September 5th, 2011


Divergent Spectrum Tour

Bassnectar hits Plymouth, MI at Compuware Arena on Saturday, November 26th 2011!

This is an All Ages event.

We are excited to announce that Secrets and Big Gigantic will be joining us for this event!

Doors: 7:00 PM


Big GiganticBig Gigantic – Dominic Lalli is responsible for this jazz meets electronic mix, with Jeremy Salkin on drums and beats. The duo mix both electronic and acoustic instruments to create an ethereal sound that defies genres as it ebbs and flows in symphonically surprising ways. Not a single beat is wasted as their textured music slips from one era to another, prepare to be dazzled and delighted!

Check out www.biggigantic.net
Free downloads at soundcloud.com/biggigantic

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  1. miranda says:

    realllly need two tickets, help if you can! email – miranda090789@yahoo.com

  2. Djrodimus says:

    need two – four tickets will pay extra. email me at djrodimus@djrodimus.com.

    • Shasta Lee says:

      i know a lotta bassheads are frantically trying to acquire tickets
      to this sold out show but don’t encourage scalping!

  3. Jfunswor says:

    im looking for two tickets if anyone can help thanks, jfunswor@mtu.edu

  4. Gpdo1330 says:

    I need 2 tickets please email me if u have thanks Gpdo1330@aol.com

  5. Matrocket1 says:

    need a ticket, paying good.  248 758 8857

  6. Bossman2526 says:

    Need two!!! Pls help. Bossman2526@gmail.com

  7. Viktoria92 says:

    Two bassheads in dire need of two tickets! Please text 248 470 8563 if you have tickets to sell!! 

  8. Brennenm94 says:

    I know a lot of people are looking for tickets, but I will give you my soul (and an appropriate amount of money) for tickets. I have old xbox 360 games that I will gladly throw out to you on top of the ticket price haha, text 810-488-9788 or email BrennenM94@gmail.com if you have 2 extra tickets.

  9. BassHead070 says:

    will pay top dollar for a ticket, text me @ 269-808-1321

  10. DIVADEV5 says:


  11. Vincilk says:

    Two tickets pleasseee! 586 718 6293

  12. Jennifer Kruger says:

    Need tickets! Text 248 881 2485 please! Will pay double ticket price, need at least 3

  13. Jasono0o8 says:

    looking for four please facebook me jason bozyk

  14. Jody Piechura says:

    Dude. HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Shasta Lee says:

    so any bassheads staying in the Red Roof Inn – Detroit/ Plymouth ?

  16. Guest says:

    is this really only goin till 10

  17. Anonymous says:

    i’m sure it will be

  18. Bassnympho4 says:

    can someone send me some Secret links. ive never heard of him/them?

  19. Toneo76 says:

    Need one ticket please! 9892807584 text or call. Bassout.

  20. Any one staying at the Hilton Gardern in plymouth? its right beside the venue.. Lets party down people! party in our room!

  21. Acidinks says:

    does anyone have 2 tickets for sale i my wife and i are soo pissed we are only finding tickets with 150% markup there has to be some good people selling them for close to face value please hit me up

  22. Minxiedetroit says:

    Need two tickets plz txt or call 248 850 6691

  23. Shasta Lee says:

    this is probably such a huge stab in the dark but my best friend just told me that he thought i bought his ticket for him months ago…. and i didn’t. total miscommunication and I am in total need of just one ticket. that’s one less person to throw down for gas, and makin a trip from chitown to Michigan is not cheap…

    if someone can PLEASE please please sell me one ticket for FACE VALUE i will be forever grateful. 

    email me Kyrian_BeeBop@yahoo:disqus.com
    text me 1815 322 6512

    • robot_bass says:

      so glad you got this worked out! can’t wait to rage with you<3

      side note: if any of you folks see a small crowd of people, some of whom have antlers and candy canes coming out of their heads, come say hi. i promise they will be fun. use the code word  Santa's Got A Brand New Bag, and –BOOM– they will have jolly ranchers -AND- starburst (nothing more) for your flavorful enjoyment. TIS THE SEASON!

      • Shasta Lee says:

        the crowd of people will also include a V for Vendetta mask
        & a fuzzy hat with ears and paws 🙂

      • robot_bass says:

        the candy was a HIT!!! Santa has definitely got a brand new bag. sorry to those of you who found us when there was no candy left! we will be bringing even more treats next time — LOOK FOR THE CANDY CODEWORD!

  24. Gate says:

    Compuware never sent me my tickets? i have the confirmation number and email but never received my e-tickets on my email. what should I do?

    • robot_bass says:

      hey gate,
      are you sure your tickets aren’t will call — where you’d pick them up at the show tomorrow?
      check the e-mail confirmation you got and look for the “method of delivery” that was listed. if it says will call, then your tickets will be waiting for you at compuware. if they were definitely supposed to come in the mail, then i would contact compuware first thing in the morning (734-453-6400) and/or the ticket provider (whoever you purchased the tickets from) to find out what you should do.
      but someone from the basscrew may have more/better info, so check back! good luck!

  25. bronz says:

    What hotel/motel is everybody staying at???!!??

  26. Toneo76 says:

    Need one ticket please. 9892807584. Thank you.

  27. Dyekast says:

    need one ticket  will pay 75    txt me 309-635-5639

  28. joe says:

    i need tkts .. (2) ron  (313) 600 9459

  29. M D Hertler says:

    FU**ING killed it last night in Plymouth. My head still hurts.. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  30. CStaff says:

    This rockd man. thx again, so happy to hear laughter crescendo and cozza frenzy.  i can’t believe someone in the audience paid for a ticket just to throw a fuckin bottle at the artist. i bet that person was instantly shunned by their neighbors. fuck’m

  31. someone31988 says:

    That really was a musical journey. Nice and energetic and hearing a classic, “Laughter Crescendo,” thrown into the set during the calm parts made it even better. Thank you. It was an extraordinarily fun night.

    • robot_bass says:

      yes! that laughter remix made my soul feel so completeee
      i feel like i can just snuggle up with an internal ball of everlasting bass warmth and synthesize it into energy to power the planet FOREVER

      • Shasta Lee says:

        So many people were *very* excited that Laughter Crescendo was played. Probably the most talked about song afterwards 🙂

  32. Woody says:

    Last night I found the land of Bass and Honey, that was an incredible set Lorin! Big Gigantic sent me for a loop and then Lorin took over with the synergistic melting and pounding rhythms like only he can do. What a way to top off the tour! Here’s too the joy of the years work and the anticipation of whats yet to come. May next year bring blessing to Lorin the Crew, their families, friends and loved ones and all Bassheads far and wide. Lets shake the planet in 2012!

  33. Basskid says:

    Truly amazing set. I especially loved the way you put on a 25 minute encore. Hearing Laughter Cresendo made me smile and think about some very happy times on tour. The venue was amazing with staff that did a really good job of taking care of the crowd. Once again you blew my mind. I hope I can make it to the NYE show before you jet-set to the land down under.

    Much Love,
    Basskid from Chi

  34. Shasta Lee says:

    Last night happened way too fast. I thoroughly enjoyed it though.
    To all the bassheads i met, thanks for being so friendly and inviting 🙂 you guys truly make the atmosphere perfect. If anyone was in the back when that guy fell to the crowd because of (dehydration?) EVERYONE stopped and acted immediately.  Gave him water and sat there until he was okay again. While everyone was waiting to see if he was okay some kid next to me said, “I don’t feel comfortable raging unless everyone is okay”.  
    Also, to whomever brought their daughter with them…she was the most adorable thing ever! (the dreaded family in the back, cause there were multiple fams) especially since the whole family was there 🙂 I saw plenty of very young kids (wearing earmuffs 🙂 ) last night and it really made me stop and realize that Bassnectar is obviously more than just music. And to the people that contain it to Dubstep, it’s more than just that too.  We all know that someone wouldn’t bring their five year old child to a hardcore dubstep show. The fact that parents bring their kids to a bassnectar show is because the energy in that place is mad. Complete madness, yet totally soft and beautiful at the same time.  It’s an experience, not just a concert. Man I wish my parents could have taken me to a Bassnectar show that young…shit!

    Another thing – To the kid I met before any music started kinda by the stage…I think you’re name was Eli??  I loved meeting you and I hope we’ll meet again.  Your enthusiasm about Bassnectar was awesome.  You have my number so hit me up sometime 🙂

    Thank you Lorin for giving my friends and I one of the best weekends away from home ever 🙂
    see ya in….ohhhh about a month :)!!!

  35. sam larsen says:


    -Sam Larsen

  36. Shaneknolton says:

    come back asap please!

  37. danny says:

    anyone got tickets for sale hit me up 360 990 1706′

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