September 5th, 2011


Divergent Spectrum Tour

Bassnectar hits Vancouver, BC at PNE Forum on Friday, November 18th 2011!

This is an All Ages event.

We are honored to announce that Bonobo (DJ set) and R/D are joining us for this event.

Doors: 7:00 PM

Advance Bassnectar.net tickets have sold out.

Click here for tickets

BonoboBonobo – Simon Green, aka as Bonobo is back on the live circuit with us this fall. This London future jazz phenom is bringing his most impressive DJ set ever to Canada on the heels of his lauded ‘Black Sands’ LP. Bonobo’s music comes in lush, complicated layers edging close to many sub-genres but really creating its’ own. Swirling jazz, with a heavy bass line and a methodical linear progression, Bonobo represents electronic music in its’ most elevated state.
Check out www.bonobomusic.com/

R/D – This Knock & Roll up and comer from Los Angeles will remind you of your favorite glitch artists with heavy bass rolls and a dark synth vibe. Aggressive beats mix with dark echos and elements of the surreal on his best tracks. This LA native is ready to stun the midwest with his big sound and haunting beats.

Check out www.rd-sound.com
Free downloads at soundcloud.com/r-d-1

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15 Responses to “11/18/11 BASSNECTAR IN VANCOUVER, BC @ PNE FORUM”
  1. The Tim says:

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

  2. robot bass says:

    R/D is ready to stun the midwest? ;P i wish BC was midwest!

  3. The Tim says:

    Does the show really end at 10?

    • Ed Basscrew says:

      No way, it really doesn’t! Prob you are seeing some Facebook nonsense. We’ve not published the end time, but it’s not going to be an earlier than midnight.

      • The Tim says:

        That’s what I like to hear! I was worried for a second. I want the amount of time of having bass in or around my face to a maximum

  4. b.Lee says:

    is he performing at an after party this night?

  5. trp says:

    Im dieing to know how many subs will be brought to this event??
    Estimate?? :DD Cant wait!!!

  6. Meglet-taylor23 says:

    are there seats or is it all in an open area???

    • jacob says:

      its an open area, there are bleachers that you can chill and sit in but there isnt actually assigned seating. Basically you just go wherever you want 😛

  7. Jchan09 says:

    2 tickets available text 778 888 2238

  8. The Tim says:

    set times????????????????????

  9. True Patriot says:

    29 hours until my head explodes

  10. Endthewarmachine says:

    Hey Lorin,  anxiously awainting your next visit to seattle!!  Hook us up in 2012 bro, we need the love!

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