October 1st, 2011


Photos by Lia Holland:


    proud to say i am not apart of this FAMILY!  LMFAO 

  • Jsmitlyng

    Beautiful, Lorin I tried yellin at you to get your attention! i wanted to show you my timestretch on my ribs, but a security guard pushed me back away from the railing as if i was going to assassinate the president.

    • Jsmitlyng

      timestretch tattoo

    • hahahahah! sorry they thought i was jfk, thats silly 🙂
      can u send a picture?

      • Jsmitlyng

        where do i send it? whats the e-address?

        • Anonymous

          if you want it in the tattoo photo gallery sent it to ed [at] bassnectar [dot] net and tell him just that 🙂

  • Zhotography

    Hey Lornin I have some photos from this concert. Hope you like.