August 1st, 2011


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What do you think about the people that leak and download your music (or any music) without paying? – anon


This is in response to people who leak music, or people who download music without paying for it. It is also in response to people who BUY music, and to people who DO support the artists they love. And it is in response to those who argue amongst themselves and everyone in between:

In my opinion, this should be an individual decision, and each individual person is different. If you love something, you should support it because you will allow it to grow and continue. If you do not love something, simply move on and find something else that you do love, instead of hating. Life is too short and precious for anything else.

When we sent out promos of “Divergent Spectrum” we knew without a doubt it would get leaked. It is kind of an honor that enough people care, that they want to get it and share it as soon as possible. Instead of worrying about it, we just figured “Let’s let people decide what they want to do.” If they want to support me, let’s make it easy for them to do so. We created a presale option, and added a stack of exclusive Bonus Material (loops, bits, outtakes, sketches, …kind of like the “Special Features” on a DVD) as a gift to everyone who did this, knowing it was an act of love and support for them to pre-order something they could just download for free.

For me, I am so incredibly grateful for everything in my life right now, i can’t really ask for more. We have sold out nearly every single show in the past year, and the legion of bass heads is growing every day. I am honored that people want to explore my music. I am honored that they want to share it with their friends. I am not worried about being supported, because I feel so much support each day, in so many different forms.

On principle though, I do think it is important for ALL ARTISTS to make it easy for people to support what they love. And it is important for those who love the art to decide how they can support art and artists, and allow it to continue:

In 2011, art and culture exist as DIGITAL MEDIA, and it is naive to think it will not be leaked or downloaded or shared or “stolen” repeatedly. It is just a fact of life. People need to decide for themselves if they want to steal or not. And if they *DO* then they can decide if and how to follow up with support. If you download leaked music, and you enjoy it, why not go buy an official copy? It seems fair. You are not obligated to do this, it is just a choice. Do you enjoy the artist? IF YOU ENJOY, THEN SUPPORT. If not, then simply carry on. It takes a LOT of time and energy for artists to create their craft, and even more time and energy for them to prepare a release, and to distribute it. You can support what you love in many ways, and in a sense you vote with your dollar.

And if you simply choose to enjoy the music, and not pay for it, then that is your prerogative. It is difficult to truly know what is going on behind the scenes in the life of an artist, but I can tell you it is a VERY challenging and exhausting journey. Currently, I am very happy and full of inspiration, but at some point that could change, and the support I receive from others is what sustains me, and my ability to continue moving forward. It is the same with other artists today. Everyone needs support, and you should support what you love.

Again thank you for all the support you have shown me over the years, most of which has not been monetary, but amorphous and multifaceted.



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  1. Justice says:

    Respect. Met you in Bloomington, great show, well done.

  2. Jfrederick says:

    Saw you at Chilicothe, Chicago, and Bloomington this year! You are an amazing artist and I want to thank you for broadening my perspective on life in general!!!! Please come back to Illinois in 2012, Peoria would be a great location.

    LOVE and thanks,

    Fellow BASSHEAD

    P.S. awesome party!!

  3. Evolecaep420 says:

    Basscrew, I feel like this is what you already tap into

  4. Andrea says:

    ” every one of you people who is on here telling me what to do, i want you to know i am doing what i WANT to do, not what you want. It is fine if you tell me you love earlier stuff i created, but don’t call it my “roots” you don’t know my roots. my roots are gory fucking satanic death metal, and beautiful emotional movie soundtracks, and all kinds of things you can’t fathom if you don’t like the ugly as well as the ethereal. It is fine to tell me you enjoy one thing or the other, but don’t tell me what to do, and don’t box me in with young DJs who are playing to hard/loud for you…i don’t do that, i have always played hard and soft and in between. It pollutes my frame of mind to exist within your limited box, and as for myself as an artist: i am doing what I want, creatively, and with an intense vision, and IN THE END: i am doing it for you. But, I do it because i want to conjur what i love and share it with you, not live within your jaded expectations or narrow frame of mind. I am constantly incorporating beauty into my music, i don’t play just dubstep or brostep, and if you are repeating that same tired mantra it means you aren’t paying attention”

    THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING TO those IDIOTS who are posting the negative comments. I fucking love your music. Its beautiful and every song you make hits my soul and just puts such a good vibe there! I love you and I am so happy you responded to those comments. And I cant thank you enough for making the music you do, not other artist out there can make the amazing sounds and creations you do. And you have your OWN catagory of music that doesn’t fit into anything else becuase your music is that amazing. Once again I cant thank you enough for putting on the dopest show in Boston 4/22/11, your concert changed my life in a alot of different ways when I was going through a shitty time in my life and it  was YOUR concert that brought me back togather with my soulmate. Anyways keep up the amazing stuff, and Ill see you in st.petersburg in exactly TWO weeks from now, pleaseeeee be outside before the show, I really want to shake your hand!!!! XOXO

    • LORIN says:

      helyah Andrea

      nothing zaps my soul more than the negativity of other people

      • Andrea says:

        See you in 11 days!

      • Andrea says:

        You blew me away. Thank you so much for taking a picture wuth me im just over the moon about it. Ahh at a loss of words for how, I hope you go home feeling good knowing you just made everyones night/life, your amazing sounds and vibrations filled me soul tonight.I really hope you give credit to yourself cuz you deserve it. simply amazing

  5. Dnb_coqui says:

    Exactly. Plus you don’t know if there are people out there that can not afford to buy music they love, or can not attend shows for a million reasons. You can not legislate morality

  6. Sad Basshead says:

    Hey Lorin, Since your concert in boston this past year i’ve been longing to see you again. So when I found out I had to move to Florida for a semester I was pretty bummed, but when I saw you were on tour down here it made it all worth the while. So seeing as I know nobody down here except this one kid who works at a scuba shop where my dad dives. He bought the tickets and I was pumped. So here I am talking to him all this week about the plan for Sunday, and then I dont here from him for three days. And he finally gets back to me this morning and says he forgot, and hes on the other side of the state. And the tickets are at will call under his name. And theres nothing I can do. I’m a broken  hearted basshead. Pretty devastated that I am missing you tonight…

  7. Andrea says:

    I was a sad bass head but after rushing to st.pete and buys tickets 37 38 39 out of the 40 tickets they had I made it. I was in the front the whole time to your left rockin a tie die and going f*cking wild for you, you never fail me. You are too amazing for words.

  8. Lokicocepeli says:

    Let me just say the following:

    I appreciate everything you bring to the table of brotherhood, sir.  I’ve been involved in the underground bass music scene for over 15 years.  You are one of the shining lights of our movement, and I support you spiritually, with my words and deeds, and also with my $$$.  

    Thank you for what you do, and keep doing it.  I’m going to rock my Kermit hat that you signed at every show you play in Louisiana!  

    Your Brother in Music,


  9. Andrea says:

    I want a bassnectar tapestry…

  10. Guest says:

    When are you coming to Madison, WI? We want you to drop bass in our face!!!!

  11. Ewizard07 says:

    All of pretty lights music is free…..if u say support then all your saying is that u want money like every other star in the business…..I’m a die hard bass fan and there’s thousands of us who love your music….but don’t you get enough money from shows anyway??…..There’s a ton of artist out there who I admire because there music is free, and the fact that they don’t give a shit about leaked music knowing their fan bass will support them at every show….Metallica is one group whom i cant stand because of them throwing a big baby fit over there music getting leaked, and what happened?? They started suing the music downloading company’s and those who were downloading there music free….so in reality they were suing there own fans and putting them in jail for downloading music… you have to pay for music by law on the internet….not all of us do pay but its pretty ridiculous, and this is old news but the point I’m making is that every mainstream artist hates there music being leaked because there greedy and dont really give a shit about anything else but money, like Lil wayne….they may say they love there fans and what not, but so do major corporations…..they say there care but what do they really care about???..MONEY!!!!……you said ”  Everyone needs support, and you should support what you love. “….so by support you mean spend money right?? yea i love your music and seen you many times and plan to see you again…but i support you not only by going to shows but by showing other people who have never heard your music before and transforming them into bass heads….then what happens they tell there friends and they tell there friends ect……Your the biggest headline for all the festivals in the country which if you look out into the crowds i think you have enough support as it is….DONT complain about music being leaked…i dont want to see you turn into a mainstream artist and become full of greed over money. Stick to the underground and dont compare yourself to other dubstep atrist who try to imitate you or copy your shit…..why??….because YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!…..anyway thanks for a good year of shows reply if u want if not, it wont bother me at all, i will still listen at be at your shows….

    • Ed Basscrew says:

      The point should be made that Pretty Lights CAN’T sell his music because it’s jam packed with uncleared samples. His only options is to release it for free, as clearing all the samples would be either impossible or not financially viable.

      I’m not weighing in with regards to your entire argument but as you said Bassnectar should not compare himself to other artists, it’s worth pointing out the inconsistency in your comparison with another artist 🙂

      • Ewizard07 says:

        Hey thanx guys for your inputs i was hoping i would get some response or feedback in my reply to the question on this page….i do understand the reason for the samples in a lot of pretty lights music but there are a ton of other artist out there, (big gigantic is one of them) who dont use samples and actually produce the music themselves and don’t need money for it…..they would rather give it all out for free so that no matter what everyone can have it….i know that music is really easy to get for free anyway but i do realize to do what Lorin does, you do need the support and the money especially for all the staff and of course his mind boggling light show (which he did step up big time this year) but he can only go so much farther with his show …….the point i was trying to get across to Lorin to not become another underground artist who becomes mainstream and looks down upon those who dont pay his for his music….

        • Ed Basscrew says:

          Don’t Big Gigantic exclusively cover other people’s music? So again, they couldn’t sell it if they wanted to. (Maybe I’m wrong here?) Certainly there are artists who give away all their music for free who would be legally able to sell it if they wanted to, I just don’t think you’ve named any of them yet! :)’

          More often that not, people give away their music so they can acquire more fans, so it’s generally up and coming artists, rather than established acts. The exceptions tend to be folks whose music can not be legally sold e.g. Pretty Lights

        • Dj_prana says:

          Dude, making good music costs a lot of money!
          Also Lorin is loosing his hearing from all the loud music he plays out, shouldn’t he be able to retire from this someday when he can no longer hear and be able to have a nest egg for all his hard work? 
          Do you know what it’s like to tour every night and sleep on a tour bus? Or never be “home”? Or have to eat road food all the time? 
          Why do you think this should be free?–His music is his creative SOUL being offered to all of us! You just want to steal it?
          He has 2 different jobs here you’re missing…
          1.) djing=get paid for that
          2.) Creating all his music=get paid for that
          Do you get paid for the work you do??
          I bet you wouldn’t want to work for free, stop being a leech!
          I pay for all of my music still because I support artists!
          Start being an honorable person.

    • Hasan Zaidi says:

      Exactly. If Pretty Lights sold his albums, his pay-out for clearing all the samples would be much greater than the amount he would receive, making it a stupid decision financially.

      It is a stretch to assume you have the right to enjoy someone else’s work for free, just because you pay them occasionally for their effort. Every time you listen to a song, you are listening to one person’s (or a collection of peoples’) time and effort. You are listening to their work. Why should you not pay them for this service? It’s like stealing a book, but paying to see the author at a book signing. It’s great that you paid the creator at some point, but the fact of the matter is that you stole it first. Digital media culture makes the whole stealing process seem much less of a crime, but quizzically so.

      When you pay to see a live show, the amount you pay does not fly directly into an artist’s pocket. There is a crew that travels on the road with the artist, who needs to be paid. There is the venue hosting the event, which needs to be paid. There are promoters that get the word out about the show. They need to be paid. There are opening acts that need to be paid. Without these people receiving an income, you would not have a live show to see. Same thing with an album — there are a whole bunch of people who need to be paid in order for an album to be released and distributed.

      Also. clearly the money you spend goes back into the production. Have the lighting rigs not gotten more and more ridiculous? The video screens have not multiplied? You are spending money for something you enjoy. If you want to continue to enjoy it, yes, you should support it. And by support I mean paying the people whose services you enjoy, so they can continue to make a living through their service.

      Check this link, which delves into the same issue, and goes slightly more in depth about it. It was posted by Lorin in 2007, so obviously things have changed since then, but it is still a good read.

  12. Greg says:


    You have been a major positive influence in my life and I appreciate your music and what you have done for the industry. Your music has touched my soul and broadened my perspective. You have been such a major influence in my life I would like you to be a groomsman in my wedding. How do we got about making this happen?

  13. BrennenM says:

    I pirated all of your music! Deal with it bitch!

    But for real, I was going to go to your show, but it sold out :(… I’m a broke highschooler, and all of my money goes to concerts. I’m a drummer, and I know that I suck. The time and dedication musicians put into their craft is ridiculous, there really is no way for me to even understand it. So sure, I pirate music, but I follow it up by going to a show and buying merch to support the artist. I can download all music for free, but you can’t download a shirt or a concert. When a new album drops and I’m already a fan of the artist, I usually make my best efforts to buy it to support it in the charts. I’m a pirate with standards!

  14. ~*CrypticalEnvelopement*~ says:

    I’m very sure that what Lorin said above was very eloquently stated, honest …and sincere. His statement couldnt have been any more clear and should serve as an example for any objective ear… I think what you both are doing is BEAUTIFUL in so many ways regardless you will both get your props fo sho’… Love Light and Laughter ….hey Lorin can I design a poster for you?

  15. MattG says:

    Does anybody have an old ticket stub from the Bassnectar concert at the Washington Armory on April 23, 2011 in Albany, NY? If not, does anyone know who the promoter for the concert was? I seemed to have misplaced my ticket while dancing at the show, and am really missing it. This is the only stub I do not have for my collection from concerts I have attended. I would do anything to replace a copy of the ticket, and finish my collection of stubs.


  16. 2FresH says:

    I Understand paying a dollar a song is a little ridiculous but at the same time think about what your paying for. People pay ten dollars to go see a movie in theaters once, doesn’t it make sense that you can buy an album, and get a lifetime of enjoyment out of it. Furthermore you have to appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into an artists craft. The general public has a flawed image of a musicians lifestyle, that they can bang out an album in one studio visit master it and put it on the shelf, and the rest is cake and ice cream. They don’t consider the sleepless/ late nights, time spent perfecting the music itself, money spent on promotions/ production etc. Not to mention time spent playing small gigs, paying for studio time and climbing the ladder to gain status early in ones career. Do whatever you want but if you call yourself a fan and say you “love” a particular artist, i think you should support them. If you can’t afford to go to a show buy an album if you can’t afford an album buy a t shirt if you can’t afford a t shirt buy a sticker but show your support. Lorin is one of the most dedicated artists in this business and has more love for his fans than any other musician. The least we can do as bass heads is spend a couple bucks to perpetuate his creative genius, so he can continue creating music that speaks volumes without lyrics, and manages to transcend all existing genres. In reality your paying to witness his evolution as an artist and to experience the growth of the BassNectar  community.The money spent on his music has brought me an plethora of good times and some of the most amazing experiences of my life, things you can’t put a price on. SO, go out, buy an album, and  ticket ‘s to Electric forest and Bisco and Ill See you there! Stay wobbly fellow bassheads , Lorin thank you for continuing to astonish me with your creativity, drive, and humility, your one of the most down to earth artists Ive had the pleasure of meeting (Lupos, 2010) and your music truly speaks to the very essence of my being. Never change but constantly evolve.

  17. I absolutely LOVE your way of answering this. If it wasn’t for one of your free downloads, or the fact that you stream your albums online, I might not have ever explored your greatness. Now I’m obsessed and spread the word to all the people I can. Your live show is absolutely sick and I support whenever I can financially. Either way, you are amazing and I really appreciate the availability of your music and your genuine positive attitude towards your fans. You sir, kick ass!

  18. BassHeadForLife says:

    My friends and I were talking about this issue, particularly in reference to Pink Elephants and other unreleased tacks for purchase. One of my friends called it sacrilegious to have a copy of an unreleased song. I try to always buy artists music, I have almost every track except for freakbeat for the beatfreaks. I just want to tell everyone that you should go see Bassnectar perform, because it is one thing to listen to the music at home, but with thousands of amazing people the feeling is amplified and it becomes a beautiful experience. I decided to delete the copies of all unreleased tracks, including the pink elephants video, so that way we can enjoy the novelty of hearing them at a show and it makes it even more special. My friends and I love your music, your message, and the fan-bass (Woooooo BNF!) Thank you also for being an amazing role model to your fans, and sharing your political and social ideology.

    P.S. I also had a crazy dream after Basslights that you were a magical sorcerer who saved the world. So I made a visual representation of my dream. Hope you like our starfish totem (we got it from the NYC Terminal 5 show!) I hope you all enjoy!! See you in the spring!

    • Shasta Lee says:

      That is so AWESOME – I really like that you decided to enjoy the novelty of it all 🙂
      much love to you fam <3

      If you'd like to support the original artist of Pink Elephants you can show some love to Daladubz.

      • BassHeadForLife says:

        Done and done, thank you Shasta Lee 🙂

        It just blows my mind every time at shows. I find myself even trying to sing the drop, its quite hilarious to see the bite-sized me pretending to have the vocal range of an 808.

        Having the video was amazing because I got to re-live the experience, but at the same time I the light show and the feel of the song actually being played in the environment can never be replicated by a single recording coming out of ear buds. 100% support to nectar and to all his collabs !

        I think it was you who posted a pic on fb of the painting with all of the people recording the artist on stage. I am a natural born artist, and love photography but it is so much more important to live in the moment and appreciate the performance in the present because nothing can replace being present, invested, and committed to the artist and your fellow audience members. Half the fun of a show is meeting new people and I see this so often that people are too concerned with their recordings than having fun! I have learned so much about myself, and others through being part of this beautiful community. So thankful <3

  19. j munz says:

    if you can copy music onto something and share the joy with everyone for free but don’t because you want compensation for it isnt that like if you had enough food to feed all the hungry people but you choose not to because you are greedy? just a thought

    • Ed Basscrew says:

      I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s not even close to being comparable.

      • Colleen says:

        i think joy and food are both essential to life, and equally so. people continually deprived of any joy whatsoever will eventually wither away in the same sense that people deprived of food are, unless something comes to save them (in either situation)

        but since not everyone will derive joy from the same things (e.g. music), i can’t quite agree with j munz’s hypothetical

  20. Mike says:

    I appreciate your attitude towards sharing freely and generously. And yes, I steal your shit… and yes, I just bought 7 of my friends tickets to go with me to your Sunday show in Silver Spring. It’ll feel great to see you throw down in a small venue again.

  21. Anthony Bruder says:

    i know this is oldddd but is there anyway i can get my hands on anymore of that bonus material?? divergent is where it alllll started for me, appreciate the time!

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