September 12th, 2011


Color Storm RemixtapeHello!

Sorry it has taken me a year to throw together another remixtape for your listening pleasure, but I am excited to announce… It is finished, processed, and about 2 or 3 clicks away!

The Color Storm Remixtape is 30 minutes of music: some completely unreleased, and some classic smashups you have been requesting for eons. It is designed to accompany your adventures with us over the days and nights to come. Week one of tour was utterly off the hook, and it has only just begun.

Can’t wait to see the rest of you out on the wild wild road!







Bassnectar – Color Storm
Bassnectar & Seth Drake – Above & Beyond
Bassnectar – Upside Down (Bassnectar & Terravita Remix)
Top Cat & Rebel MC – Original Ses
Bassnectar & Datsik – YES
TC – Tap Ho (Bassnectar Remix)
Zion I – Juicy Juice (Acapella)
Nine Inch Nails – Closer (Instrumental)
Dick Dale & His Del-Tones – Misirlou [Pulp Fiction Theme] (Bassnectar Remix)
Bassnectar – Voodoo (Bassnectar & ill.Gates Remix)
Nirvana – In Bloom (Bassnectar Mashup)
MIA – Paper Planes (Instrumental)
Nas ft. Lauryn Hill – If I Ruled The World (Acapella)
ill.Gates & Captain Hook – Open your Eyes (Bassnectar Remix)

  • Desmond

    Yo man way awesome, so pumped for bloomington.
    Mad LOVe

  • Kowens11

    i dig this! way to much…its Ba NANAS


    thank you  i kneel before you

  • Lucascassella

    is everyones redemption codes working? mine isnt..

    • Anonymous

      use basshead11

      or put your email in the widget and get the download link direct to your email

  • ukadapta

    Hey, I made a video mash-up for this mix. Only used 2 tracks “Pulp Fiction Theme” & “Voodoo” with some “Train Stunts” video clips found on youtube!

  • Spencer bachman

    Orgasm at 6:07… Fucking love it Lorin

  • Avram308

    ey thats an ill mix man see you soon

  • M2

    A thousand thanks! Hope to see you on Halloween!

  • Shasta Lee

    please release your enigma Saeglopur remix.
    when you played that track last october my whole world stopped.
    it’s the bees knees

    • Phillip Irwin

      Its pretty much the same as Enigmas remix Shas!! Don’t think he does too much too it 😉

      • Shasta Lee

        really? no way man. i’m trying to find a video of the show i was at
        but it vanished from youtube…if i find it i’ll send you it. it was definitely
        different from enigmas remix.
        youz crayzee

  • Zball828

    Yo Lorin. You are the ultimate boss. I can’t wait for ATL with PL. My face is gonna melt off. Thanks dude. By the way I’m com in down with my friend Eden, who’s parents are Brad and Elizabeth. 

    • Zball828

      Oh, and I’m comin down from Asheville NC where you killed at Basscenter 2 on your b-day. Thanks for that

  • Mpinelli25

    Dude your the fucking mann! You amaze me with everything you throw together! I don’t know how you do it but your a genius and the greatest dub step arisit this country will ever see! You don’t stop either which I love bout you it’s tour after tour, festival after festival idk how you do it man! But I fucking lovee youu!

  • Xalcatrazz22x

    Fuckkk Fracking…exxon mobil running commercials saying its completely safe for ground water and BP running commercials about the Gulf being open for business and then at the end saying glad thats settled…its not fucking settled you destroyed a lot of shit and a lot of peoples way of life….ugh…

    • robot bass

      FUCK FRACKING! frack up my planet, i’ll frack you up

  • Hey Lorin,
    I got in trouble for recording a live show for the first time the other day by one of the security. I didn’t even know it was a problem brfore then. But I read up on a lot of the copyright laws and now see how it infringes upon those laws(e.g. me “copying” others work without their explicit consent) My question is: Do you think it’s a big deal for people to record clips of live performances, particularly yours? What about posting it on a site like Youtube? It’s mostly all illegal, but there seems to be very little done about it, although Youtube does now seem to be much more strict, catching some, but not nearly all, and even some that is legitimate gets in trouble. I would appreciate feedback from anyone who cares to share it. 🙂 Bass & Love

  • Johnny Cat

    Thank you for the music Lorin!  C u in Calgary!! yeeehaaaw

  • Jordan Gombach

    Hey Lorin,
    My name is Jordan, and I’m a member of the organization known as Occupy Columbus, Ohio. I’m sure you’ve heard of what happened  during Operation Occupy Wall St. We held our first general assembly on Tuesday, I signed up as a member of the Public Relations Committee and I was wondering, would it be possible to get in contact with you some time before you return to Columbus, Ohio and talk to you or one of your crew members about possibly setting up a booth at your next show in this area? 

    P.S. If we get in contact with each other I can provide you with further information such as our cause, what goals we stand for, etc. But I can assure you, based on ALL of your music that I have listened to, I firmly believe that we are along the same train of thought. Thank you!


  • Tim

    Beautifully done Lorin! My highest regards go out to you

  • Chanahsterling

    this is fantastic!!!! phenomenal!!

  • B@SS_NECTER_Rocks

    Really Nice like it bassnectar is amazing

  • From_ashes_to_flame

    Nine Inch Nails!!! nicely done brutha. one of my favorite people of all Time Mr.Reznor is.  any chance of a collaboration with him in the future?

  • Kaleb

    can somebody please please please mention to Lorin to do a special halloween meet in greet in Dallas in a couple of weeks! It would be the greatest thing ever. he is an inspiration… to the point where i will be BASSNECTAR for Halloween!! pleaaaaaase tell him to come out and meet some fans 🙂

    • Kaleb

      meet and greet* excuse me. i’m just so excited fantasizing about meeting my hero. <33

    • hey Kaleb! 🙂
      looks like we are doing it in Austin, since Dallas is actual Halloween proper and it will be fuckan PSYCHONUTS before the show

      • Kaleb

        this is the worst news I’ve ever heard :'(

        knowing my chance of meeting you is gone overshadows the fact that you just communicated directly with me.

        • Shasta Lee

          hey kaleb. most of the time, if he is able to, Lorin will jump off the stage at the end of the show and sign some stuff, give hi5’s….all that jazz to the people up front. so, if ya can’t make it to the Austin show for the meet ‘n greet you can try meetin’ him after the Dallas show. no gaurentees, but he’s done it every show i’ve gone to 🙂
          either way, have FUN and go nuts!

        • awwww,budd! i will see what we can do.
          as easy as it sounds, it is a mega undertaking with organization (its easy for me, i just get to hang out) but for the staff and production crew its dead heat in the middle of their most hectic and full on 12 hour shift, and usually when we try it, …just trust me it isnt as easy as it sounds. Are you far from Austin?

          • Kaleb

            I live a little over three hours from Austin. looks like I’m taking a solo road trip!

            I understand it must not be a snap-of-the-finger kind of thing. I wasn’t really expecting you to do a meet and greet in Dallas, but I was hopeful. it is just a pretty big tearjerker that my hopes are crushed by the man himself!! either way, I am really jazzed up that you are actually speaking to me.
            I will definitely be up front for the Dallas show, Shasta Lee. 

      • Kaleb

        doing it on ‘Halloween proper’ is even more reason to do it! I can promise you that I will be in the front of the line, just look for a mini-you! I don’t have the funds to drive down to Austin or else I would be there. you even have a huge fan requesting your presence!! 🙁 

        hope its not weird that I’m you for halloween.

  • Carolina

    Bassnectar should really consider doing a meet and greet in Dallas because I am pretty sure my boyfriend Kaleb is his number one fan, you are truly an inspiration and I can’t wait to see you in Dallas! 🙂

  • jackssss

    nirvana mash is a sad fail.

  • Your show in Atlanta Blew my mind man!!! your the sh^* keep it up! PS i hope i can make it down to your show in new orlens thats where im from if not then im going to save up and catch your next show that i can save up for! thanks for the music man i jam it everyday

  • Dylan!

    Yo Lorin and the crew! me and my friends are your runners in Pensacola tomorrow, say whats up!

    • hey buddy! 🙂
      see ya tomorrow (watch out for gnarlos!! 🙂





  • iamsamiam


  • iamsamiam

    ps… thank you so much for all that you do… wish ya all the happiness this world has to offer fella!  see ya soon

  • CStaff

    So happy about specifically the Tap Ho Upside Down and ill.voodoo remixes plus the extended YES BUT i reallllllly NEEEEd to get a song I.D. on…every song in this video…pleeeeeeeaaasse I’ve searched for sooo long and have noo cluuue. at the start/ the surf song/ especially tho at 2:38 and 5:39 and the banger at the end. too much awesome unknown stuff plzzz hellllpp.. 

  • Drizzle

    Been jammin’ this erryday since it came out. <3

  • JD Cotton II


  • Clevergirlinsf

    This guy could remix “The Alphabet Song” and make it jam!! True genius.

    • Shasta Lee

      hahahaha. you should throw it in the requestline just for giggles. 
      cause it’s probably true.

  • Kaleb


    please for the love of god

  • Jrc5709

    duuuude, please release your remix of TC’s Tap HO…

  • Myers_shiann14

    I have no idea who you I’ve been listening to your music for months and can’t get enough
    Of it keep up the awesome music

  • MLG

    Hey i heard of those lobbys you DIPSHIt im high as fuck in school yo!

  • Awarrek

    blowing my mind once again!

  • Dj_Tigasatyle36

    This mix is soooooo Dirty that’S all i can say

  • Yessirrr!!  Loved that MIA / Nas mash.

  • Asentro

    Sick as balls… love it Lorin

  • Matt

    Hey what’s up? I can not get a redemption code that will work for this download. Can anybody help me or with a working code? Thanks, Matt. Boulder CO

    • Chris Basscrew

      All you have to do is enter your email and it’s yours.

      • Matt

        Thanks 4 your help. I am assuming that it isn’t working because l am trying to download it to my phone? Because I Don’t See a place to enter my email, only a place to put a redemption Code.

        • Chris Basscrew

          It’s showing up on mine – the black box above the tracklisting. Let me know if you can find it.