November 20th, 2011


Photo: Lia Holland

Photos by Lia Holland:


5 Responses to “CALGARY – FAMILY PHOTO”
  1. Kylestaggs505 says:

    DETROIT is gonna so much harder!!!!!! HAM

    • wtf says:

      haha, bassnectar isnt about being hard as a ma fucker buddy… its all about positivity and a peace atmosphere…. AND, y’all wont have as many people as CGY had!

      • Shasta Lee says:

        i agree it’s not all about goin hard & IS about positivity and the atmosphere
        though, it’s not about the amount of people either 🙂

        both shows are going to be special in their own ways for both
        the crowd and the crew.

      • Stikmagik says:

        bassnectar is about bringing people together… and if there is place on this earth that knows how to get together and get down, its most defiantly Michigan…. he is amazing anywhere you see him but there is most defiantly a reason Lorin saved Michigan for last!!!!!! Saturday is gunna b sick!!!!!!!!! My fifth nectar show this year and i have a feeling its gunna blow the rest out the water… Lorin never disappoints, he only gets better every time i see him!!! Every show is a life changing experience and unique in its own way!!!!!  sooooo ready to make that floor BOUNCE!!!!! :)PEACE LOVE SMILES(:

  2. Cynical_muse says:

    I cant believe how packed the Calgary Big 4 was, I know for a fact the we got the best fans ever and it goes to show in this intense photo! thanks bassnectar for an awesome awesome AWESOME! time!

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