November 17th, 2011


Canada RunGreetings friends to the north!

We are gearing up for the final leg of our Fall Tour this week; a 4-city blitz of bass in a slightly different format. This is the grand finale of the biggest, heaviest, most insane tour in Bassnectar history, and we have set up 4 central targets for ‘regional event explosions’ – inspired by road trips and bass centers.

It is an annual ritual to travel up to Canada at this time each year, but we have never had the chance of bringing the full scale heat with us, and now we do. And as usual, each show will be packed with freaks and brimming with it's own personality:

With hardcore bass heads traveling in from Victoria, Whistler, Kelowna, Castelgar, Nelson, and beyond, we are preparing our largest show ever in Vancouver (or British Columbia for that matter!) with the full production of the Divergent Spectrum Fall Tour, with support from Bonobo and R/D.

November 19 – CALGARY, ALBERTA
After last years double feature in Calgary, and Edmonton selling out with a vengeance, we have prepared the largest roof possible for both cities (and surrounding bass addicts) to converge together under and celebrate our craziest Alberta show ever. Full PK sound system extravaganza here, with Bonobo & RD on support.

November 25 – MONTREAL, QUEBEC
After a smashing experience at the Osheaga Festival this summer (and Piknik Electronique before that), we are returning to beautiful Montreal with a major gift of subsonic love and a chance to bring all my latest favorite music and ideas to such a creative and unique city. Importing tons of extra bass for this experience, with local support from FunkyFalz and Dooze Jackers.

We had to have something special for Detroit, and when we realized that the Fillmore would not be able to hold the amount of people coming out, we began planning something big. The idea arose to find a space that could also fit travelers from Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Toronto, and surrounding areas, and then Big Gigantic hopped on board, and we are ready for the grand finale of our Fall Tour 2012!

If you are making the road trip from another town, please carpool & drive safe. You can hit up our message board if you are looking for ride-shares, or good deals on hotels or places to stay. As always, we encourage you to go above & beyond, and turn this event into a full on interpersonal experience by activating your own unique enthusiastic personality, and flinging it into the melting pot. As usual, our tickets are moving fast, and at this point are almost gone.

We don't want you left out in the cold so click HERE for tickets and more tour information!

See you soon!

– Lorin & the Crew


34 Responses to “CANADA AND MICHIGAN”
  1. Lorin, I just read that the policy-enforcers at OWS are using LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device, aka “sound cannon”)s as a means of dispersing & crippling protesters.  In my experiences with sonic power, I have found that it can be used for healing, unifying, and literally trans-forming a situation by influencing the vibrations of a given field.
    I know from attending several of your shows – particularly one in Albany last April, and at Wakarusa in June – that you understand this power sound has for affecting consciousness.  I feel like the usage of these LRADs to harm and bring about pain is a sonic application parallel to using nuclear technology to destroy each other instead of nuclear fusion to bring about atomic unity.  Do you have any words or sounds for me to inspire my steps towards New York?  I am sonic potential, utilize me.
    Loving us,

  2. Badders says:

    I still maintain that “Stomp” is the best Bassnectar tune.  🙂

  3. Bronzzz2004 says:

    Anybody driving from chicago to detroit??

  4. someone31988 says:

    Hell yeah! Coming to Plymouth from Lansing!

  5. Wendy says:

    Like a magic fairy granting wishes wherever you go…gifted tickets for this evening in Vancouver. Now show me what you got Lorin! It’s been an interesting year away from you.

  6. Krazyku11 says:

    Plymouth!! soooooo ready to enter the chamber!! bass play churn of the century for me!! i wanna get crazyyy! unleash the bass! love you

  7. Kylestaggs505 says:

    DETROIT is gonna be bonkers!!!

  8. Holliby says:

    Thanks for the tip – I am so in for the MICHIGAN mash-up. Cheers,Glad to be Bassnected (connected).Holla

  9. Dubhead says:

    Next time go for Van Andel Arena its way bigger and closer to me hahaha

    • robot_bass says:

      detroit is a lot more centrally-located so we can get people in from canada, too, though 🙂 bring bass love from all angles.

      • Dubhead says:

        Yeah but it only 4500 cap. or 10,001-15,000 seating capacity. 3x the canadians can come then lol. its making my ticket search close to impossible.

        • robot_bass says:

          from what i’ve gathered, the bassnectar team prefers quality over quantity when it comes to this issue 🙂 even with these really big venues/arenas they’ve been playing, which have really large max capacities, they still cap it off way below the absolute maximum — that way, we can get the mostest&freakiest bassheads packed in, without being detrimental to the sound quality. these big venues aren’t designed for bass music, so there’s gotta be a cap 🙂

          BUT — sorry to hear you’re having trouble finding a ticket! i hope you make your way in somehow. you can sign up for e-mail updates from the bassnectar crew, so next time you can beat ticketmaster/scalpers by getting advanced tickets! just enter your e-mail into the box on the right side of this screen labelled ‘colorstorm remixtape.’ you’ll get a download link to a sick beatmix in your e-mail AND all the up-to-date info about shows 🙂

  10. I notice you guys haven’t been to the north east since Bass Island! Are you going to come through later in Spring? I have to get my dosage of bass!

  11. Endthewarmachine!! says:

    Hey LoriN and BaSS CreW~  When do ya suppose Seattle and Portland will get another dose of Wompage?  Looks like febuary is not on the line up : (.   Any idea?

    • robot_bass says:

      hey there — here is what Lorin said back in October about hitting the pacific NW 🙂

      “we were gonna play in Seattle this November the night before Vancouver, but they decided to postpone it because they wanna go BIG, and regional to pull freaks from all over Washington state & Oregon & BC, (sounds like they want to do a Bass Center in 2012) but they are trying to find a venue that can handle it….stay tuned

      • Endthewarmachine!! says:

        Hey thanks alot for the reply Robot,  def will be anxiously awaiting the next PNW show!!  Sounds like it will be AWESOME!!   I can feel the good vibes already!! 

      • Endthewarmachine!! says:

        Yo Robot thanks for the reply!!   Wouldnt it be aweomse to see Lauren rip up the Gorge?   BASSCENTER 5 at the GORGE please!! 🙂

        • robot_bass says:

          for sure 🙂 i am *SURE* it would be awesome 🙂 but i’m from the cold and windy parts of Michigan, so it would be one hell of a trip for me to see that 🙂

          …although I have wanted to check out Seattle. for a long, long time. maybe Bass Center will be calling my name. 🙂

        • robot_bass says:

          so when i originally replied to you i was sort of saying the bass center at seattle thing mayyy be a possibility for me but i didn’t really think it would end up happening

          WELP, bought my tickets and my flight today 🙂 never been to the PNW and i am SOOO ready to see how you seattle folk get DOWN! 🙂 fuck yeah

  12. Anonymous says:

    So strange how only a few years ago i heard u for the first time… now i am paying it forward, pleased to celebreate my daughters 10th birthday with y’all tomarrow in the dirty D…We will bring a lazy bakers dozen with us to hold her UP!

  13. Gabriel Vasquez says:

    Bassnectar I couldn’t make the show because of my stupid car!! I gave my ticket to my friend and the box office won’t let him take my spot!! Please help if possible? I already lost out on one huge sold out show this year and wasted $100!!! Now I’m going to lose $40 and missing You and Big G!! Please let Scott Reid take me Gabriel Vasquez ticket at the box office!!

  14. guest says:

    i have an extra ticket to compuware
    call me at 2484443476 if interested

  15. basshead419 says:

    When do you suppose ohio will get some bass? it’s been almost a year and we are feening.

    • robot_bass says:

      you shoulda made the trip up to michigan! we love you ohioans 🙂 at least i do. sports rivalries are SILLY.

      • basshead419 says:

        I wish I would’ve. But you guys should come to all good music fest this year. It’s in ohioo!

        • robot_bass says:

          for sure! i’m gonna have to miss thursday of all good cuz i got class 🙁 but it’s on my calendar, friday thru sunday!

          and YOU guys should come to Electric Forest! best festi evarrr.

        • Guest says:

          so when i originally replied to you i was sort of saying the bass center at seattle thing mayyy be a possibility for me but i didn’t really think it would end up happening

          WELP, bought my tickets and my flight today 🙂 never been to the PNW and i am SOOO ready to see how you seattle folk get DOWN! 🙂 fuck yeah

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