October 16th, 2011


Photo: Lia Holland

Photos by Lia Holland:

  • Kwdunaway

    Work like nobody’s watching, love like you don’t need the money, and DANCE UNTILL SOMEONE GETS HURT!!!!!!!!   Ya’ll brought it hard, and made the earth shake under us!!!!! ThankYOU!!

  • Sht2226

    Yo Lorin whats the deal with tonight…. Gotta be some extra tickets if you haven’t said anything about it yet

    • Jordan

      Its sold out completely man, just spoke to the venue in person, tickets went almost as quickly as New Years in Atlanta…Sorry buddy

  • Bartons30

    BASSNECTAR AND PRETTY LIGHTS in ATL was smashing bro!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! 20,000 BASSHEADS strong!!!!!! the octopus was nuts! I LOVE IT night 2 was AARGGG!!!

  • Amazing birthday present for me and I met so many people from even overseas!!!! Thanks for melting my face off with the bass. <3

    • Shasta Lee

      happy birthday!
      where the people from? i’m curious

  • seth

    Best 20th birthday i coulda asked for! See yall NEW YEARS!!

  • Tommi

    A two day mindfuck. Bassnectar is god.

  • thanks lorin! I cam al the way from Kansas City, MO to see you for the 3rd and 4th time this year!  This was by far the best performance iv’e seen.  Saturday’s set was other worldly!

  • Matt Morris

    u da man lorin, best show of my life this weekend at alpharetta, shame i couldnt see you last night either. OH WELL YOU’RE COMIN NYE TO MY HOMETOWN!!!!! see you there!!!!!!!!!!!! NASHTYVILLE WILL BRING THE RUCKUS AND WE WILL TEAR BRIDGESTONE TO THE GROUND ! cant wait

  • Grady

    What is the name of the song with the “pop” at the end of the drop? you played it in alpharetta on saturday.
    Also can we get another two night at the tabby? Verizon wireless is
    cool and all but that was the least amount of bass I’ve ever heard/felt
    at your show. I’m assuming it had to do with the local noise ordinances.

    • Wnicholls420

      I have to disagree with you my friend. The bass was perfect and i was on the very tip top of the hill. The first night was a little shaky sound wise but that went for everyone. The second night was just right and i could feel all those vibrations rolling up that sea of people through the Earth and up to my chest. Great show! and i would love to know that song to but i betcha its one of those magical Lorin originals that the world may never know 😉

      • Grady

        I hung around up there for pretty lights both nights and thought it was good up there. maybe acoustics or the added speakers plus stage sounds made it alright. just my opinion though about the sound, might need to get my ears checked. the shows were still amazing