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Bass Island Survival Guide

August 10th, 2011


Greetings Island-Bound Bass Heads!

The conditions are predicted to be extreme in New York City this weekend – extremely loud, extremely bright, extremely fun, and extremely prime for a full-on FULL MOON Bass Festival.
Want to make it in and out alive?

Here is your survival guide!

Survive the island! Read the guide!


Face Paint
Invisible Ink
A treasure map
Non-professional film and digital cameras
Soft sided, Collapsible chairs, Blankets, beach towels
(2) Factory sealed bottles of water (non-glass containers)
Small backpacks or bags, empty camel backs
Valid Driver’s License for will-call and/or to drink alcohol

What NOT to Bring

Weapons of ANY kind
Ninja Stars
Illegal Substances
Large coolers
Hard sided coolers
Picnic Baskets
Food of any kind (you can eat outside the gates, just can’t bring it in. There will be food vending onsite.)
Drunken, Armed Elvis Impersonators
Glass containers of any kind
Alcohol (alcohol will be sold at the Festival)
Large backpacks
Large Undead Zombies
Any type of Vaporization Unit
Any type of Time Machine
Any cartoon monsters or scary puppets
Professional still camera equipment (no detachable lenses, no tripods, big zooms, or commercial use rigs)
Audio/video recording equipment
Any large all-terrain vehicles with spikes on the bumper
Hover Craft
Large Water Guns filled with milk

How & When to Get Here

The Island is open all day, and the music area opens at 4 pm. The music starts right away and goes full blast until the island closes at 12 AM!!

The Ferry is free, and runs all day, so you should show up early.
Event attendees do not need to buy a ferry ticket. Ferries are free during the day & concert ferry costs are included in the price of the concert ticket.
For information on where the ferry is and how to get there, click here.

What To Do Onsite – Come early & Avoid The Line!

A bunch of stuff is happening on the island so get there early. There is tons to explore from sculpture, photographic and digital art exhibitions to a trapeze school, compost learning center, minigolf and more. Check out the full schedule here!

What NOT To Do

Don’t pass out from dehydration! Drink enough water.
Don’t arrive to the ferry so messed up that you fall in the water.
Don’t leave so messed up that you fall in the water, because it will be dark and harder to find you.
Don’t leave your friends at home! This will be a night to remember.


We are pouring our hearts into creating this event as a way to bring people together. This is so much more than a “show”- it is a gathering, centered around the intention of celebration. We encourage you to bring gifts to share, and to go out of your way to meet new friends. Watch out for each other, and explore the island with an open mind!
You can make this event your own by simply attending and sharing your personality with us….
It’s not about the drugs
It’s not about the stage
It’s not about being cool
It’s about the music, the community, and the precious chance to get together in a massive group and enjoy life!

As you all know, Bassnectar takes a Family Photo after every event we play. Bass Island will be no exception…
Family Photo Bisco
However, for this event, we call on all of you to STEP IT UP. Now is the time.
We want to see you wave your FREAK FLAGS!
You are encouraged to create totems, strap the teddy bear to a flag pole and glue on LED wire, pack in the most fantastical, insane objects, inflatables, flags, banners, signs, and things that we haven’t even thought of. Our team member Elliott was just reciting the story of how he used to strap a shoe to a stick when he went to music festivals – so his friends could find him in the crowd. Hopefully you can top his technique!!!
We want to see everyone go above and beyond, and make this the wildest, craziest, most explosive and expressive event we have ever co-created!

Family Photo Hangout

Family Photo Summer Camp

This event is the kick off to our Fall Touring, and we will be challenging the crowd each night to look more riotous than the last for their picture.

Let’s show them how 10,000+ people do it in NYC on a Saturday night!



If you don’t have them already, Get them now HERE!
You can buy tickets from Ticketmaster until noon day of show and from Mercury Lounge & Music Hall of Williamsburg box offices until 4pm.
The onsite box office is open from 4 pm until Bassnectar takes the stage at 9:30 pm and is CASH ONLY.

For info on the official Bass Island Afterparty CLICK HERE.

See you soon!
Bassnectar Crew