November 22nd, 2011


New Year's Eve in NashvilleGreetings citizens of Nashville and the world!

We are here to announce the release into the wild of the final few remaining GA tickets for the Nashville show. UPDATE: TICKETS ARE NOW SOLD OUT

Both Travel Packages and VIP tickets are available for purchase still, but everything is moving very fast and we are all caught up in the whirlwind! CLICK HERE FOR TRAVEL PACKAGES + VIP TICKETS.

We have an incredible night in store for all of you and cannot wait to absolutely blow your minds, we are so honored that 10,000 of you chose to spend the first moments of your new year in our company. It’ll be worth it, we promise 🙂

And on that note we are excited to welcome to our lineup BREAK SCIENCE FT CHALI 2NA and MUX MOOL.

Additionally, we invite everyone to participate in our NYE poster contest in association with Creative Allies. Check out the submissions HERE, let us know your top picks, or make a submission of your own. We love seeing your art!

Yaahoooo! See you soon!

Lia and the BN Team

  • BLAMMM!! Great Openers!! Cant wait for this NYE Partttyyy to Kickoff 🙂

  • Logan

    How do we buy the tickets is this a hunt or some secret code to buy them haha

  • kyle

    Basscrew…  The tickemaster site will say “no matches found” when I try to purchase general admission tickets.  Does  this mean that only V.I.P tix are still available?  I am desperately trying to go, but $252 is a bit steep…

  • matt


  • Jordan

    Ed, I am going to get a Bassnectar tattoo, any suggestions

  • Danny

    we get to meet lorin if chilln vip?

  • Jd_garrett

    will there be someone else performing at the nye show?

    • “And on that note we are excited to welcome to our lineup BREAK SCIENCE FT CHALI 2NA and MUX MOOL.”

  • Ewinn1

    free show on the 30th I heard

    • CStaff

      free show? he’s playing at snow globe on the 30th i thought, dat aint free

      • Bhaley

        I think he means free show at the bridgestone the night before Nectar wont be there but Ive been hearin rumors about this too

        • Shasta Lee

          if you find out anything more about this lemme know!

          it was good seein you again by the way. 🙂

  • CStaff

    HEY i was at the plymouth show the other day (which ruuuled) *I NOTICED they were selling the 3D dverg.spec. posters for 10 BUX! i didn’t want to buy it bfor the show cuz it wouldv gotten destroyed but i coompleetely forgot about it on the way out and i was gona buy a bunch of them. ARE THESE STILL AVAILABLE SOMEHOW??? if not will they be at the nye show!?!? i wanted one of these soooooo bayyyd

    • Are you sure they were the Chromadepth 3-D posters and not just the regular Divergent Spectrum poster? It’s the same image so they are easily confused.

      • CStaff

        oyeah they defffffinitely said 3d thats why i was so ammmped about it, i already have the real poster. it said “3D Divergent Spectrum Poster (with glasses)” – 10$. i seriously would not make this up.  i would pay well over 10 bux for it but it definitely said 10 dollars at the table with all the shirts and merch

        • I looked into it – this was a one-off batch of over-runs (overstock from the initial order) that were sold at a show (and for a bargain price by the sounds of it!). There were only about 20, found with a load of tour merch and sold off accordingly, so they never made it to the website. One of the perks of attending a show is there is often exclusive or limited or sold out merch available. Sorry you didn’t get yours CStaff!

          • CStaff

            its not ur fault man but daaamn that makes sense especially since it was the last show of the tour. i’m gona be all over that merch booth at nye then. ther are always cds sold ther, but i hate buyin stuff bfor the show. u think cds would sell out by the end of the show? cuz i only own hard copies of underground and divspect and i definitely wana get all the others next time.

          • I would grab stuff earlier on in the night if you want to be sure it won’t sell out. You can always ask at the merch stand if they are running low and think they will sell out. Otherwise grab em early and stash in a friends bag or at the coat check.

          • CStaff

            ahhh the coat check…BRILLIANT

          • A bunker of stash safety amidst a sea of bassy chaos.

    • Shasta Lee

      I ran into the same problem! i really friggen wanted one since it was only 10 dollas.
      I hope they’ll be at NYE….. any confirmation?!and Ed, from what I recall it definitely said 3D on it. 

  • Joey Mr Waldo

    Cant wait for nYE in Nashville the Plymouth show was only practice for whats to come, peace and bass to all this holiday season.

  • Liz_carruthers

    where the after parties at?

  • Kyle

    Lorin/Basscrew…Happy holidays and enjoy the month off.  You most certainly deserve it.  Don’t stay gone too long, many bass fiends in need of a fix…

  • M D Hertler

    Hey Lorin! Every time you hit the Midwest I’ve gone to Detroit, Chicago, GR,KZOO and the latest concert that was AMAZING and my 8th Bassnectar show Plymouth,MI. I live 5 hours north of Plymouth in Traverse City, I don’t go to any other concerts, rothbury and bassnectar, as you can see its a 12 hour drive and 500$ weekend every time I come see you but I CANT GET ENOUGH you rock my world, sickest music I’ve ever heard. I just want to let you know I just bought FOUR VIP PACKAGE tickets to NYE in Nashville because fuck LIFE IS SHORT and I’m a huge fucking fan!!!!!! I hope you go BALLS OUT BRO because 3 days, 3 grand and a 24 hour drive is what it’s taking me to get down there, see your white ass soon!!!!

  • Bthecory

    What time will the doors open at the arena???

  • Territf42

    Does anyone have 2 GA tickets to sell for the Nashville 12/31 concert. My son just told me thtats what he wants for Christmas but I’m can’t pay $150 a ticket for a GA ticket

    • King Rupp

      got 1 ticket not 2

      • marissa

        I need a ticket! 

    • Bizamanda

      hey i have one for a lot cheaper than that includes shipping email me (we can do it through paypal so it is secure)

  • Mawgsxr600

    Can we bring glow stick

  • H2

    Yo someone fill me on the VIP “viewing area on the floor” bc i got 2ga tickets but im tryin to VIP THIS SHIT!!!! but paying the price and all i just want to make sure I have the ultimate spot to rage my fuckin face off and have the best seat in the house with my other VIP neighbors!!!!! 🙂

  • Louisville

    Yo am I gonna be able to bring my backpack in, I have hand painted masks, glow sticks, rage toys, camelpak would be nice. if not can one of you all sneak my shit in the back?

    • Shasta Lee

      I just called the arena and they said no backpacks but purses are allowed. Maybe try and give your bag to a ladyfriend so it’s considered a ‘purse’. i don’t get the difference..but whatever. 
      16157702000 is the number for the arena if u have further questions.

      • Louisville

        Thanks Shasta Lee, ill give that number a call.

        • Shasta Lee

          youz welcome louisville

  • marissa

    Anyone have one general admission ticket they’re willing to sell for a good price? 

    • Bhaley

      I have one 

  • guest

    How early should we line up to get front floor spots?

    • welp, doors are at 8pm, and there’s gonna be 10,000 bassheads packed up in there once everyone files in. if i were you, and i wanted the VERY front row, i’d be getting there hours before the doors open. raging in line, making friends with people, etc. that’s just me, though. you’ll have to estimate, cuz no one really knows how many people are gonna show up early, and how early they’ll be showing up.

    • Shasta Lee

      i know a pretty decent amount of people that will be getting there before or at 5. so i’d say pretty early. the line will be fun tho

      • Anonymous

        dress warmly and make sure to eat and stuff (anyone who will be sitting in line for any amount of time)
        nashville es frio

        • dood, it’s supposed to be like 50 degrees! that’s warm as hell for this time of year!!!

          my ass will probably be strapped down in some bootyshorts and a neon sports bra cuz for once i can do new years without a coat, hat, n scarf! hellz yeah.

          • Anonymous

            50 is cold to me


            stay warm in that outfit!

  • SssssNaaaKes

    Are camelbaksss and hydration packsss allowed for the NYE ssshow like they were for the ressst of the tour? And if I were to sssay, be making a rage pole, do I have to ssstay in a height limit to be guaranteed entry?? _Thanksss A concerned Bass Snake 

    • Anonymous

      from what i’ve heard…no backpacks and no factory sealed water bottles

      as far as rage poles:
      NO METAL
      so yes, you must meet those height limits and general restrictions or your creation will not be allowed (im sure they’ll let you in, just not you + the totem)

  • Andrew Denton11

    Long shot here but I need to find 8 general admission tickets. I got screwed out of tickets by someone and now my friends all want to kill me. Just got this news today. Please let me know. Thank you everyone.

    • SssssNaaaKes

      yo check out the facebook page for the show. a lot of people are selling through there. i know i jus saw one chick that was sellin 5. good luck.

    • Jpower
      • Anonymous

        no, don’t because they’re all scummy scalpers

  • Ewinn1

    i heard camelbacks arent allowed.  can someone from the bassnectar crew reply to this.
    is this true? this is ridiculously UNSAFE and NOT cool. it will be way too hard to navigate through a mass of 10,000 bassheads in the middle of you dropping bass. and the water will be way to expensive…and all that plastic wasted is so unnecessary.  can you guys help out?!?!?

    • Anonymous

      a factory sealed bottle of water is not allowed in as usual

      also the venue doesn’t allow backpacks, therefore cambelbacks

      this is not bassnectars doing, these are venue restrictions and are a result of the concession contract the venue holds.

      we ask everyone to be kind to each other and allow free flow in and out of the crowds. this venue is a good deal made up of graduated seating so there will be stairways and whatnot to allow passage from those areas and limited floor room is available to make this event safe

      • Ewinn1

        got a bad feeling about this no camelbak thing. please keep your bass crew on look out for bassheads in need…..
         on another note….

        Graduated seating? so are its not one big pit like ive been lead to believe this whole time?

    • Empty Camelbak bladders have been approved! EMPTY. Bring it in, fill it up when you get inside. Enjoy the show!

  • Anonymous

    Hey does anyone have an extra ticket for sale? I’m trying to get one for my buddy who was a day too lazy on getting his. It would be greatly appreciated. Can pick up in the Atlanta area or Nashville.

  • greatskate96

    in the rare event that someone has an extra ticket and is willing to part ways with it could you please email me with details?  I’m from pittsburgh and can pay with cash, credit, check, anything you want as long as i can get our final crew member to nashville with us!! Thanks for any responses


    • Shasta Lee

      Try also posting this on the facebook event page. There are a lot of selling/buying the sold out tickets on there.
      Good luck 🙂

  • Thomas

    I have one GA TICKET for sale! Just an extra I’ll still see my bassheads at the show 🙂 GET IT!

    • klop36

      I want it, PLEASE!

    • Annalee Plyler

      for how much??!

  • Klop36

    I need a ticket, PLEASE!!! 

  • Ticket available for the 31st out of the South Carolina/Georgia area! Face value of course!!

  • India Marcia

    are glow sticks aloud? at some of the bassnectar shows i’ve been to the venue confiscated mine so i just wanted to come prepared this time.
    cant wait to have my mind blown once again!!!
    but foreal glow sticks are so much fun i hope they are aloud

    • Hey 🙂
      Glow sticks aren’t allowed –>check it – I know it’s no longer the Divergent Spectrum tour, but those still apply.
      In short, they’re wasteful & easily thrown around *since they’re cheap and small* and no one likes to be hit with those.
      Lights and visual effects are a huge part of the experience for a lot of people. But, I think that 1. the lights and visuals produced for and shown at bassnectar events are quality and 2. you can bring in LED toys which have more options of colors and styles than glowsticks and they aren’t one time use! 

  • Hannahmm

    in need of a ticket! Anyone have an extra?

  • Mawgsxr600

    Is it true that you are given out wristbands to get on floor to first come first serve I got my tickets on the pre sell am I going to have to get in line 8 hours before the doors open just to get on the floor

  • Mikebobinski803

    If you have VIP how much earlier can you get in than 8?

  • Brandon

    I need two tickets in the worst way…SOMEONE HELP MEH!!!!