November 18th, 2011


NYE Poster ContestNew Year’s Eve is coming, and we are taking over the musical metropolis of Nashville to usher in the new eon with unparalleled bass explorations. Oh yes.

To celebrate this grand happening, we’re running another poster contest with our friends over at Creative Allies. We want YOU to design an official poster for Bassnectar New Year’s Eve Nashville! The winner will receive $500 cash prize, as well as 2 VIP tickets to this sold-out show.

We want to see some mind-bending designs! Think outside the box and deliver the unexpected. If you need some inspiration or guidance, try to incorporate the a “New Year” theme – beginnings and endings, the passing of time, personal change or looking back through time on a different self.

We know there are a lot of talented Bass Heads out there who would love to contribute and be an official part of Bassnectar history – GET INVOLVED! All entries must be submitted by Dec 1st. We will post a shortlist of entries on the Bassnectar Facebook page and let our Bass Head community vote on their favorite and help select our winner.

Check out the contest specs including requirements and support files HERE.

If you need further inspiration, scope the poster contest submissions for our Bass Center 3 event this Fall HERE.

Get designing!

  • skyler hartshorn

    I think I’ll give it a try, thanks for giving us all the opportunity. 

    • Do it! Blow our bass-addled minds with your bass-riddled design!

  • JROD

    you guys should do a tour of all music from before the Timestrech cd…little old school tour i would love to hear some of your older shit live

  • Marley ely

    yes, old school bassheads will be flocking to the NYE bash!! play some mesmerizing the ultra!!!!!!!

  • Curtlapham

    When is the last day for submissions?

    • Anonymous

      DEC 1

  • Ancientconcept

    Im on it..i got u guys some sweeeet eyecandy, mashed tater, bass styles..

  • Logan

    Lorin! you the man and rock out hard everytime, me and about 30 of my friends will be rollin deep to see you for NYE and my friend Kemsley and I’s birthdays are right after the show mine is the 2nd his is the 7th and it would be legit if you gave us a shout out on NYE but if not you still rule! Lorin Ashton for prez

  • Cale Bake

    Hey Lorin, 

    Or anyone from the crew. In the poster design contest are we allowed to use Bassnectar’s font type for his name? Technically that is copyrighted to you and the only thing I received in the required file was the Bassnectar symbol. Just wanted to make sure it was ok to use your own font? Didn’t want that to disqualify my entry. 

    • Anonymous

      it says in the specs to not submit copyrighted material

    • irieyogi

      Everyone else seems to be doing it. I would think that they would want that font for the post anyways, although I only received the symbol as well.  I am using the font, I hope we do not get disqualified for that! 

      • Anonymous

        lemme see if i can find out for sure about this

      • Nope you are fine, best of luck with your entry!

      • Boatmotors

        Where can you get the bassnectar font anyways? Trying to find it for my entry as well.

        • Boatmotors

          Also, is it alright to incorporate a picture from the gallery section of this website? 

    • Absolutely you can use it, it’s just not a requirement. Good luck!

  • aguy

    Hey is this 12 pm november 30, or december 1

    • Dec 1st at 11:59PM PST, so you’ve still got tonight and all day/night tomorrow to get your entry in

  • M D Hertler

    Hey Lorin! Every time you hit the Midwest I’ve gone to Detroit, Chicago, GR,KZOO and the latest concert that was AMAZING and my 8th Bassnectar show Plymouth,MI. I live 5 hours north of Plymouth in Traverse City, I don’t go to any other concerts, rothbury and bassnectar, as you can see its a 12 hour drive and 500$ weekend every time I come see you but I CANT GET ENOUGH you rock my world, sickest music I’ve ever heard. I just want to let you know I just bought FOUR VIP tickets to NYE in Nashville because fuck LIFE IS SHORT and I’m a huge fucking fan!!!!!! I hope you go BALLS OUT BRO because 3 days, 3 grand and a 24 hour drive is what it’s taking me to get down there, see your white ass soon!!!!

  • irieyogi

    There are so many good entries!
    When will the chosen poster design be announced? 

  • Rotten_pearl

    Where do you go to submit your design

    • Anonymous

      this contest ended Dec 1, sorry