      • Anonymous

        thanks phillip!

    • Anonymous

      Only 15 min before the music starts?

  • Mpresley1

    This is going to be a weekend for the history books and its my birthday Saturday so chew on that!!! Cant wait to see what this Sunday surprise that Lorin is talking about is gonna be…i”ve heard Georgia Theater in Athens surprise show anyone?!?!?! Plz and Thank you

    • Shasta Lee

      Happy early birfday 🙂

  • Hassel Hoff

    What is the Sunday surprise?!? The anticipation for the shows Friday and Saturday is BIG enough!! Not even knowing whats going on Sunday is absolutly killing me!!!! Anybody know or even think they know?

    • Tlmays13

      What do you mean Sunday surprise? Where did you hear of this?

      • we are announcing a special suprise for Sunday night…ill announce it at the show on friday, and we will announce new years on saturday 🙂

  • Cls14

    Lorin, I would love to hear Pure Imagination at the show(s) in Atlanta. Since it’s not released I only get to hear it at shows.

  • projectpat

    literally spent over 5 hours hand sewing together a giant sick nectar flag.. dub grandma style.. see you in da pittt

    • Shasta Lee

      dub grandma style
      HAHAHAHA yes. that’s fahkin awesome dude!

  • Theheadyjoint

    Flew in from Washington state for this one.

  • Mikecotich

    Got two bus tickets to the zeds dead party for cost which is 18 a pop. I need two afterparty tckets because its will call only and i dont have a credit card. So if u plan on goinnand missed out on tbe bus i got 2 seats for ya if u can buy me two tikets for the party onlone so i can get into it ahah. Or id u just wanna come
    Rage and missed out on the bus heres ur chancw, juat gota buy me two tickets to zeds dead and ill give u the money for it on the way to zedss. Hmu or message. 7184198889

    • Mikecotich

      Also its my birthday today soo someone pleeeeassseeee come throufj for me. I got maddd goodies ahhah

  • Bhaley

    Where can we buy tickets for sunday

  • Pearlcrx

    Does anyone know where tonights after party is???????

  • Pearlcrx

    Does anyone know where tonights afterparty is??????

  • Bella2289

    After the Saturday night show I was arrested in the A parking lot… the first row! If anyone was there and has a video of the bull sh*t that happened PLEASE CONTACT ME! I was the girl standing there that got arrested for video taping! Got charged with disorderly conduct which is a complete lie… was taken into jail until 4 am when I had to pay $250 to get released! The show was so worth it! Thank you bassnectar and pretty lights for another amazing time! Anyone however with any helpful info again PLEASE CONTACT ME! My name is annabelle and phone # 757-737-7117! Thank you everyone!

  • carsnips

    Let’s get a mp3 of this set! sooo sick

  • niko

    need the setlist to saturday! it was insane

  • randy

    I need a setlist for this! It was so nasty!!!! and and mp3 would just be the icing on the cake. THANK YOU LLORRINN!!!!!!!

  • Seth

    Absolutely fuckin nuts!! Best show ive ever been to BY FAR. LORIN you are a god

  • Bhaley

    You are fucking incredible you never stop progressing your songs. This was my favorite time seeing you can’t wait to see what youve got for Nashville

    • Shasta Lee


  • Kyle

    AMAZING SHOWS! I’ve been to 8 nectar shows now and Lorin you never dissapoint. I am so excited to hear your bringin your new years party to Nashville!!!! going to be so nasty! cant wait

  • Ethan

    Can anyone help me by helping my find which songs he played Friday night? So many incredible older and slower ones that I must know the names to! Thank you guys and thank you Lorin so much incredible weekend….

  • Does any one know where I can find this poster? My mind was to melted to remember to pick one up. Thanks bassnectar for doing that to me… Meany… 

    • Keep an eye on the Gear page of the Store, if there are any left over they should surface in the next month.

      • Thanks! I am dying to get my hands on one. This will be the only show in the last 7 years that I don’t have a poster too. 0_0

  • Anon

    Does anybody know who any of the photographers were at front row?

  • ailin

    i’m so disappointed about the show in Buenos Aires, Arg. i’m a huge fan, and i was extremely excited about the show, suddenly i realised  that BassNectar CHANGE THE PLACE OF THE SHOW and is actually doing just the “warm up” of Skrillex, and the tickets are all sold out, cuz skrillex is trendy after the Grammys, finally real fans of Bass Nectar have no tickets. 🙂

  • Leftyloopy97

    ANYONE willing to swtich 2 SATURDAY bassnectar tickets for this weekend in chicago for TWO SUNDAY tickets?

  • beth

    question? i might be just not seeing something but october 14th and 15th is a monday and tuesday

  • basskitty_xo

    this was the best 2 days of my life. started it all. <3