September 6th, 2011


Fall Tour Survival GuideGreetings Bass Heads!

We are proud to announce the kickoff of our 2011 Divergent Spectrum Fall Tour! The biggest tour thus far, the one tour to rule them all, the Tourminator. If your crew is already planning on mobbing to the event, and you haven’t bought tickets yet, we recommend you get them quickly! Our Spring Tour was a part of 78 sold out events in a row (THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS FOR THAT!) and we want to avoid die-hard bass heads having to deal with scalped tickets.
If you want to see when we are coming to a town near you, CHECK OUT THE TOUR PAGE.

To add to the hoopla, we are announcing additional dates for November!

New tour dates11/18 – Vancouver, BC
@ PNE Forum

11/19 – Calgary, AB
@ Big Four Building at Stampede Park

11/25 – Montreal, QB
@ Metropolis

11/26 – Plymouth, MI
@ Compuware Arena

New tour datesCan you bring a sombrero or a tutu? What about a picnic basket? What to do in the security line? What’s the plan for next level family photos? How to make this event YOURS and become a part of this immersive experience: If you are planning on participating, we have some required reading for you… Here is your 2011 Divergent Spectrum Tour survival guide!

And now that you’re hyped, we’re bringing the whole parade into Freakout Mode with some epic eye candy… From the islands of NYC to some really big Red Rocks, here’s Bassnectar’s 2011 summer festival recap! Watch it and weep for the times that have passed, and those times that are yet to come…

New tour datesSo what are the biggest events for the 2011 Divergent Spectrum Fall Tour, you ask? BASS CENTERS!

We missed Burning Man this year, but we’re bringing it back home to the Bay full force on Sept 17 for Bass Center III. Thousands of freaks, old friends and new heads will converge to create a raucous spectacle of music, art and community in the heart of San Francisco on Sept 17th. Come decompress Bassnectar-style.

And we’ve just added Z-Trip and Big Gigantic to Bass Center IV in Washington DC! As this extravaganza draws closer, we will have more info to share.

We’re trucking it from East to West for 2 of our biggest shows of the year in one week. WOOSH! Life is a wild ride. If you want to get more involved at these Bass Center events as an Ambassador, please check out our audition process HERE.

New tour datesLast but not least, our Dollar Per Bass Head voting program is in full swing. We have raised a lot of money with you this year to give to charity, and are going to donate $50,000 to several amazing organizations.

We want YOU to choose where the dollar from your ticket goes. Please check out these organizations that are close to our hearts and inspire our minds and vote for the organization that sparks you the brightest!


All for now!
Lorin & Bassnectar Crew

  • Caitlinpillar

    lorin, you are nothing short of amazing. in T-minus 3 weeks, i will be taking myself to the edge of no return with my raging. i can’t stop myself when your creations are running rampant around me.

    stay true, stay free.
    much love!


  • robot bass

    hey, just so you know the ‘more info’ link under the Michigan show goes to the page for the Montreal show! the mitten is sooo stoked for nectar

    • Thanks Robot, those pesky links… we’ve corrected!

  • bassheadja88

    When do the pics that the ambassadors took for bass island come out?!

    • william smith

      Im dying to get these pictures. When will they be available???

  • bassheadja88

    When do the pics that the ambassadors took for bass island come out?!

  • majda<3

    I was lucky enough to you at Summercamp and North Coast this summer; man you are something else! Both sets were magical!! Can’t wait to see you and EOTO again in Minneapolis this month, ahh!!

    • Shasta Lee

      summah camp and northcoast:)

  • majda<3

    I was lucky enough to you at Summercamp and North Coast this summer; man you are something else! Both sets were magical!! Can’t wait to see you and EOTO again in Minneapolis this month, ahh!!

  • majda<3

    I was lucky enough to you at Summercamp and North Coast this summer; man you are something else! Both sets were magical!! Can’t wait to see you and EOTO again in Minneapolis this month, ahh!!

  • Anonymous

    i CANNOT stop listening to “Slam Dunk” – ft. Dunkelbunt
    i just made a 5 minute long looped version of it. once i replace my car stereo this will be the first thing that i play.

  • Jesse Kopp

    Im a huge fan and made this stop motion video to ‘lights’.

    please e-mail me at if you like this stuff. 

  • Daniel Border

    sick video!!  im surprised im not in any of those videos raging like a maniac the way i was at Red Rocks hahaha…cant’ wait till Florida baby!! im hittin up 3 shows!!! ssee u soon Lorin!! Love the Necta!

  • Taylor Tengwall

    September 30th: St. Paul, Minnesota- Drop some 9/11 Truth on the TC area. Isn’t it about time to pull the trigger, Lorin? 

  • Evolecaep420

    So so so incredulously, posolutely, absotively!!!!! The most epic natural light show of my life!!!! Right after seeing you in la, I night warriored it back up top state. Little did I know the sky would guide my drive with a fanastic array of electrical magic… Yes! A lightinging show!! Arcs seconds apart, across the entire sky!! For 3 hours!!!!!!!!!!
    Absolutely nothing but the best of love to lorin and the entire bass crew,
    Bird energy

  • Meredith Danger Doom
  • Xalcatrazz22x

    Whats the word on that mixtape? Coming out anytime soon?

    • Shasta Lee

      hope you enjoyed it 🙂

  • ramachandra davis

    where can i get that track bassnectar did when he mashed up dumbo and the pink elephants????…the elephants are parading hippidy hoppidy hippidy hoppidy..

  • basshead

    feeling a little had on this vinyl order… can i get some info on whats up please?

  • basshead

    feeling a little had on this vinyl order… can i get some info on whats up please?

  • Rob Konrath

    Lorin, when will we know about the amBASSador winners…? and are these just for the bass centers or for various shows on the divergent tour?
    -much love

  • Chickenwings422

    yooo where are the pics from bass island?!?

  • Ernestedgar

    Does anyone know where I can get a concert poster for the Hollywood show

  • Chris Slagle

    Probably not the appropriate forum for this, but, seldom am I appropriate…
    Does anyone from Western NC going to the Raleigh and/or Charlotte shows have room for one more?
    I NEED A RIDE! Will contribute to gas.

    • Anonymous

      this is totally appropriate

      ride shares are good

      try posting on both the event pages here on the site (click event info next to the tour dates in mind) and the Facebook event pages as well craigslist
      as look on craigslist

  • Surfcitysailor

    can someone please tell me when the bass island pictures will be up or if they already are up where are they?

    • Just the family photo at the moment. We should do a special update of Red Rocks and Bass Island pictures that did not make it to the website. Let me chase a few trees and see if I can catch me some photographers…

  • Breck

    Hey Lorin, do you still have those international terrorist t-shirts?

  • Edriley12309

    i was at bass center 4 and loved every second of it, kinda upset as im in the hospital now with a brain tumor, i hope to see you in albany again LORIN you are a saint and i love your music. bass island was amazing aswell.

    • 4 real??
      wow, so sorry to hear that, do they know what caused it?

      • actually they have no idea, i just got out and feeling alot better still in pain prolly the 31 stapels in my head… im hoping to be able to go to montreal on the 25 to see yah, just gotta make sure i take it easy.
        keep droppin’ bass, i have never have had short of an amazing time at all of your concerts.
        thanks for the concern, it means alot 

  • Jmaisano

    Mr. Ashton. You are a musical genius. 

  • Austin

    I saw this show in Avila Beach. This song really set with me.
    If anyone knows the name please let me know. Thanks!

  • Austin Cole

    COME BACK TO AVILA BEACH AS SOON AS POSSIBUL!!!! sickest thing to EVER hit SLo.  SLO county will miss you man.

  • Guy Greenleaf

    Please please PLEASE come back to SLO county.  I can’t express how SICK avila beach was.  When you dropped Plugged In…fuck….hahaha it’s the song i remember most and always will…

    i got a question for ya though…how do you produce your lightshows?? i’ve always wondered…and is there any link to view them?? 

    • Shasta Lee

      Hey guy
      There was a similar question about this submitted in the Fan Bass Q&A archive …
      dealing with production of light shows.
      maybe that page and the comments on it will help?
      if not you could always submit your own specific question

      in regards to links to view them…well you can look on youtube for videos of concerts. 
      but the BEST way would be to go to a show and get a straight on balcony view.
      the floor is hella sick and booming with energy, but if you’re interested in the production, especially the lights, i’d hit up a balcony seat next show. IT’S SICK (and i promise it sounds JUST as good up there! )

      and yes…plugged in is one song i will remember most too. when i heard it for the first time at summer camp i knew it was guna be a new favorite. iz so good

    • I was just thinking about this!!
      I will never forget the bass island visuals. particularly the one of a man rising through a utopian world, through seas, land, and skies, following the transformation of this being, culminating in a euphoric burst of the man’s white light and energy.
      Sincere props/compliments to whoever brainstormed and created those images. Beautiful and empowering!

  • kiefer

    when  does newyears tickets go on sale?

    • Anonymous

      i think the “official” announcement (which will yield the addition of the new years event to the Tour page) is tomorrow

      ticket sale information should be available when that event is listed, so check back on the Tour page

  • Basshead

    Where is the new years show?

    • Shasta Lee


  • Rowanslinger

     SHASTA LEE! raging at NCMF with you was epic..see in nashville!

    • Shasta Lee

      dude! hey! fuck yeah man 🙂 see ya there!!!

  • Calibabyy

    nye tickets??? When do they go on sale? They sold out before I could buy them last year 🙁 I can NOT have that happen again! I will do/pay anything to go!!!

  • Jenniferlicastri

    Looking forward to raging at the show in Gainesville tonight!!! BASSSSS!!

  • Hurricanefan93

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post the St. Petersburg pictures even if theres only a few. Basssss Faceeeeee

  • L$

    Cant wait for the ATX show tonight!!!!!! I drove my friends crazy talking about the show since this summer, and this is my sixth time to see Bass! I love you. <3 whomp whomp

  • We spray mace in yeah face

    When will you be back in the greater northern California area?

  • Anonymous boyfriend and I started dating after we journeyd from chicago to see you at red rocks…that was indeed the BEST night of my life. since then we’ve seen you 3 times and have 2 more shows planned this year alone. Just want to thank you from the bottom of my bass filled heart for all that you do and just a heads up when my bf and i get married you’ll be playing our wedding;-) thanks for sparking something magical inside of me and for creating an amazing nectarfied romance…See you soon:-)

  • Connerkinder

    come to KC!!!!!!!!!

  • Connerkinder

    come to KC!!!!!!!!!

  • Joeythejew666

    come to red rocks again!!!!!!