September 2nd, 2011


For the latest info on the Ambassador program, please email:
bassnetwork at bassnectar dot net

Greetings Bassnectar Family!

We are rounding the bend into September, and with the advent of the Fall season comes the inevitable onslaught of bass, as the Divergent Spectrum Fall Tour will soon be dropped in your face.

Bassnectar’s Bass Center events, previously produced in North Carolina and Colorado, have a reputation for being the next level of the Bassnectar touring act, featuring larger sound, cutting edge production, special effects, and a jaw-dropping light show. These events are ground zero for Bass Culture, acting as a lightning rod for participation from the larger Bass Community that drives the show as much as the event production.

As you may be aware, on September 17th San Francisco will be host to Bass Center III. A week later, on the 24th, we will be on the opposite side of the country for Bass Center IV, which will go down in Washington, D.C. From coast to coast, we are extremely excited to bring you such fantastic events.

If you are just as stoked as we are, and are thinking to yourself “I AM SO EXCITED! I just wish I could help in some way!”, then look no further. We have an opportunity for you to be an integral part of the experience.

Ambassadors in Boston

If you are a personable, enthusiastic, responsible, and creative individual, we would be interested in having you join our team of Ambassadors. You may have seen or met some of our Ambassadors at previous events, decked out in white, traversing through the crowd bringing joy and happiness to those around them, and making sure everyone stays safe and well-hydrated. Ambassadors are dedicated to serving you, the audience, ensuring that your experience is as enjoyable as possible at each and every show.

If this is something that you think you are fit for, send an email to bassteam (at) bassnectar (dot) net with the subject “BASS CENTER # AUDITION – NAME”. Include in the email answers to ALL of the following:

1. Why would you be a good Ambassador?
2. What could you contribute to the Ambassador crew?
3. Do you have any relevant experience?
4. What inspired you to apply as an Ambassador?
5. Do you have a project or crew that you propose to create or join as an Ambassador?
6. How many Bassnectar shows have you been to?
7. How old are you?
8. Where do you live?
9. For both these events, we have a special request that you provide us details on what your “totem” would be and how you would build it for the event. Totems are figures, toys, shapes, etc. on long handles that are held above the head as in the picture.

Totems at Bass Island

As we only have a limited number of spots available, your answers will be weighed against each other, and the final crew will be chosen accordingly. If you are not accepted, fear not, for you will have other opportunities to apply in the future!

Applicants should be aware that an underlying theme of the Ambassadors is to fight the stigma that accompanies electronic music in the live setting. This stigma is a result of the rampant drug use and the widespread misconception that one cannot have a good time without the aid of intoxicants. Though it is not our place to tell you how to treat your mind and bodies at a show, if you are assuming the role of an Ambassador, you are working for us and are therefore expected to take on the responsibilities we give to you. Our number one rule is that you arrive on-site completely SOBER and remain so for the rest of the show, having an equally awesome experience without any foreign aid. We are trying to foster a very important community within Bass Music culture, and if you cannot comply with this requirement, please save us both the time and do not apply.

If everything else is in order, and you think you might be interested in contributing to a Bass Center, start crankin’ out an application! Do not hesitate to include evidence from friends and family of why you would be a great Ambassador. And regardless of whether or not you are accepted — thank you for the time. We appreciate it and can’t wait to see you at our Bass Center events!



  1. Kalebpage says:

    there should be something like this for every show on the tour, maybe pick a few people that are already attending to do this! it would be an awesome opportunity for fans all over the country to get their own 15 minutes of fame with Bassnectar… do this, and pick me for Dallas!

  2. Phyck says:

    Do you neef any embassadors for your abq show?

  3. mr. D!BS says:

     as a d.j in my home town of orlando i agree with the statement that electronic music doesnt need the aid of any substance to fully enjoy any of the electronic bass driven genres. watching crowds from the d.j booth has given me a wider perspective on the current breakout of our rapidly growing yet still underground culture. this philosophy is something i tend to preach to my friends and fellow party goers at whatever club or house party i’m playing. now i do understand the allure behind the stigma attached to all of this but i cant help but argue the other side of the proverbial coin too. i wont and never plan on being a jerk to anyone and their ideals or feelings towards one side or another, but i will say that i’m very glad to see one of the heavy hitters promoting something like this. much love and respect to bassnectar and his crew for this. and long live all forms of electronic bass heavy music!

  4. guest says:

    When/how do we find out if we’ve been chosen as an Ambassador or not?

  5. Alex says:

    so im am so interested in doing this! i would love to help and just to be there being that much close would rock 🙂 im a huge fan! and would love to know how to audition! 

    • robot bass says:

      the deadlines to apply were sept 9 and 16. both bass center events have already happened !!!

      next time ! 🙂

  6. Sarah says:

    When is the next opportunity for this!? Could I send an audition now for later or would it be disregarded for future shows?

    • Anonymous says:

      you can apply to be an ambassador at any time for future shows, just make sure to do so in plenty of time in advance of the show. make sure to be clear and concise in your audition and answer all relevant questions-including which shows you are interested in working.

      email address is
      bassteam (at) bassnectar (dot) net

      • Wolf Haley says:

        When you get the email saying that I have been accepted into the program, and you have to answer where you live and if youd be willing to work shows in or near your area does that make you an ambassador? Like after that am i just waiting to be assigned or is it just a random process?

        • LORIN says:

          yes, now you just await you assignment
          for your first assignment we are shipping you out to Iraq, to collect data.
          you will recieve instructions when you land from Bass Agent 009.
          when you land, exclaim loudly “wow the weather here is so different from Jersey” and when the guy says “oh, you mean NEW jersey?” you will know that is Bass Agent 009.

          He will give you the details of your mission, and lead you out into the wilderness where you can complete the mission! thanks for signing up on our little program! have fun!!!

          wait, no, i don’t think any of that is true. i honestly do not have the specifics of this at hand, so maybe Hasan or Lia have some more info?

          • Wolf Haley says:

            hahaha thanks, I shall find these answers.

          • Hasan Zaidi says:

            Did I hear someone talking about the weather in Jersey?

            Mr. Wolf — the email you received was an official invite, and your reply was your confirmation. You joined our ranks as soon as you hit the Send button. Congratulations! We’re thrilled to have you!

            Once you have been admitted into the program, you will receive an email before the start of the next tour, through which you can sign up to work shows. And that’s your time to shine.

          • Wolf Haley says:

            hahaha I was like do I have to fill anything else out, but now Its a waiting game. Thanks so much for your help, seems like you guys are just as happy for me being an ambassador as I am. Much love.

          • Wolf Haley says:

            Hey man, Has there already been a crew selected for the NYE show? If not I’d love a spot. I didn’t know if there had been an email sent out or what. If you could when you get a chance clear this up for me I’d be so grateful. Much thanks.

          • Anonymous says:

            an invitation to previous/currently accepted ambassadors was sent out when this date was announced i believe

          • Hasan Zaidi says:

            Leslie is right, an invite was sent out a few weeks ago. However, you joined our program after that point, so you didn’t receive it.

            We are sending out invites to our second round of recruits most likely tonight, so I would keep madly refreshing your inbox until you see an email from bassteam. Start thinking of ways you can contribute to the team, as the invite will ask for your ideas in order to be accepted into the crew.

          • Wolf Haley says:

            I got it and sent my reply. Woot, I;m guessing there are a few more things to be done and told but theyd be for the day of im sure. Anyways, Thank you for dealing with my persistent ways ahahaha. I feel truly blessed, thanks so much. Oh and when it said in the invite about sharing ideas about what to do and stuff, other than BNF who do we send ideas too?

          • Hasan Zaidi says:

            There will be a group on Facebook made specifically for everyone working the show, and that’s where y’all can come together and start planning your shenanigans.

          • Wolf Haley says:

            Cool Cool. I was hoping for something like that, I have a bunch of questions. Any idea when that will be available? Oh and another thing I was wondering was exactly how many ambassadors are working the NYE event? Get back at me when convient, thanks.

          • Wolf Haley says:

            I received the NYE invite, and sent my acceptance e-mail back 4 or 5 days ago, is that all that we need? When I sent It back saying yes is that gonna be all you need, or will something else go out? I just want to make sure Im working so I dont get all into NYE ideas, then find out I’m not on the list. Tis would crush my little soul. But yeah I just have a  lot of questions and up here they do get answered so whenever is good for you get back at meee, with a big please. So much thanks.

          • Anonymous says:

            if you are selected to work you should receive email confirmation and further information.

            word of the day: patience

          • Hasan Zaidi says:

            Hey Josh,

            That is all you need. When you emailed us back, we put you on our tentative list of volunteers (assuming you answered the questions we asked you to answer). When we are ready to proceed with the next phase of Ambassador involvement for NYE, you will be contacted.

            For future reference – any time you email me a response, that is a confirmation on your end. When we are ready to confirm you on our end, you will be notified via email. We do not forget 🙂

          • Wolf Haley says:

            Thank you again, this clears things up now to work on my patience.

  7. Wolf Haley says:

    So stoked, finally found where to fill this out at. Consider me pleasee, so much to give to so many people. Either way hope to see everyone at NYE! Love what you guys do.

  8. BENI says:

    Lorin Pensacola, FL was amazing! It was my 9th show and first time being an Ambassador! I hope you liked the Lizards I brought! When you called them out on stage, I losted it!!!!  The two night show in ATL was awesome as well! Thanks again

  9. Sarah says:

    HELP!!! I’m freaking out! Hey! I had received the invite for NYE in Nashville to Ambassador, at 8 am on Sunday I sent in my reply as to what crew I wanted to help out with! I’ve gone on my e-mail since and I cannot only not find the e-mail describing the crews and stating to reply by Sunday, but my other e-mail in response stating I would like to be on the specific team I chose! I am really confused and worried because, I was too excited to take part in this and truly would do my best to be the ambassador you guys have ever had! Please if you have any clue as to why this would happen or know I was still on the list accepted to ambassador for NYE!

    Yours Truly.


    • Shasta Lee says:

      did you check your spam for the original e-mail. it ends up in there for me sometimes

    • Anonymous says:

      ?? why would we know what happened to YOUR email?

      1. only you know if you sent a reply email. if you sent it, then we have it.
      2. i don’t think our messages are like inspector gadget self-destructing emails that vanish and take all traces of evidence with them after a period of time
      3. sounds like you either deleted some emails, moved some emails, or sent them from different devices that log or organize sent and received mail differently or are not syncing up proper to your mail server.

      • Hasan Zaidi says:

        Sarah, you are on the list. No worries! My inbox is not THAT carnivorous.

        If you have a Gmail app on your phone, sometimes sent messages will not show up in an email thread. Not entirely sure why, but that’s how the cookie crumbles.

  10. Andrea says:

    After applying for an amBASSador I Got an email reply from Hasan and I am VERY Excited to say the least! Hope you guys will be up in the northeast next spring! And I was added to the BNF, loving all the warm welcomes I am getting! All smiles here!!! Love this community so much!!

  11. robot_bass says:

    hey crew — if i want to apply to be an ambassador for the spring va va voom tour, can i send in a video with all this same information now (even though the dates aren’t released yet), or will there be a new application process?

    • Ed Basscrew says:

      I think you can send in your info any time – at least, drop a line and they’ll tell you where things are at with ambassadors for the next tour. Email bassteam (at) bassnectar [dot] net.

  12. Eibhlinn 'Abe' says:

    I would love to apply to be an ambassador for the bass center VI in Seattle! Is there any new information on this? thank you!

    • Anonymous says:

      auditions haven’t begun yet but you can email bassteam (at) bassnectar (dot) net for ambassador details

  13. Basshead91 says:

    Will any of the air fare be included? Or a pass? Or would it be a requirement to provide it all?

    • Hasan says:

      Ambassadors are responsible for all travel and accommodation expenses. We provide entry to the show in return for the volunteer work.

  14. Bryson says:

    Hey guys, i’m just checking in on the news for ambassadors for Red Rocks in 2014. I know its a little early, but i would love to get a spot for the (assumed) Red Rocks summer show 2014. It probably isn’t even planned yet, but yeah i would love to apply now. How would i go about doing that?

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