October 5th, 2011


Dollar per Bass HeadThe vote is in!

We have ended voting in the first phase of our Dollar Per Bass Head campaign, and are thrilled to donate $50,000 on behalf of the Bassnectar community to some very worthy causes.

We’ve been collecting $1 from every Bassnectar ticket sold to donate to nonprofit organizations that do amazing things to empower education, health or community. For this first phase we set aside $50k of theses funds that you helped raise, and asked you to vote between three organizations that you felt needed the most support, the funds being allocated accordingly – the organization with the most votes receiving $25k, the runner up $15k, and the third finalist $10k.

After four weeks of input from the Bassnectar community, we have now closed voting. It was extremely close but here are the final results:

AlterNet will receive $25,000
Free Press will receive $15,000
Reach Out USA will receive $10,000

Thank you for your time and money and energy supporting organizations that support YOU! We truly believe in their mission statements and are humbled to help shine a light on their causes. Many thanks to our friends at Air Traffic Control, a non-profit that helps artists optimize their opportunities for social contribution, for their invaluable contribution to this campaign.

Please take some time to read about these organizations, learn more about their mission statements and lend your support wherever possible. This is not only a great way to give back, but it is also an awesome way to meet new friends, and to explore life OUTSIDE of the party.

AlterNet –
Free Press –
Reach Out –

We are still collecting $1 for every ticket sold and will do another $/BH giveaway soon! Stay tuned…

  • If it wasn’t for artists like bassnectar, imagine how unaware most of us would be? Before bassnectar I didn’t seem to care much about those who control most our rights in this country. Thinking they are all pompus assholes who don’t know or care about younger generations. I’ve realized how aware  I am now on alot of matter that i wouldn’t know about if it wasn’t for this site alone. It has showed me that the problem in this country is younger people NOT giving a shit. We are the future and if we don’t care about protecting our rights & freedom now, they could soon no even exist. More artists should contribute more energy towards life outside the party:)

    • that is BEAUTIFUL

    • Phillip Irwin

      LalalalaLove it!

  • Casey Mac

    Let’s use the money from now on to create the Bassnectar SuperPAC!!! LORIN FOR PRESIDENT

    • ha
      John Stewart for President, i will be happy to campaign and raise funds for him

  • wisco amBASSador

    HELL YEAH! reach out was at bass center III fuckin awesome organziation, got to talk with the head for a little bit, great great donation. lorin ur da shitt (:    <3 ur wisco amBASSador

  • techjunkie

    Thank you for the sites. It is hard to find good information anymore. I didn’t know these existed. Now I do. Just another reason Bassnecater is not your average artist. Thank you and keep up the outstanding work! 

  • Alejandro Ortiz

    i am stoked and cannot WAIT till you get to ATL!!!! BASS HEAD 4 LIFE!!!!!

  • Evolecaep420
    • spaceylacey

      theres nothing more frightening. seems like george orwell knew what he was talking about…

  • Tw1st3dm@nt1z

    *bassnectar throw up devil horns*

    unassuming 75 IQ sheep step behind him cheering like morons..

    good job on the charity work I’m sure God is smiling and facepalming at the same time

    • Mckinnonjordan

      Check his thumb brotha, he is much more liable to do love than “devil” horns lol. Check his background it might make up for some of his “metal” gestures 😛

      • spaceylacey

        im not sure of lorins personal expression with this but according to american sign language if the thumb is pointed out it represent the phrase “i love you”  personally this is the energy i attempt to exude when throwing this gang sign in the air. BTW… i love you! namaste

    • Funkadillic

      nice try troll

  • Liliwanders

    Love,love,love ya Bassnectar

    Signed: a 43-year-old Indica powered Timestretcher 

  • Saflorio

    Awesome that you do this.. Lots of love. 

  • Don’t Change Your Shorts!

    I’m posting this here because the tour comments section isn’t showing up!

    I’m so happy you played Simon Says/Here We Go for your opening in Gainesville. I don’t know if you remember, but I asked you a few months ago if you would open up with Here We Go at that show. Whether you did it because I asked or not, THANK YOU! 

    See you in St Pete at Jannus Live!!

  • This is wonderful. So, this message is for Lorin, about last night’s show in Houston 10/28. In a frenzy of freedom and enlightenment, i threw everything weighing me down (namely my little backpack filled with material possessions and house keys) a few feet ahead of me, beyond the barricade and in front of the stage. Now I managed to bust into my house and get home ok, so no worries there! Quite an adventure we had last night. Anyhow, if you or someone in your crew happened to find my cute little native inspired backpack please let me know. i have dreads and my name is maysa, but I feel like you already know this. I would like very much to see you again. my email address is, should anyone have found my backpack. namaste Lorin and thank you for the lovely hello 🙂

  • DevonD.

    Lorin! I just want to say thank you for creating such a beautiful, mind opening source of energy & light for so many people to thrive off of! Since joining your family I have experienced an insanely positive shift in energy in my life and I will be forever grateful for it, as I’m sure many others are as well. Currently I am taking a D.I.Y. Anarchy class at UNCA  that has introduced me to Bey’s theory of the TAZ; the idea that an ultimate shift in consciousness is the foundation of an “uprising”. I don’t know if you are familiar with it, but I believe that what you have worked to create is the manifestation of this idea, and your art is a trigger to this mental shift that must occur. I could go on, and on but I just wanted to share this idea & my appreciation with you, and maybe hear your thoughts!
    Thanks again for all you have done!
    Peace & Love ~ Devon Dickerson 

  • DevonD.

    Bass Droptopus!

    • Shasta Lee

      hell yeah man that’s sweet. did you draw that or find it?

      • DevonD.

        Thank you I appreciate it! I drew it!

        • Shasta Lee

          well i hope you don’t mind that it’s my computer background then lol

          • DevonD.

            wow, I am honored!!! Thank you!!! 😀

  • Chango B

    This is AWESOME… wish every Large Performer/Band/DJ/musician did this!! BIG LOVE from SEBASTOPOL. 

  • Lilly

    I was expecting charities like helping children…. Or maybe help those who need prosthetic limbs… But we’re donating to websites?? That just tell us what’s going on in the world? We could be making a difference and actually help other people not help websites to get news on how bad everything is…

    I mean its good to know what’s going on but we could actually help those people were reading about

    • Joshua

      “Rainbow connection.”
      It is hard to see with the crowd surrounding us that there are any people taking steps.
      We live in a texhnological age where we can get to MILLIONS in seconds of done right.
      But do we really touch those people? I feel we are only moved when the proximity is closer to us and our hearts. We have to be willing to hear our own faults, and be willing to change how we fundamentally are. How difficult with society controlling us as we blindly follow!
      It’s way to get discouraged. Trust me I’m right there with you thinking that there needs to be a group that changes politics and “norms” of belief and behavior.
      Remember that you must be the start of the revolution that you want to see. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – ghandi
      Bassnectar is trying to push the envelope but in a none aggressive or assertive manner. VERY HARD TO DO. Because we do live in an economic / environmental crisis that the 1% have created but society has bought into. We still feed them, while they poison and control us! How do you say that to someone in a happy way and not think you’re crazy to think that?
      The fact of the matter is that there is little to no empathy for the environment because we are so focused upon ourselves and our ego that we forget to stop and smell the roses or even enjoy rubbing some dirt in our wounds like my grandpa used to say when I got hurt.
      I see big change in the near future, well I’m wishing and praying for it .