December 5th, 2011


Bassnectar @ SnowbballBassnectar is returning to Snowball Music Festival! We’ll be hitting the snowy climbs of Avon, CO – March 3rd-4th, 2012!

TV On The Radio, Rusko, and many others will also be performing.

This is an All Ages festival.

Holiday Special 3-Day Tickets, Regular 3-Day Tickets, and VIP tickets are now available!

For more info please visit www.snowballmusicfestival.com or click below for tickets.

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  • Shaggy

    Are you playing two days at Snowball?  That would be most excellent!

    • Shaggy

      It says March 3-4 above.  two days?

      • Anonymous

        those are just the dates for the festival
        we’ll have to wait for the schedule to come out to know for sure
        but one day is typical of festival performances

    • Jonah

      i agree, the festival is for 3 days, lorin’s the headliner for the third day but, the net says he’s is playing for two day’s but yes that would be most excellent, but if your not playing snowball for 2 days we do mostly live in Colorado and would like to see you for two days, so let us know what’re you doin

      • Anonymous

        snowball’s schedule has been out for some time

        bassnectar is playing on sunday

  • jonah

    just bought the three day pass for christmas i love you 

  • Guest

    I personally think you should do an edit of Winter Hunter and drop it for Snow Ball, it would be perfect.

  • Bass Te Ching

    Please ‘Like’ This Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Want-a-Bassnectar-24-hour-Rager-for-12-21-12/169408646497146
    We NEED to have Bassnectar play a show on the day the Mayan Calender (long count) ends. 

  • bass_TOMAHAWK

    Well now this should be interesting…..:)

  • hollerado

    pretty bummed that snowball is the only date in CO on the tour… and minimal festivals this year :/  but im sure you have your reasons….

    • more nectar in CO is still a possibility! there’s still some summer bangers to be announced 🙂 and we still got fall tour to look forward to

  • jonah

    I can’t wait its so close my whole body is shivering in excitement a whole new vibration I love you Bassnectar can not wait to see you lauren stay warm