October 18th, 2011


New Year's Eve in NashvilleThe Bassnectar crew is heading to Nashville in full force for New Year’s Eve 2011!

We are beyond excited to return to Nashville, after our last show sold out 4 times over, forcing us to move to the parking lot. The night ended with nearly 5000 freaks outside in the street going bonkers, and we began plotting our return…

To bring in the New Year in proper Bass Head style we are bringing the largest soundsystem ever assembled in The Bridgestone Arena, and creating a true GA venue, which means where you end up in the room will be first-come, first-served.

We are welcoming ALL AGES to this event in the hopes that someone will bring the first ever 100 year old to a Bassnectar event. Bring your grampa and show him your bass face! Everyone deserves music on New Year’s Eve.

This is a come one, come all experience. We want to rumble in the southern jungle like a giant bass-family bringing in the new year together. Is it the beginning of the end? Is it end of the world? Is it a world without end? When the Bass Ball drops in Nashville, we will find out…

We are proud to announce our support line-up for this event: Break Science feat. Chali 2na, and Mux Mool!

Doors: 8:00 PM

Empty Camelbak bladders are allowed – there are tons of water fountains in the arena and we encourage people to bring EMPTY Cmelbacks to the show and fill them up once inside so they can avoid dehydration.




Accommodation options can be reviewed HERE


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  • Spencer

    I dropped and had a seizure right as new years started and I can still say tht was the most epic night I have ever had.

    • trent

      dude you were right in front of me we went and got you a paramedic….was wondering what happened to you

    • Keagy93

      Me and my friends we right there as well i think. Wasnt it a girl that fell or somethin? Idk i just saw a girl being carried out by some guys and it was pretty freaky. I was in the risers on lorins right side


    Can I get a DVD of this night?? Completely mind blowing experience. . . want to live it again, YESTERDAY lol

  • Maplesh

    Where can I find all of the pictures of fans from that night? A lot of pictures were taken but almost all of the posted photos are of the entire arena.  I want to see those pics with the big frame and from the front row!

  • King Rupp

    i was at this show an i went crazzzzzzy! you looked up and looked right at me and started laughing. i think it was because everyone was chillin but i was still goin crazy an jumpin up an down. and i kno you saw me in charlotte i was goin crazzy there to! thank you for everything that you do. everytime i even here a little faint of your music my bass face is on instantly and stays on even after the music has stopped

    • yung_Pabs

      me too! everyone around me was either chillin, sorta ragin or giving me odd looks because I was literally going ape shit the entire time! like I was jumping way above the crowd and going crazy!

  • spaceylacey

    couldnt have asked for better vibes to soak up while entering 2012. there were so many favorites played im sure ppl were stellactically happy with that. the intergalactic mix blew my face wide open at the beginning. did ne one see the mosh pit break out? it was during this one song ive always described as metal.. sounds like robots duking it out. i think it was played before upside down. i think that moment made my night! see u heads on the VAVAVOOOOOM tour eek! xoxox live love and light

    p.s. eric u might want to change ur name… just saying

  • Guest

    Is their anyway to still buy the poster from NYE?

  • Sam

    Please anyone if you know the name of the track Lorin played when he said “Left side where the fuck are you at!?!?” “Everyone on my Right side where are you at!?!?” “EVERYBODY IN THE ROOM MAKE AS MUCH FUCKING NOISE AS YOU CAN!!!!!!!!” let me know.  Shit was RIDICULOUS.  

    ALSO- Question for Lorin: Are you going to put this show out on DVD or a mixtape or anything? Just saying I would pay big bucks to see this show again in it’s entirety. Or i would be in bass heaven if you put it out as a remixtape.  

    P.S.S.    PLEASE COME BACK TO KNOXVILLE!!!!!!  I knew over 40 people at NYE from Knox and we all raged our faces off.  Me and my bass bros are counting down the minutes till we can see you live again.  

    Much Love!

  • Jasperluv1

    loved it!!! BASSNECTAR!!! see you April 14th and 15th !!! whomp whomp!!!!

  • Ethanmr909

    I am looking everywhere and can’t find a link to the high-def family photo from NYE in Nashville!! Can anyone help me out by posting a link to that and the album of pictures somewhere on this site??

  • Ethanmr909

    I am looking everywhere and can’t find a link to the high-def family photo from NYE in Nashville!! Can anyone help me out by posting a link to that and the album of pictures somewhere on this site??

  • wec

    Hey guys, w/ 2012’s show approaching fast, you guys should mark, or take this page down. I have tons of friends who havent read it carefully who think this info relevant to 2012’s NYE. Addmittedly if they read the whole post theyd know LOL. Itll prolly be pretty similar, but I didnt want ne 1 to be surprised. Thanks, and sorry to complain. This page is super easy to stumble on when googling this years show.

  • Nahian Hasan

    Afterparty Tickets all sold out??!!! Anyone know of any afterparty that is not sold out? Anywhere to get tickets??

  • Nicholas

    My homeboy needs a nye ticket. anyone have 1 for sale

  • tdubya

    I know all tickets are are general admission, but how do i make sure I’m on the floor? I’m guessing a wristband… How do I get one? I’ve heard something about standing in line but that’s all I know.. lol first bessnectar concert obviously

    • Yes. To ensure a floor spot, you will need a wristband. You’ll need to present your ticket to receive a wristband.
      I believe the time for wristbands start at 10 a.m. and will go until they are at capacity. I am double checking on that time, though. Stay tuned.

  • Jesse Smith

    does anyone have two extra ticket’s? please let me know 5414018103

  • becca

    Can I leave the building once I have gotton my floor wristband?

    • assuming youre talking about this year’s event you can get your wristband and go but once you enter bridgestone for the actual event there is no re-entry