September 5th, 2011


Fall Tour Survival Guide

Ready to Blast Off!!!

Bassnectar is preparing for the biggest tour in our history, on the heels of the biggest album launch in our history. We are hitting the road with a massive crew of multimedia tech wizards, punk rock tour veterans, 2 semi-trucks worth of lighting and an entire arena sound system with enough BASS to melt your brain in all the right ways!

Want to make it in and out alive?

Here is your survival guide!


Your Bass Face
Earplugs (we go over 110 dB EVERYWHERE. Even in the bathrooms…)
Reusable battery-powered/rechargeable light up toys
Face Paint
Non-professional film and digital cameras
(1) Factory sealed bottle of water (non-glass container) – we will provide free water too!
Small backpacks or bags, empty camel backs (read below in security)
Valid Driver’s License for will-call and/or to drink alcohol

Fall Tour Survival Guide

What NOT to Bring

Glowsticks. (Single-use light up toys will NOT be allowed into the event. They are wasteful and annoying.)
Weapons of ANY kind
Ninja Stars (only the crew carries ninja stars at these events)
Anything illegal
Picnic Baskets
Glass containers of any kind
Alcohol (alcohol will be sold at the event)
Large backpacks
Large Undead Zombies
Any type of Vaporization Unit
Any type of Time Machine
Professional still camera equipment (no detachable lenses, no tripods, big zooms, or commercial use rigs)
Audio/video recording equipment
Water guns/balloons/projectiles (don’t encourage people to throw water anywhere! Electronic music and water do not go together!!)

Fall Tour Survival Guide

How & When to Arrive

Please check your specific event listing to see what time your event opens. We always encourage our attendees to come early to avoid the line bum rush before the Bassnectar set and enjoy our fantastic openers. Have a designated driver, the number for a taxi or a really awesome pair of walking shoes, but do not drive under the influence of anything!

When entering the event, pay attention to the security guards, and the process of entering. Have your bags open, your water bottles visible, your camel backs open, your IDs out. The best way to get through security quickly is to be aware of the process and respect the security. Lets do our best to help them help us. Thanking the security is the best way to make sure they are in a good mood, and enjoying the show. If you are nice to them they will be nice to the next person. Security are our friends.

What NOT To Do

*Don’t pass out from dehydration! Drink enough water.
*Don’t arrive to the event so messed up that you can’t walk inside, remember: everything in moderation (even moderation).
*Don’t imbibe/ingest/smoke/absorb/psychically channel anything stupid, that you haven’t done before, that you don’t know what it is, that you got from a stranger, etc. This event is intense enough, especially if you have never been before.
*Don’t leave so messed up that you can’t walk outside, because it will be darker, dirtier, and harder to find you.
*Don’t leave your friends at home!
*Don’t throw the water. Ever. Imagine being the dude who fried Lorin’s computer, or the Lighting Designer’s laptop. Don’t be that dude.

Fall Tour Survival Guide


We are pouring our hearts into creating every event on this tour as a way to bring people together. These are so much more than “shows”- they are gatherings, centered around the intention of celebration. We encourage you to bring gifts to share, and to go out of your way to meet new friends. Watch out for each other, and explore the event with an open mind!

You can make this event your own by simply attending and sharing your personality with us….
It’s not about the drugs
It’s not about the stage
It’s not about being cool
It’s about the music, the community, and the precious chance to get together in a massive group and enjoy life!

As you all know, Bassnectar takes a Family Photo after every event we play, and this Fall Tour, we are asking you to raise the bar. Will your city be the most insane Family Photo ever? It’s up to you.

We really want to take the participation of our events to the next level. Everyone has been going so full on at our events and for that we are grateful. More of your crazy costumes, more inflatables, more dancing, more coming early and more meeting new people. Go absolutely nuts!!!

Fall Tour Survival Guide



If you don’t have them already, Get them now HERE!
Don’t wait to buy your tickets. We hate scalpers and work hard to offer pre sale tickets to our fans! Please don’t support these parasites, don’t wait, get your tickets for a reasonable price, tell your friends to get their tickets now, when they’re available straight from us.

See you soon!
Bassnectar Crew


  1. Wnicholls420 says:


    I think i speak for everyone when I say the Bassnectar community is truly an amazing experience and I am so proud to be apart of it. We love you so much and were all so thankful for what you all do for us. There is no word to describe the love that me and thousands of other people have for the Bassnectar world. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU a million times and a million times again. You have our support always!

    p.s. a diaper is definitely the most important thing on the list. (thank you especially for Nashville sept. 25th 2010) my life can truly begin.

    ~Will Nicholls

  2. Samantha from KS says:

    <3 you Lorin. I really hope everyone who attends your events reads this page. It's chock full of great info! I've been to 13 of your shows and I still read this!!

    I hope everyone who attends your events discovers there is much more to Bassnectar than just dancing and heavy bass lines.

    Peace and love. Meditate on the bassweight <3 Samantha

    P.S. I really hope you're playing New Year's somewhere! I'd love to celebrate 2012 with you!!

  3. Austin Zielinski <3's Nectar says:

    wait! we arent allowed to bring glowsticks?!?

  4. Austin Zielinski <3's Nectar says:

    wait! we arent allowed to bring glowsticks?!?

    • Anonymous says:

      correct, please don’t

      but battery powered, reusable lights are prettier, not thrown away after a few hours, and allowed 🙂

    • cat says:

      I’m pretty sure they don’t want glowsitcks since it is the first one on the list. 

    • mark denkins says:

      people always waant to throw them on stage which he stops the show n asks us not to throw any more. it would just be better so we dont have to worry bout that happening

    • mark denkins says:

      people always waant to throw them on stage which he stops the show n asks us not to throw any more. it would just be better so we dont have to worry bout that happening

  5. Meghan from CO says:

    WOOHOO!!!! CANT WAIT!! red rocks, snowball and bass center 1 were the most incredible concert experiences

  6. Butterflymmanson says:

    Crazy question, I know, and possibly directed towards the wrong people… but, if the venue usually has a no camelbak policy, does that change for this show or should we keep in mind local venue policies (specifically for ABQ no water bottles, backpacks, lights) as well or are their exceptions for these shows, which allow us to bring these things?

  7. mark denkins says:

    good advice. haha sweet summer camp pic im standing on the carbage can in front of the sound board. YES

  8. mark denkins says:

    good advice. haha sweet summer camp pic im standing on the carbage can in front of the sound board. YES

  9. mark denkins says:

    good advice. haha sweet summer camp pic im standing on the carbage can in front of the sound board. YES

  10. Noeypahk says:

    Aka The Bible.. See you in SF Lorin!!

  11. Octopushandz says:

    damn it…i cant bring my ninja stars ****** 🙁

  12. Octopushandz says:

    damn it…i cant bring my ninja stars ****** 🙁

  13. Anonymous says:

    will a broomstick or pole of some sort be allowed to strap my inflatable, sign, or misc. to???

  14. Riley says:

    I fucking love it. Perfect. 

  15. AGENTSQUISH says:

    thanks for the info love all of you who make this a possibility. see you in Springtown, MO the 27!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Dear Lorin,

    I want a story.

    Not to bring a negative light to the situation, but in the article
    above, you mentioned that someone once threw water on stage and fried
    your laptop, and also that the same thing happened to your Lighting
    Designer. That would have been SO embarrassing, and quite a shock.

    What I’d like to know, is WHAT HAPPENED AFTER? How did you and how did
    you LD both recover from those (separate?) unfortunate accidents?

    Much Love,



  17. Ranelle_youngblood says:


    Totally wish you and your crew would look into fire performances of some kind… most can obtain insurance that covers ALL kinds of damages, it would look SICK with your music (we often find ourselves burning to Bassnectar tracks and remixs and collabs actually), and it would be one of the best combinations of art imaginable. Also we are attempting to practice patience while slowly counting down until your Halloween show here in Dallas, Texas… gotta admit it’s pretty damn difficult.Keep up the basssss <3

  18. Skidkidz says:

    What no Edmonton but we are so good to you… I hate going to Calgary but for you I will. Drop Science….

  19. Breck says:

    Dude I’m gonna go soooo FUCKING INSANE!! I’m rollin with a crew this time so it’s gonna be extra CRAZY!! Bring the heat man and melt my face 🙂 

  20. Burtreynlds says:

    Instead of a factory sealed plastic bottle of water, why not bring an empty nalgene you already own? Plastic bottles of water are one of the most annoying and wasteful products in the world, using more plastic per bottle than a tiny fucking *glowstick. Get your priorities in order. 

    *Glowsticks are also incredibly wasteful, and are only appropriate on the wrists of small children on halloween. 

    • Tawny6812 says:

      plastic factory bottles are 100% recyclable; your idea of re-use is right on…ideas like those, and carpooling to venues, are smalls ways we can bring the thought outside the INCREDIBLE BASS EXPERIENCE!!!!! M/

  21. Andrew says:

    Here’s hoping I’m surrounded by people who understand the importance of music and community at the next Bassnectar show I attend. The sad truth is, as Lorin’s popularity has increased dramatically, so has the number of self-entitled douchebags attending his shows (i.e., those who elbow and shove their way through the crowd). Also, please please PLEASE turn the speakers up to 11 for the fall tour to drown out the people with short-attention spans who talk over the whole concert.

    • I hate what the scene is turning into… At least at music festivals (except Bonnaroo) are still amazing and kind. 

    • I hate what the scene is turning into… At least at music festivals (except Bonnaroo) are still amazing and kind. 

    • Shasta Lee says:

      try to not let others ruin your night. though sometimes i KNOW it’s inevitable.
      unfortunetly i agree, the crowd each show i go to seems to get more rowdy,
      inappropriate and just plain rude.  The only thing you can do is not add to the problem,
      stay calm, and try and spread the love anyways.
      on the contrary, there are also more and more bassnectar fam at each show.
      i’m not just talking about Bassnectar OG’s, or the most dedicated fans, but the
      ones that truly understand the message behind bassnectar. work the crowd, and
      i gaurentee you’ll find some down right AMAZING people. 
      if ya see some people holdin’ a BASS FRONT PROPERTY sign, go chill with
      ’em, i gaurentee you’ll have fun 🙂

      hope your future shows are better.
      much love 🙂

      • robot bass says:

        AH! are you bass front property? gurll, i’ve saw you guys at EF and NCMF. ima find you next time 🙂

        • Shasta Lee says:

          hahaha, i am not THE bass front property. i can’t take credit for the idea either.
          the people at EF i BELIEVE were the ones that started it, i wasn’t there. but some
          of my bass fam was there and the reason i mentioned it because those people
          are FRIENDLY.
          at NCMF we had a group of about 15 or so up front with the sign. it’s a good time,
          good vibes, and good people.
          you should try and find me next time anyways. 🙂

          • robot bass says:

            yaa i’ll find you at the plymouth show (granted you have the bass front property sign!). i see you on here all the time 🙂 im the blonde dreads up front.

          • Shasta Lee says:

            i’m guna see what fam is goin to the plymouth show, but i’ll definitely be there.

            & hell yeah I love dreads haha 🙂
            hit up the site on the plymouths page when it gets closer to the show & we’ll
            plan to meet up. (that’s how i’ve done it with all the other fam, and i’ve met SO
            many wonderful people)
            see ya thurrrr

  22. Gino says:

    Bloomington IL, October 1st going to be insane

  23. nolan tkachenko says:

    Wooty AWSOME job bassnectar at SF, Bill Graham Auditorium gave us an awsome show and one hell of a night for all of is kick ass

  24. crystallll says:

    I’m hoping the free water will be plentiful and in more than one location rather than having to trek to the other side of the DC armory for it… especially since only empty camelbaks are allowed in…

    • LORIN says:

      i work very hard to make that happen every night.
      I have spoken repeatedly to my hard working crew about this, as the venue is so particularly large, and we will do our best to keep ye hydrated!

      • Bhaley says:

        Thanks cant wait for this show,see you up front

      • crystallll says:

        Lorin- I just wanted to send a shout out to thank one of your crew members who really helped me out last night at Basscenter 4 with getting in with my empty camelbak. after getting in just fine at the start of Big Gigantic, a security guard pushed me outside & told me my camelbak wasn’t allowed in. after much debate I was just stuck outside with nowhere to put it, & while waiting on a friend to come to rescue my camelbak from me, one of your crew members took notice & escorted me inside & went through the trouble of making sure I got back in ok WITH my camelbak. I just wanted to say I really appreciate that he took the time to do that for me, since I know there was a lot of miscommunication between security of what was allowed in. unfortunately the process took more than an hour & I missed most of Big Gigantic, & then there was no free water to be found =/ (..but the bathroom sink worked just fine) but the show you put on just made the night anyway. 🙂 so mostly I just wanted to say thanks to your guy that really helped me out!

        • Anonymous says:

          email bassteam (at) bassnectar (dot) net

          and answer these questions:

          1. Why would you be a good Ambassador?
          2. What could you contribute to the Ambassador crew?
          3. Do you have any relevant experience?
          4. What inspired you to apply as an Ambassador?
          5. Do you have a project or crew that you propose to create or join as an Ambassador?
          6. How many Bassnectar shows have you been to?
          7. How old are you?
          8. Where do you live?

      • wisco amBASSador says:

        THATS WHAT AMBASSADORS ARE FOR (: right on lorin, cant wait to help ya out again

  25. SubOrderNation says:

    Procrastinating on my philosophy paper about what it is to have a meaningful life, any deep thoughts?

  26. Anthony says:

    your the fucking man lorin. come back to dc soon. PLEEEAASSSEEE

  27. uhhohhitslexii3 says:

    <3<3<3 love your music & your attitude for your shows & fans <3<3<3

  28. Ittbugdc10455 says:

    omg i love bassnectar it makes my attituse change COMPLETELY when I’m down and out. Stayy wildddd!!! love- Cate Annie
    Thanks for being my ultimate inspiration!

  29. Fran Gutierrez says:

    This was very helpful! 🙂
    I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!

  30. Nathanager says:

    Your music changed how i feel about electronic music, in that yours is the fucking best lol Much respect lorin your the fucking man iam still looking for my face and the show was a month ago cant wait for the next get back to chicago 

    nathan aurora ill

  31. Bartons30 says:

    I followed your very helpful tips and had an absolute blast in ATL with you and pretty lights,beats antiuqe, big gigantic supadre,bonobo and the whole basshead nation!!!!!!!!! thanks lorin for my first FAMILY PHOTO!!!!!!!!!  GEORGIA LOVES YOU BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Jon says:

    will merchandise be sold at the shows?

  33. Raven E. says:

    Birthday+Bassnectar+Best Friends=Bad Ass Time! October 29th…..Counting down the days!

  34. Zachreynoldsfl says:

    I liked that we could bring unopened water into the show, but @ the Gainesville show there wasn’t a free fill up. We had a great time still of course.

  35. yourmothernude says:

    IN MY OPINION (no offense to Lorin, crew, hype men, bassnectar poms squad, et., because they ALWAYS pass out free water that you should ALWAYS share with the people next to you; If your mother is there topless and making out with the girl that you planned on making out with, simply tap either of them on the shoulder, kindly hold up the bottle of water to their face, and offer them some water). OK SO IN MY OPINION 1. Venue bathroom sink water is probably the best fucking water I’ve ever had in my life at any festival/venue affiliated with bass, and it’s free as fuck. 2. If you’re the custie that pukes and weirds everyone out for a few seconds, try puking in a more discrete manner. For an example: Custie ‘I do not feel good’  Shadster (Custies BFF) ‘OK let’s get out of the crowd for one minute so you can puke into a valid corner or maybe a garbage can or even a toilet but DEFINITELY NOT A SINK WHERE PEOPLE GET FREE WATER FROM.’   summary: share your water and help your friends and/or your friends friends friend.


    A Fan


    • Shasta Lee says:

      i agree with the sink being the best source of water at festivals/shows
      free is always the best lol.


  36. Albrad0528 says:

    when you walked in tehre were people taking pictures in front of a banner or something, anyone know where to find them?

  37. Maddkaps says:

    Once I read this guide, I got so fucking excited.

    I was shitting dubstep and throwing up speakers

  38. Agkohlman says:

    When is the VAVA VOOM guide coming?? 

  39. Kiersten says:

    Tomorrow is my first ever dubstep concert and concert at all for that matter! I am so pumped and thank you all for the tips i’ll definitely use themm! <3 bassnectar so much

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