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November 22nd, 2011


New Year's Eve in NashvilleGreetings citizens of Nashville and the world!

We are here to announce the release into the wild of the final few remaining GA tickets for the Nashville show. UPDATE: TICKETS ARE NOW SOLD OUT

Both Travel Packages and VIP tickets are available for purchase still, but everything is moving very fast and we are all caught up in the whirlwind! CLICK HERE FOR TRAVEL PACKAGES + VIP TICKETS.

We have an incredible night in store for all of you and cannot wait to absolutely blow your minds, we are so honored that 10,000 of you chose to spend the first moments of your new year in our company. It’ll be worth it, we promise 🙂

And on that note we are excited to welcome to our lineup BREAK SCIENCE FT CHALI 2NA and MUX MOOL.

Additionally, we invite everyone to participate in our NYE poster contest in association with Creative Allies. Check out the submissions HERE, let us know your top picks, or make a submission of your own. We love seeing your art!

Yaahoooo! See you soon!

Lia and the BN Team