October 17th, 2011


Photo: Lia Holaland

Photos by Lia Holland:

  • Michael Nova 422

    congrats on the proposal that was possibly the most awesome thing I have ever seen! Thank you lorin for the show it made the two days before look like a warm up. Super pumped I got to see you in this awesome venue dunno if Ill get a chance to see you again in such a small personal feeling spot, really makes it that much better. takes me back to the days I first saw you touring back at the 930 club in dc back when people still had a little room to groove in the pit :p, thanks again for the show man you killed it. Keep it real L, ill see you in nashville 

  • AMichelle

    where can i find more pictures of this show?

    • Jbrown

      comin’ soon to this very spot, i reckon

  • Jbrown

    Gaaaaah that was so sweet. Not to be a copycat but I would love the same treatment one day. proposed to at GATH? yes, please!