November 17th, 2011


Greetings Bassnectar Family!

The past three months have been completely bonkers. Night after night, venues have been stuffed with thousands of eager bassheads, all of them united in their love for Bass Music. Clearly some of you are ready to take this love to the next level, and the next level is what we’re all about.

As the Divergent Spectrum Tour comes to a close, we shift our focus to coming together in order to ring in the new year. Bassnectar’s New Years Eve events have a reputation for being the epitome of a Bassnectar show, featuring cutting edge production, special effects, and a jaw-dropping light show. Events such as these are ground zero for Bass Culture, acting as a lightning rod for participation from the larger Bass Community that drives the show as much as the event production.

As you may be aware, on December 31st Nashville will be host to our second annual New Years Eve event. If you are just as stoked as we are about this, and are thinking to yourself “I AM SO EXCITED! I just wish I could help in some way!”, then look no further. We have an opportunity for you to be an integral part of the experience.

Ambassador in NOLA

If you are a personable, enthusiastic, responsible, intelligent, and creative individual, we would be interested in having you join our team of Ambassadors. You may have seen or met some of our Ambassadors at previous events, decked out in white, traversing through the crowd bringing joy and happiness to those around them, and making sure everyone stays safe and well-hydrated. Ambassadors are dedicated to serving you, the audience, ensuring that your experience is as enjoyable as possible at each and every show.

If this is something that you think you are fit for, send an email to bassteam (at) bassnectar (dot) net with the subject “NYE 2012 AMBASSADOR AUDITION – (YOUR NAME)”. Include in the email answers to ALL of the following:

1. Why would you be a good Ambassador?
2. What could you contribute to the Ambassador crew beyond your love for the music?
3. Do you have any relevant experience?
4. What inspired you to apply as an Ambassador?
5. Do you have a project that you propose to create or join as an Ambassador?
6. How many Bassnectar shows have you been to?
7. How old are you?
8. Where do you live?
9. For this event, we have a special request that you provide us details on what your “totem” would be and how you would build it for the event. Totems are figures, toys, shapes, etc. on long handles that are held above the head as in the picture. If chosen, your totem will be used for at a special moment during the night, so make it epic! You MUST include a totem design as part of your submission!

Totems at Bass Island


As we only have a limited number of spots available, your answers will be weighed against each other, and the final crew will be chosen accordingly. If you are not accepted, fear not, for you will have other opportunities to apply in the future.

Applicants should be aware that an underlying theme of the Ambassadors is to fight the stigma that accompanies electronic music in the live setting. This stigma is a result of the rampant drug use and the widespread misconception that one cannot have a good time without the aid of intoxicants. Though it is not our place to tell you how to treat your mind and bodies at a show, if you are assuming the role of an Ambassador, you are working for us and are therefore expected to take on the responsibilities we give to you. Our number one rule is that you arrive on-site completely SOBER and remain so for the rest of the show, having an equally awesome experience without any foreign aid. We also ask for you to be careful of how you present yourself to the world even after a show. If you are identified as an Ambassador, it is essential that you represent us correctly. We are trying to foster a very important community within Bass Music culture, and if you cannot comply with this requirement, please save us both the time and do not apply.

If everything else is in order, and you think you might be interested in contributing to our New Years event, start crankin’ out an application! Do not hesitate to include evidence from friends and family of why you would be a great Ambassador. And regardless of whether or not you are accepted — thank you for the time. We appreciate it and can’t wait to see you soon!