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August 17th, 2011


Divergent Spectrum Bonus PackWelcome to the Divergent Spectrum Bonus Pack – a small collection of outakes, odd-bits, rarities, and sketches. The idea behind this collection of bits & loops is to provide something like the Special Features on a DVD… behind-the-scenes material to accompany the release of the Divergent Spectrum album.

So I went through various hard drives and pulled out a range of loops, samples, sounds, and even a few unfinished works. Some of these are earlier versions of songs on the Divergent Spectrum collection, and some of them are older experiments and older versions. There are some songs here that I made years ago, which were never released. ‘It’s About To Get Hectic’ was created in 2007, and ‘Thugstep’ in 2008, both were going to be on Cozza Frenzy, but never made the cut… (For obvious reasons… they just arent that good! Ha ha…. but I think it is interesting, at least for myself, to look back at ideas that were never fully pursued.)

The real gem here for me is The Lost Track. This is a song which I intended to release on “Diverse Systems Of Throb” but I never got around to finishing. I created it in Reason, and bounced some parts to take it into Cubase. After some time passed, I forgot about it, and accidentally deleted the Reason session. I had never laid out a sequence of it, and eventually the folder got lost in a labyrinth of subdirectories on a forgotten computer. A few months ago I found it again, and thought it would be great to release this song as a “Choose Your Own Adventure” theme, something I wouldn’t necessarily even finish myself.

You can enjoy this simply as a few pretty sounding loops, kind of like a view into my studio back in 2003 or whenever this was being made. Or you can sample it, or remix it, create your own version, use the bits in a live set – whatever. If you come up with anything you like I would deeply appreciate if you would send it to us at

My team is going to get together the first week of tour and have a small listening party and check out all the submissions we get. This isn’t a contest, it’s just a project, something I want to share with you. And hopefully you will share back with me. Maybe I will even play bits of it live this fall…

Enjoy the adventure!