1/20/12 – 5/2/12 BASSNECTAR IN AUS + NZ @ BIG DAY OUT 2012

November 9th, 2011


Snowglobe 2011The Bassnectar crew will be venturing to Australia and New Zealand for Big Day Out 2012 in Auckland, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth!

Kanye West, Soundgarden and many others will also be performing at this event!

This is a 15+ age limit festival.

For more info visit www.bigdayout.com or click below for tickets.

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  • Shasta Lee

    lorin i hope you and the crew come back to the states
    soon after this. my birthday is February 15th & I wanna
    see you for it.  Hope that’s the case!

    safe travels

    • Anonymous

      GOD I WISH I could see the NEctar Over seas!!!!!!! Until then Stateside Steppinnnn Will have too DO 🙂 And Yes I second Shasta, Come back over here for another week run of SHOWS!!!

      • Shasta Lee

        dude lets just go overseas. who cares

  • Surfing through made bass wavesS! wish i could teleport masSive to this. we will see (:

  • Andrea

    Wish I could make it! Are you really staying there for 5 months?! 

    • Shasta Lee

      five monthts?!? WHAA. where ya gettin this from gurl?

      • Anonymous

        because the top of the page says Jan 20 through may 2 (both 2011 but it will def be 2012)

    • Anonymous

      I looks like this festival series only runs through February

      I don’t know what those dates are/mean

      • Andrea

        Oops yeah his tour dates say through 2/5 I got worried there 🙂 Cant wait for summer festivals! And im hoping he shows the northeast some love again! Although lorin and his crew deserve some rest and relaxation!

  • Dion Logue

    FUCK YEAH! I was gonna drop out but BASSNECTAR?!…. Fuck that! I’d go just for you man! 😛

  • miriam

    Ok, you are getting closer! I moved to Korea in September and missed your roll through Florida! I looked at plan tickets to Australia for lunar new year and they are $2000!!! Please make an appearance in Korea! Japan even!?

  • Jcchase335

    To all of my international brothers and sisters in Bass, Lorin absolutely destroyed Nashville on New Year’s. He is in top form right now, so get ready to rage!