November 29th, 2011


Bassnectar in ChicagoWelcome to another Fan Bass session. We have compiled two questions into one post, where Lorin discusses touring, dancing, drugs and more.

You can continue the conversation in the comments below, or if you have any follow up questions, or a new inquiry regarding anything, send it HERE. Now read on, good citizens of Bass Land:


“It seems like you enjoy touring. However, I can understand if it ever gets monotonous. Honestly, do you ever get tired of touring? Also, how much do you thrive off of your fans at a show? Thanks for all you do!” marie_02


Short answer: yes it is exhausting, and I love it!

Longer answer: I work obsessively and relentlessly because I love what I do. Whether it is touring, producing, performing, creating events, planning, or working on dozens of side projects, I would categorize it all as “work”. I would differentiate “work” from “personal time”. For me, if I was going to spend a day doing *just* what I wanted for myself and not work at all, I would want to explore Nature or Culture (hike, go to a museum, bike around, get exercise, read a book, spend time with a friend, discuss philosophy or politics or science …enjoy the simple things in life) but it would feel like an indulgence because there is so much work to do. Since childhood, I have been a workaholic (in school, with creative projects, with music, with events, etc) and it is just natural for me to continue this. There is a large part of me that feels like what I am doing is ‘giving back’ to other people. Even though a lot of people who perform on stage appear to be doing it for the glamor and hype, that just is not my intention. For me, it is about giving back to the world around me.

So of course I “thrive off my fans” at shows, but those are your words, I would use different words. For me, it is an energetic give and take on extremely deep levels. It surpasses music, it surpasses everything, and becomes like ghosts meshing together and dirty dancing upon fields of invisible electricity, in slow motion, in some alien time zone across the universe.


“Do you ever go to ‘raves’ and just party anymore? when was the last time YOU partied and what show was it??” -ziggy <3"


I work nonstop, and seldom have time to do ANYTHING outside of work. I have caught some good performances lately (Ellie Goulding, Gogol Bordello, etc) but the only raves I have time to attend are places I am playing.

I definitely do “let myself enjoy life” at times, but my natural inclination is not to spend that time ‘partying’. Let’s distinguish between “dancing” and “partying” here.

First, dancing:
I do not get a lot of undisturbed time on a dancefloor, so if i want a good dance experience, I will probably dress up in a fat suit, a mustache, and a sombrero and go somewhere anonymously and just freak the fuck out. I would like to dance to super ridiculous music, or something bizarre and unique. Or to raging drum&bass, in a small room, low ceilings, raw style… As it happens I dance a lot in my studio, and i dance like a lunatic while I am DJing, not as a performance, but as a sincere reaction to music.

Second, partying:
This usually implies drugs or inebriation. The topic of recreational drug use is huge, and I will save it for another time, but I will say that for me, nothing is more marvelous than a clear, powerful, inspired mind. So if I am already bursting with natural enthusiasm and inspiration, the last thing I want to do is dumb it down, or numb myself. I seek clarity, because that leads to a deeper, more profound experience. And if i want a headrush, then i drink caffeine to go up, and red wine to get tipsy. But I just don’t need much, i am naturally high as fuck.